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Name a better fight

Pro tip: You might be able to
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Not even as good as the novel version
sauce for comparison?
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Is she flat?
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Are you blind?
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Her tits are pretty fucking huge, anon.
Even tits can't save this character.

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A Yotsuba animated series would most likely be a train wreck, but could a Ghibli-esque film work?
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No. Next question.
Is R3 going to be good?
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This is Griffith. Say something nice about him.
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He's useful for killing boners
Nice bangs, prissy
He was a good friend

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>/a/ throwing a fit of not being able to watch their shitty 20 minute commercials

This is a sign to read the DAMN manga.

>b-but muh originals

There hasn't been a single good original this decade.
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>There hasn't been a single good original this decade.
AO was pretty good and a lot better than the trash that was E7 in the last decade.
Attack on titan manga is plain garbage at this point though.
I don't even read attack on titan

The image just fits my agenda

I just… love this entire page of Pudding and Sanji characterization…

I am glad Pudding got up and tried to shoot Sanji again. And how SERIOUS Sanji looked in this panel while comforting a ~lady~. He is aware Pudding is trying to kill him, but he has none of that shit. And he tried to reach out to Pudding and protect her, but there was no sweet words.

He is staying to his no-hurting-ladies ethic, but when he tried to reach out to her he is not doing it out of bias… he is doing it because he sensed something was wrong with her and wanted to save her.

I am pleased. Very pleased.
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Reminder to ignore the desperate SaPu autists and that Sanji x Nami will be canon soon
legit cringe or asshurt SaNafag falseflag? i can't tell.
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Nigger, that shit's gay. Best page is Daifuku. This guy's design and devil fruit look cool af.

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What are the most potent ones you know of?
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Pic related, Bakuon and Symphogear G + GX.
I get it for Bakuon and Symphogear which are both really fun but seriously Mahouka ,though I don't mind an OP protagonist, is boring as shit.
Lucky Star ep 1

Why are burgers in anime always s big?
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They aren't. It's the people in anime that are really small (they have to be to get inside your screen).
Seriously, don't be a twat.
Fan service for americans.
Those look delicious.
Wish my cheeseburgers came out like that off the grill.

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>one of the comfiest sceneries in anime history
>ruined by cringey pseudoscience explanations

as an individual of keen intellect, I cannot indulge further past the first 10 minutes of this show.
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Fuck off
>cringey pseudoscience explanations
>as an individual of keen intellect
Just passing by to tell you your mother sucks cocks for a living. Don't bother replying, I'm not staying.
>Clearly has fantasy elements of which cannot be possible in the real world
>put off by said fantasy trying to explain its own in-world logic


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How do you feel about this cat, /a/?
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That is not a cat, this is a human

It doesint even have Neko ears

What are you smoking mate?
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Is this a subliminal request for more cat pics?
She's cute, but I prefer her friend Riina.

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Is this curvy slut the only good thing about Code Geass: Akito the Exiled
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nah senpai, Ashely was the only good thing
there's also the Lelouch with tits girl, but that's about it.

There's nothing good about it

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guts behelit.jpg
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Who is going to use it, /a/?
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Me. I'm going to usher in a new age where anime is real.
Who are you going to sacrifice?
When he finally confronts Griffith in Falconia obviously.
It'll be like a reverse Eclipse

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I love it! And I love all of you guys!
inb4 the same tired ass posts as every other fish thread.
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I am indifferent to it.

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Why are anime girls with fitted caps such a rare thing?
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I don't know.
Roselia a shit
Roselia anime when?

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Do we really need one of these every day?

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