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What does /a/ think of Ajin?

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Pretty good. Season 2 isn't as good as the first since there's less shock value and they removed most of the most gruesome stuff from the manga.
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the absolute madman.jpg
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I can't wait to see what kind of bullshit hatman will pull off next.

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So, the author of Scum's Wish made a Hanabi x Ecchan shirt and posted pictures of herself wearing it on twitter.

Does this confirm anything?
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Whatever it confirms, the anime was still shit.
She has talent for making cute shirts
Thank God she will never touch my waifu.

It would feel like a kick in the balls with an iron boot if my waifu was drawn by her.

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Pick one.
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I would pick Akari as best girl, but that would be NTRing Akatsuki.
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Alice is my daghteru
Their bare shoulders are showing. This is unacceptably lewd.

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When does the hurting end?
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Keep on watching if you're still on it.
You're gonna get spoiler'd hard if you continue in this thread.
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Finished last night, I was referring to the series as a whole. Yoshi was an angel though

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Just dumping some things
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ooga booga me send you message over smoke signal ooga booga

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I wasted four hours of my life on this shit. Even the subversive aspect is incredibly weak.

Going from Texhnolyze to this was a real disappointment.

What were your thoughts on this show?
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I don't know I haven't seen it.
It was pretty bad yes. An incredibly phoned in adaptation too.
Did you read the manga, negro?

It is still shit though.

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Has animu ever influenced your real life? Aria made me want to go to Venice, many /a/nons say it's a tourist trap though
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Venice is obviously overrun by tourists, but there are probably times during the year when it's bareable.
I still haven't gone there but I'm planning to.
It also smells like shit
I developed a taste for natto due to anime

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Screenshot (505).png
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Reminder that your waifu would hate you.
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Jokes on you I created a waifu for this very situation where she would become real.
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If thats true then why am I dreaming of her
Then she is not your waifu, dumb faggot.

I thought they were going to make a bunch of girls just to be harem members, instead they designed them from the ground up to be as unlikable as possible.
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Pic unrelated
/a/ gets more sensitive and whiny every year.
I didn't say it was a bad thing. Having a bunch of normal antagonists is way better than forcing a harem when the ending is a foregone conclusion.

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Did this series ever end?
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No Tanigawa is a lazy nigger
No, and never will. Give up /a/non

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This is my wife Tsubaki

Say something nice about her!
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She's kind of cute for a crazy used goods bitch.
What drugs did they make her use?
probably some kind of sedative/depressant

i think they broke her leg too or something

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Shhhhh! Zero is sleeping!
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just put her off somewhere so I can take those barbs
You know she's dreaming of it then. doujins when?
So is this show worth watching?

>RIP Kumo desu ga
>RIP Slime Tensei
>RIP Youjo Senki
It's all ogre
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What do you mean?
>liking fads

you reap what you sow
Did they get yenpressed?

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>attacked Celestia out of the blue
>shoots her magical power wildly forcing meteora to defend innocent bystanders from being crushed by debris
>destroys an entire street
>probably killed a few people from shooting at the office building
What the fuck is her problem?
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>killed a few people from shooting at the office building
I don't think so because Meteora is cute and strong and saved everyone.
You can't save everyone everywhere every time when you are saving the people that are only next to you.

Moshi mosh?
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hai Kazuma desu
>Dare desu ka?

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