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So someone earlier was shilling GNUNet, but what about Freenet? It has a larger network, a longer history, and unlike GNUNet, binaries are available for Windows, OSX, and Linux. We don't need to host the files on it, but we can use it to share DHT magnet links using the forum technology already built into it. Release groups can also have their own freesites to share releases.

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Freenet is private property of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Better idea is to get a site up on ZeroNet so the site itself will be hosted p2p.

Nice meme. Got some facts to go with it?

From Wikipedia:
>ZeroNet is not anonymous by default, but users can hide their IP address by using the built in Tor-functionality
Hahah no.

I used to run a Freenet node, and I'm trying to get together the hardware to start running one again. It's very secure and rather easy to use, and it works fine on Windows, which is where the majority of our user base is. We don't need to reinvent the wheel, and we can fit in with existing traffic.

The great debate
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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou has Ringo-chan in it, so it automatically wins.


>Typing out the entire thing every time
You must have a shitty life
you know how it is, bros before hoes

Post best girls that lost.
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I demand justice for Nico.
Best girls always lose. Best girl has never won.

What do you think of girls with braids?
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>That thinn neck
>that big brappy body

Absolutely disgusting
pretty sure we're talking about the hairstyle, not the body type. IMO braids are alright if they're done correctly and washed thoroughly.
Crown braid>all else

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>beats up aliens
>with a fucking crowbar

Is she Gordon Freeman of our generation?
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>rapes MC until he mindbreaks straight into marriage
>not even joking

Nyaruko is most definitely /ourgirl/.
>rapes MC until he mindbreaks straight into marriage
>it needs an eldritch abominations for beta MC's to get with a girl
Mahiro is not some betacuck by a long shot. He`s just understandably apprehensive of fucking cosmic horrors.

Also, ministered by the Lovecraft himself. Dude won at life.

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Cetacean Friends.jpg
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We know the Cetacean Friends are going to be appearing next season, what to you predict the designs will look like next season.
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Tofu time: What are the horrors that the cetacean friends saw beneath?
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>tfw you'll see a blue whale irl
is this a wholesome show for cute stuff or are people serious when they say there is a deeper story?

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Scum's Wish.jpg
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ITT: Anime you could show your girlfriend.
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Wiw epic thread lol
nothing rated TV-14 or above
Are you breaking up?

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>Anima will never be translated

Just kill me
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Considering some of the retarded things I've heard about it, thats probably for the best.
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evangelion pico pico cover.jpg
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The old spinoffs must die off so the new can rise again from their ashes.
Good, because it blows Khara blows..

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Hey, anon! She's looking at you!
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Time for rape
>wanting to feel that P E N E T R A T O R once more

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Every anime has it's little running gags; post your favorite ones here!

Here we have the running joke about Frog legs in Sword Art Online......
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Every joke in Maidragon
Seeing the same jokes over the course of a season really solidifies just how good those jokes were.
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Shush, now leave.
Wow. People actually watch their anime in such a quality.

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The great debate.
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What debate
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You posted this yesterday.

Pokemon, obviously
Digimon is far better.

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Nidaime keeping it real. I love Benten but enjoyed this. She had it coming.
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It's good for Benten, bring a new dimension to her character.
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I agree, it was humanizing.

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Which is objectively the correct choice?
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Purity you fag.
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purity you fag
but mo san is too dumb to be lewd

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Manga that desperately need an anime adaptation. I'll start us out.
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When is that lazy bastard going on with the manga to start with?
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We know that he has at least made one chapter of volume 3.
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Would be nice if Uzumaki got one. But not by the same people who did Gyo.

After a handful of episodes..it is pretty awful.. like 6/10 material over here..

Why it is praised in so many places ?
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OP is a faggot and frog poster

Good evening Robert :^)
Episode 12+, the second half is when shit goes down. The first half is pretty much Sol shit some people fine different to get through. If you don't like the direction the show took by episode 14 drop it.

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