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Did somebody say brilliant scientist?
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Gohanbros unite.
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What happened to this series?
Where is volume 12?
yahari bread?
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It got a reboot.
did that shit not flop? do you have a link to nyaa for me if there are raws?
ignore my post, i'm sorry.

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- the powers

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>literally his entire family & friends raped and killed by Griffith


Sorry but what the fuck was that about seriously?
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Fuck off.
It was literally though tuckhead
Rickert wasn't fucking there, he didn't see the eclipse unfold and Guts never told him.

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She was the best girl, prove me wrong

Pro tip: you can't
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the bar is so low a potato could leap it
Name an anime better than Naruto

Pro tip: you can't

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The Anzu was here.
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What a thought-provoking thread
What a dick-provoking thread

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Fuck you
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>tfw no good release exist of the Air anime
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They will never re-release the Air Analog Collector's Edition.
Just read the VN.
just finished it actually

[xPearse] Mobile Fighter G Gundam Episodes 01-49 & Extras [1080p]
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Get it here.

Allenby best girl. Rainfags fuck off. Only reason she won was because Allenby was too good. The best girls never fucking win.
To be honest, it was because she was not Japanese.

The mc is everything wrong with LN industry. Having long run out of passion and only pushing it for money he is just shitting out volume after volume of mediocrity and his publisher endorses it. Then there is so-called Oricon number one author who is only really different from him in that she got lucky and doesn't need to work her ass off. Her writing gets panned in-univese too.
But still, Eromanga-sensei doesn't satirize bad LNs, it glorifies them. It's aware of being crap and it's proud of it. You can see it in the fourth episode when Masamune wanks over Elf's novel as if there is something to it that isn't erotica for the sake of erotica.
Eromanga-sensei had no business being a light novel. This anime adaptation is carried by stellar direction and good animation, not its source.
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How do I subscribe?
LN plot is crap, more news at eleven.
>This anime adaptation is carried by stellar direction and good animation
What stellar direction and good animation?

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ITT: shows you didn't expect to play with your emotions so much
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Mild > Wild
Yeah, thought it was going to be comfy yuri, but all the girls were sluts who lusted for the dick.
Fuck that

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>he hasn't watched Bokurano

For what reason have you not suffered to the end of Bokurano yet?
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I don't want to suffer.
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>watching Bokurano

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Is there a better type of couple than tall girl/short guy?
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Tall girl/short girl
No, I mean, it's actually rare to see them now.

But too bad the /fit/ memes went into IRL and girls took them seriously.
Say no 2 bullyin' short guys worse than funabori.

t. 6'0 dude
>Android 18

I almost always see Short Girl/Short Guy and Tall Girl/Tall Guy combos

Would you watch an anime where ALL of the soldiers were loli?
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Sure, fund it.
Only if they all die horribly
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underrated artist

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Oreki and 8man switch places in their respective series.

what happens?
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Oregairu becomes good, Hyouka turns to shit.
Hyouka becomes good, Oregiru turns to shit.

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