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Why does Kanna's tail have a hairy testicle at the end?
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It's wall plug, retard
To produce sperm.
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But Saikawa is too young to get pregnant!

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Left or right?
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Left. Claire's good but she's only 3rd place in breast size
Whats surprising that left is 2nd place.

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ITT: Villains who made some decent points and made a lot of sense even if they were ultimately unjustified in their actions
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I wouldn't call Rossiu a villain. He was still an enemy of the anti-spirals and fought for the same goal Simon did, he just took more drastic measures that proved to not work in the universe of the show.
He tried to have Simon killed

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Nao > Reika > Akane > Yayoi > Miyuki
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Everyone is fighting in the other thread. Can't we all just get along?

This really should have been the OP, but the current one is okay, I guess.

This is a japanese cow
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This is a Japanese pig
this is a japanese snake
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This is Japan

>[HorribleSubs] Tiger Mask W - 27 [720p]

...in which we see exotic rules, kicking sakuga and Naoto somehow being even more retarded than usual
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never seen a single episode, but saw NOT Ibushi doing well in New Japan. It is any good?
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Which Ama would you Gami?
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I want to marry Rihoko.
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It's been 2 days since episode 01 aired (2nd episode if you count 00) and there are no subs. Does anyone give a shit about this series?
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Subs are already out.
Eriri will win soon on V13 so i care about this shit a lot.
Megumi is the sexiest.

ITT: God tier OPs
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Sukima Switch is almost cheating though
Oh yeah, I almost forgot about this show.
Death Parade is the next one in my backlog, but I think I'm gonna skip it to watch Space Brothers.
I would suggest against that
Death Parade is a good ride, and definitely worth the watch

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When fuck is some Japanese animator going to see a real vaginia to achieve the needed references to draw one?

At least use some dick
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>Porn mosaiced by law.
>Publishing unmosaiced stuff is illegal in Japan.
>Prostitution illegal.

There are some snags.
This is sexier
I see nothing wrong with this.

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How many episodes have you watched in the last 2 weeks?
How many manga volumes have you watched in the last 2 weeks?
If your combined score is less than 25, your /a/ posting privileges are revoked.
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My score is exactly 1. Call the cops I don't give a fuck.
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I dunno ,like 8 episodes
Volumes, no clue. I read like 9 chapters of Made in Abyss, and 4 of Death March. Oh I read a couple volumes of H-manga.

I've ascended beyond that junk really, I'm more of a VN man now.
Wow you really read some shitty VNs. I assume you already went through all the good stuff? Is symphonic rain worth finishing? Are you the guy from the other thread?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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When the Anons, the Mods and Hiro are all gone, SakuraFish will exist, so long as one fish remains. It'll be lonely, but as long as one fish still lives...
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...it will be eternal proof that fishposting ever existed.

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What a fucking slut.

Is this true or is she just projecting, /a/?
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Don't worry anon, she's lying. It isn't limited to just girls.
okay you don't need 6 threads for this stupid bait line from this stupid anime
This is fucking life changing, anon.

Who should Takayuki have chosen?
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what kind of retarded question is that?
mitsuki of course
The Mecha.

Can't go wrong choosing a Mecha over bitches.
He should have respected her Parents wishes and also been not such a bitch he needed pity sex.

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Can your waifu kick your ass? Post your strong waifu
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