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This 16 year old girl can beat the shit out of you in a fight.
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I wish.
Not while I still have my katana
>*teleports behind her*
>"haha you're done you fucking roastie"
>*cuts her up with my katana*
>*teleports away*
I'd let her. I wouldn't resist.

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Prisma Illya movie to be screened tomorrow and the 6th at Ufotable Cinema.

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Did you get your tickets /a/?
I've got my tickets, and my cameras ready.
>what if we took a serious VN
>then, what if we took some random, unimportant side character...
>and then, what if we made her, and all her irrelevant friends lesbians
>prisma illya

a complete insult to the Fate franchise.

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Sagrada Autism.jpg
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This show is pretty fucked up
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Read the filename and there probably aren't many people watching this.
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Yeah. It got good script but terrible direction.

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Tsuki ga Kirei got inspired by Tamako Love Story

Another point for Tamako Love Story, KyoAni & based Yamada.
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Tamako love story is terrible though, there is no plot to speak of, everything is drawn out, there wasn't a single remotely interesting character or plot point.

At least this romance is cute.
I like the show but not those and that person.
Picked up.

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finger on cheek.jpg
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what's this called?
the thing where someone taps your back and when you turn your head your cheek hits the other person's finger
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ayase finger.jpg
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an Ore Imo reference
File: finger on cheek opm.jpg (77KB, 786x483px)Image search: [Google]
finger on cheek opm.jpg
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Anime can't be ki-
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rip anime.
-ssed. Mitsuha. ;_;

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now that the dust has settled, we can agree that snake is best girl right?
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nopan snake.gif
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I don't like her but her body, that outfit and her voice are top tier.
Fuck off Ocelot
only fags disagree

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Let me allow to start a new thread of the best animo of this season.

what's your favorite episode so far?
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The ending of the last episode wasn't fun. It's not fair when he cheats so much to destroy the life of someone.
this show is fucking awful

watched first arc (first half of first ep) and dropped it like OP's mother did to him when he was a baby

a premise that goes nowhere complete with bland as fuck characters

I'm really struggling to imagine how you can fuck up "Faustian deal" up this badly. The premise practically writes itself
I like every one of them, I'm easy to please in watching a series about a guy being a dick.

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Sousei no Onmyouji.jpg
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How did this happen?

Also, while the anime was on source material it was pretty decent. They should have either waited till the series was over or made it 20 episode cour.
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SQ has a lot of money.
is there somewhere the uncesored scene of Benio losing her legs?

No....why would you want this anyway.

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This character is universally loved in Japan but has many haters in the west.

What does it say of differences in taste between Japan and the west?
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Nips have shit taste. It's widely known.
It says that you enjoy making wild generalizations
Mind you, Madoka is also one of the most popular girls and until the last 3 episodes, spent most of the show being hesitant, getting mentally scared and being in tears constantly. You shouldn't take Japan's tastes that seriously.

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What the heck was his problem again?
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Shrapnel lodged in his brain
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Is there a more pathetic protagonist in anime? How will she ever survive in the real world?
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I will protect her from bullies like you.
She can't hide forever.
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Yuno Hidamari lives on her own at 15. I bet at 15 almost all of you autists couldn't even comprehend having the independence to do something like that. That includes me.

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How about that backlog /a/? Is it driving you mad?
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I'll get around to it. Usually I watch 1 or 2 titles in between two seasons, or I take a few GB with me when visiting family.
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Mai stuff..png
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This is how i do things. I downloaded the first episodes of every single show in my backlog.
Then i use random generator, to pick a first episode to watch,
>associated with wmp
>all those apps
New computer?

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What haven't you watch the best anime of the season yet?

That's right chinese anime is better than japanese.
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You're either a shill or shitposting

Sometimes discussing gook/chink stuff is fun but this particular series has nothing to actually discuss about it. The novel is finished. Everything has been spoilered. Sure the animation and characters are good but it's not like there's a lot to discuss. What are you actually going to talk about?
I swear I've seen this thread about 10 times.
Fuck off shitposter. Not anime.

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How easy would have Kenshins's opponents been for him?

Did Kenshin ever surpass him in skill?
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Piss easy, and no.

Kenshin just had a less NEET outlook, and he probably died a virgin.
He literally would have annihilated Shishio if he wasn't so lazy. Author had confirmed that he was the strongest being in the manga.

oh shit

Makes me want a prequel with him.

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