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>you'll never get molested by a loli
Female MC = insta-drop
if only there was a fantasy version of this world

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>Mayoiga was aired 1 year ago.
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Has it really been a fucking year already?
Objectively terrible, Im glad we have good original anime like Recreators airing now.
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Another year and I've accomplished absolutely nothing.

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Remember that Lain is not for sexual
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> when you wake up you are in The Japanese anime No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! Aka watamote, and you are able to affect tomoko's story (both manga and anime) what would you do?
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Realistically I would probably stalk the hell out of her.

But I would try and be her friend if I could and like have some nice conversations and eventually propose.
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Stalk her like emoji. I wouldn't like to change her story.
but what if you find out she's too cringy for you, I mean you are technically in a anime universe, there are other girls

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So why didn't people like Chiru?
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Faggot goats that care more about mysteries than love.
Everything except Erika was shit.

Prove me wrong.
>1-4 : I'll think hard and understand the truth behind this mystery, also fuck you Beatrice you piece of shit stop killing everyone in my Ushiromiya reunion you piece of shit
>5-8 : well I guess truth doesn't matter and people should enable our stupid delusions if they don't they're asshole goats without love also Beatrice is so fucking cool let's do magic together in the sea because the island is too full of dead bodies wait I gotta go back to society and get amnesia so Ryukishi07 can adopt me


Why am I having so much trouble finding One Piece Gold with English subs? Am I just fucking retarded or is there something I don't know?
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You're just retarded.

what the fuck, mind helping a brother out?
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You can find a torrent in the usual place.

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hey guys i drew CC

do you like it
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It's wonderful Anon. In fact it's so good we're going to stick on the fridge.
Wow Mao, no wonder she left your ass in chink land.
Y'know, besides the whole "went insane from being unable to control your geass" thing.


Have you forgotten?
Have you finally moved on?
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i saw forced drama
I wish I could get my time back. This is one step above Elfen Lied.
>Have you forgotten?
about a generic half assed melodrama from 5+ years ago? I did until you posted

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Is it happening?
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>Hori: Nozaki… I’ve always said that my ideal guy’s face is Kashima’s, but…

>Nozaki: Yeah? (I know that.)

>Hori: I’ve only realized now, but it’s possible… that my ideal girl is also Kashima…
>in a gag manga

It'll just end in a tragedy.
I'm not getting my hopes up

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We must purge the anime industry and start from scratch
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what type of fag doesn't likes slutty JCs
One who isn't a fag and has good taste.
Based Megumin working the m/a/nchildren.

I like Battlestar Galactica
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this manga was awful
I am enjoying it so far.
it probably has the worst pacing of any manga I've ever read, and I've read a ton

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Junji Ito thread go
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when will he draw porn?
He's already made an entire story about noodles in holes
Depends on what you're into nigga

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>anime cant have deep, philisophical commenta-
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Was Yamada's sister an actual slut?
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consult the guide

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So she made him become a president even though it would just make his life a continuous grind just because she wouldn't spend time together in the office?

Is this bitch serious? She couldn't figure out any way of spending time with him outside of the council?!
Christ I can't see her as anything but a giant cunt after this chap
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Why the fuck are you wasting your life reading cringey high school council manga?
Shes still extremely socially awkward. This was more like her spilling her spaghetti hardcore and Prez covering for her

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How could they have perfected an art form so early in its lifetime? Anime has only been around since the 90s and look how far it's come. Can you believe this was made in 2007?
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>started in the 1990's

this is bait
>this is bait

this is bait
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