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Leave jobbing to me
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Leave Riko to me
Overrated trash meme hentai, I'd rather watch Bible Black and that's saying something.
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why is she so perfect?
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because you can't have her
big milk tanks
she's not real

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What is your favorite anime or manga about lolis?
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Kodomo no Jikan I guess.
I don't think I've read anything else about lolis.
It's not a anime or manga, but Musumaker was amazing too.
Mitsudome or Youjo Senki I guess
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Ichigo Mashimaro maybe.
I watch and read so much stuff for the lolis, but I'm not sure if they qualify as being "about loli". Stuff like Mahoujin Guru Guru and Akazukin Chacha.

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Between the end of 2012 and the beginning literally everyone one /a/ watched 3.33 and the consensus was that it was shit.

However, a small but vocal minority considered it the best thing since EoE and said than within five years we would share their opinion.

Is it still shit?
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it is the best thing since EoE
It's utter crap.
It's great but my favorite rebuild is still 2.0.
>said than within five years we would share their opinion.
I never said that though.

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What do you mean? She likes cocks just like megumin.
I'm literally watching the episode right now
I thought you were being facetious
We improved you're megumin.

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Yuri is like a disease.
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That's not Yuri, that's Yuu.
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How can one girl be so perfect?

It already has a (very shitty) anime adaptation, but with the new VN do you think it's likely that it will get an anime adaptation of the new VN?
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It's going to be awful by default because it's a VN adaptation. On top of that it's an anime of the remake so I have no hopes for it.
The original VN was fucking great though. Most based dad of all time and space.
Oh shit, you were asking if it will even get an anime. It already got announced.
What? Really? Wow.
Yeah, I already know it well more than likely suck. God I wonder how much they'll cut out.
I am looking forward to seeing people's reactions to it a bit though. Should be kinda interesting.
All I can do is hope that discussing it on 4chan doesn't get too bad as a result of the anime airing.

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Have you seen my panties?
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How does one even lose her panties?
If its an object, it can be lost.
They're between your tits, let me search for them.

>And then we had sex furiously for 3 days, straight.

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Gendo I want you.jpg
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Hey there. You, yes, you! Do you play an instrument? Want to play your favourite songs from your chinese girl cartoons? Or god forbid want to actually stop shitposting for once and contribute to original content?

Then join the orchestr/a/! We need you! Seriously please respond oh god. We're in general short on every instrument, but specifically we need FLUTES, TRUMPETS, STRINGS, and PERCUSSION of any kind. Stupid instruments like kazoo are encouraged as well, and if you're an arranger or mixer we'll also be happy to have you. Join us at http://jibunwooo.com/

Here are some WIP test mixes to motivate you:

Lucky channel theme (just needs trumpet): http://a.pomf.cat/yfeskm.wav

Haruchika OP (just needs flute): https://a.pomf.cat/xwxuft.wav

In addition, some of our players will be here to take short requests, if you just want to hear something played badly after 5 minutes of practice.
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Is whistling an instrument?
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Trombonefag here: Taking quickshot requests on any of your favorite cantonese foldout film music.

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tfw there will never be another Sh┼Źnen as good as this
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Good. There's plenty better.
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delete this.jpg
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What's your page of the week? Mine is THICC BUFF OGRE!
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What is this?
Shit ogre, a real ogre would've killed the lard elf for upsetting her, that's the whole point of that kind of ogre, that they're uninhibitedly violent.
Also, lard elf is shit.

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miracle of the universe
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>has no problem running around in nothing but a towel/cape in public and making a scene
>regular underwear.....dear god no
Amen. S2 never.
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>We will never get a season two.

>Ending theme is better than the Opening
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Kinda rare but when it does happen it really happens.
>kinda rare
m8 I can name atleast half a dozen from just the last couple of seasons alone.
What is Kill Me Baby?


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>cripple wins the shubowl
Haha seriously?
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Probably can't feel her pussy.
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I haven't watched Guilty Crown but I think she's really cute, good for her.
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Stop this.
>honey and clover
>"We truly became the Honey & Clover, Takemoto kun"
Seriously Unimo?

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