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None the sweeter girl than Hotaru.
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>none the
what did he mean by this?
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I want to fuck her.

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>FGO First Order = 22,874.
>All six volumes of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei! = 19,214.
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Imagine how much lower they'd be if they had a chance to see it first
What are you on about? The special aired and was streamed. Along with a program called Next Order for announcements.

Imagine how much higher would be if they included a special SSR in the volume as Grancuck is doing to sell their anime.
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Who cares, FGO made Prisma canon.

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>all these people being depressed their precious manga series HxH and Berserk being on hiatus most of the time
There is literally no need to wait for those series when you have better shounen and seinen on a weekly basis done by authors who actually care about their fans.
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you lost me at one piece or better known as let's repeat the same tragic back-story every arc, the fans are so retarded they will eat it up and think that it is a new unique story
>battle shounen is formulaic
You don't say. It's still one of the best series from this type all things considered.
You say that like we don't read both of these extremely popular and mainstream series that everyone knows about. Doesn't mean I don't miss HxH and Berserk.

One Piece is not better anyway, Kingdom I find more enjoyable than Berserk these days but HxH makes OP look like repetitive, formulaic garbage.

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Come to bed
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Anna is huge
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Get out of my bed first Anna.
Anna is dead

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The best animation in 2016 is flip flappers.
I finished watching all the episodes.

Will episode 12 be fixed?
I am very anxious.
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I just finished watching this and really enjoyed it. Can someone explain the ending? I am not very bright.
There is not much to understand. Cocona accidentally went into Salts PI after Mimis PI exploded, where everything was a dull and boring version of the real world. Then Papika saved her from this hell, the gate to the real world opened and they had lots of unprotected sex
Mimi has to stay in Pure Illusion, Flip Flap is alive and well, Yayaka and the amorphous children have normal lives now, PapiCoco can travel to PI whenever they want and they happily flapped ever after.

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Surprisingly good, reminds me of Gantz a lot. Someone read it?
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Still haven't start it only has 10 chapters right? i might as well catch up now

Yeah, do so. It took me less than an hour.
Really impressed with the art. The people actually look Japanese. It's mike this weird Gantz/Parasyte hybrid, and I'm enjoying it so far. What would you look like if you turned?

Pic related it was sweet but too short
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I knocked this random title off my backlog. It was all right, kind of boring and the anime's artstyle wasn't that appealing.

I've read a little of the manga and think it's much better so far. Much better art too.
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>Came for Hestia
>Lili ended up being best girl
I'm happy
Oh hey someone else who watched this

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What went wrong?
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Mika didnt get his farm ending
Nagai would rather be working on The New Adventures of Saten than some Gendum
too much meandering and loss of focus in season 2

How does Rakugo get you this shredded?
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Doing yakuza shit on the side.
A healthy diet and strict workout routine that balances weightlifting with a moderate amount of cardio.
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the internal struggle of knowing your master fucked his adoptive daughter/your wife.

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What makes a good MC to you?
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I don't know but Huey was one.
Being able to resist the advances of slutty girls
Dependes on the genre

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Worst new show?
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It has tits, it can't be bad
Shit 3:

Sin Nanatsu no Taizai
Sagrada reset
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I disagree

What will the new Madoka movie be about?
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rape and resulting unwanted pregnancy at a young age
the gang reviewing Rebellion

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If you kill your enemies, they win.
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Monster is garbage.

70+ episodes later Johan turns 360 degrees and walks away as if nothing happened.

And he's right, literally nothing worthwhile happened in the entire series.
>Memehan escaped and will likely keep killing, proving the story accomplished literally nothing

>July 12th is when the greatest fight scene of all time will be out for all to see.
There will be gifs galore.
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We can only hope.
when will there be a dub release? i wanna hear shinobu yell leroy jenkins.
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Now to work up the courage to hang them up

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Atom the Beginning OP sounds a lot like Happily Ever After from Gurren Lagann

This show is supposed to air tonight right?
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So who's translating this cause it's not on horriblesubs' website.
I already watched it with spics subs
was ok, good waifus but need more action
Episode 1 seems to be out on Amazon and AnimeLab.

Maybe Horriblesubs forgot about this one since this is pretty much the last show to start this season.

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