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What does /a/ think of GetBackers?
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It was a ride, that is for sure. Had a YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ending too.
Ban is one of those rare cases of an extremely OP MC, that happens to be really likeable.
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UBW Installer

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ITT: god tier OPs

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good taste, m8

The fifth episode is here and it's a best dragon episode.
How wonderful.
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Sharing again since all volumes are now scanned. Art book still to come.
Maybe in a few years there will be translations.
I want to fuck that retarded dragon.
Bahamut is not for lewd, you have this fat dragon for that.

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Does anybody remember this show?
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never saw the show. was it any good? I only ever read the manga
It was alright
I loved the part when they tried to have sex on the spinning bed and then cherry boy broke his leg

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Today I will remind them
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Please dont do shit. Both shows are great and suffer the same problem: dragging their story out for too long
>implying there are people who don't know Ideon
Please kill yourself, you failed elitist.
I know Gundam on the left, but what's on the right?

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I really liked Jojo up until they introduced Stands. I just recently finished watching all of the anime, and I know there's a lot more content from the manga. Question is, is it worth it? I know they keep the Stand concept forever, but does it get better? I really don't like the "villain-of-the-day" routine that went on with Stardust and Diamond.

So should I continue by reading or is it more of the same
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Give up.

The Jojo you love is dead.
3 and onward is "villain of the week" don't like it don't read. 3 and 5 are the most popular parts in japan, they have high test and like real parts unlike you
Give up. It never goes back to the same Phantom Blood / Battle Tendency format.

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Hit, Beerus, and all the other new characters don't feel like "main" villains. Are Black and Zamasu going to be Dragon Ball Supers only actual villains? What do you guys think?
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How on earth would anyone but AT know?
Demon realm villain
From a recent interview he did, we're getting pretty close to how Dragon Ball Z ended with Goku and Uub leaving.

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how do /a/ like their Tomboys?

they come in many varieties
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The ones that aren't actually masculine in the slightest. Like Tsugumi.
Short hair. Big tits. That's all really.
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slightly feminine looking in attire, but fiery personality.

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What went wrong?
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you didnt believe enough in twintails
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5ms too late for perfect twintails timing
fucking input lag

as for what actually went wrong two things. QUALITY due to running out of time and the inner context. Twintails, in a similar vein to Nyaruko requires significant knowledge of other series to fully enjoy, albeit Nyaruko appealing more to the average viewer than twintails. That combined with some of the more niche tastes diverted some viewers that might have otherwise avoided the series.

The loyal fans however are great, there's still some loyal artists like Yuto and people making twintails GKs like Extreme (ExtremeTwintail) and Kenji (mark00ac). It's always reassuring to see Nips with taste so similar to your own. A lot of those twintails guys seem to like Nipako too, I can't lie I've fallen for such a cute pair of twintails too. Yuto even drew a Tail blue x Nipako crossover doujin, its not scanned unfortunately. I'd scan mine but I dont want to fuck it up.

tl:dr little went wrong, a niche series has a niche audience of fans, expecting it to have the possibility to go big or mainstream is just delusional

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She's giving you the look, anon.
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Well too bad, my wallet is closed for the month.
This and koakuma kanojo are my most well-traveled paths to penisland.
>all seeds are dead

I didn't think Nyaa dying would be so bad, but I was wrong.

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What are sluts good for?
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That's such a waste of whipped cream.

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This is Sasuke. Say something nice about him.
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He killed Danzo
he is handsome
He's cool

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Screenshot 2017-04-11 23.57.31.png
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Ayano is a bitch.
LTM in anime is utter shit and it fucked Shintarou development. (But it has some nice visual choices.)
>Implying that's not Kano

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What am I in for?
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Why did you make this thread instead of reading it?
Lots of interesting surgery stuff, but a LOT of medical politics. More politics than action, so enjoy it while it lasts.
a fucking awesome manga

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This is DIO. He wants to do a strange ritual thing in order to create a world on which everyone knows their fate and only he can change it.
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This is Croix. She wants ultimate magic or something.
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This is Hole-kun. He wants to slaughter all magic users because they suck.
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These are Zamasu. They want to make the world (multiverse) beautiful by removing the ningen who destroy it and the gods who support them.

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