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>this cartoon will never get a proper ending
It's not fair, the meme potential was endless.
Faces were priceless. I still remember this dude getting turned into a monkey.

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I think I put this off for too long. Anyways, here's last week's chapter to make up for golden week.
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75: New semester
[Center] The new semester... these uniforms are surprisingly refreshing
[Bottom right] The newest comic
Volume 67
On sale 5/18!!
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[Top] The event loaded summer vacation finally comes to an end......

"I'm heading out"

"It's been a while since we went to school"

"Eve, your clothes..."
"Did you change my clothes?"
"Yaaaay, thanks!"
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"Did I actually imagine Eve in a uniform......"
"Well, whatever...... she's cute"

"What's up? You sighed for a long time there"

"Every student is going to the entrance ceremony while sighing"

"On top of that, I'm kinda worried about seeing more of my classmates' first love zombies or seeing them change after experiencing heartbreak..."

"And I feel the same"

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Why did she always say nya?
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She's retarded.
She poured on the childish act super thick because she was insecure about not being girly enough and trying to compensate.

It's one of those "if I pretend to be retarded, nobody will suspect how much time I spend thinking about killing myself" things.
We can all agree that her and Hanayo are the fucking worst, right?

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Anyone watch this donghwa? It's the best anime this year.
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I wonder if chink have grown a little.
It is good
Stop shilling. Seriously. You are just being a paint in the ass to everyone, even to those who like the show.
Just make a thread when a new episode comes out, dont make 3 threads a day.

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Thoughts on the new anime announcement?
what do you want it to be? movie or series? prequel or sequel or reboot?
I'd prefer a short series with the kind of Major that was portrayed in Oshii's movies
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Cautiously optimistic. Hope it's a new 2 cour series, following Kusanagi and Batou during their time in the war.
Those tits look weird.
Series with at least the qualities of SAC.
maybe a Major closer to the manga

Dicks out for Hestia
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Shes on of those seasonal girls that I always go back to for a good nut
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>Implying you are making a reference to Harambe

Dude. Just stop. Please.
Top notch cock socket, and not much else.

Google the english version if you can't read runes.
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I'm too lazy to do it.
1-Tiger & Bunny 2- Tiger & Bunny -The Rising-
3- Puella Magi Madoka Magica 4- Love Live! (Season 1)
5- Love Live! (Season 2) 6- Tiger & Bunny –The Beginning-
7- Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion 8- Card Captor Sakura
9- Love Live! The School Idol Movie 10- Osomatsu-san
11- Gintama (Season 1) 12- Joker Game
13- Legend of The Galactic Heroes 14- Neon Genesis Evangelion
15- Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 16- Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka? (Season 1)
17- Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 18- Digimon Adventure
19- PSYCHO-PASS 20- Sword Art Online
wow Japan has good taste for once

Is this the Dragonball GT of Naruto?
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yes now fuck off narutard
Is Dragonball Super the Dragonball GT of Dragonball?
More like the Dragon Ball Super, don't ever talk about GT.

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Only if you do something about that hair of yours.
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would you hire kanan for your school idol music group /a/?
No but I will be your husband

How difficult would it be to make a SHA RC car?
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the trouble isn't making it, its rebuilding it every time it explodes

So when are the leaks for the next chapter dropping?
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would you a yandere reverse-trap tomboy, knife murder tan?
Yes, I would save her by giving her the D
Maybe spoilers tonight.

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Tell me about Aqua.
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Just started this awhile ago. Loving it. Feel-good af and surprisingly funny
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Just finished Origination a couple of days ago myself, still feeling the afterglow

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Is aki-nee an amazon?
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too skinny and short to be amazon
she's a big girl.
is this the girl from that weird incest manga/anime?

What /a/ think about this anime?
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Hothing i guess.
A masterpiece.

Everyone killed themselves though. Don't expect to have an active thread.
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Well, it had a movie that concluded the entire series, so it's finished. Over. Nothing worth talking about anymore. No new material. No new Milkie Holmes. Never ever forever.

All in all, I liked it.

And I hope that I'll be proven wrong at some time.

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I want to put Sucy into a PTSD attack and force flashbacks of her mother's abuse onto her!
I want to make her cry as she babbles for mercy from people who are not there!
I want to make her relive her past traumas with near perfect clarity!
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Yeah this show really has nothing else to discuss
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This is my fiance
We are getting married
Say something nice to her
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If a sprinkler was such a bad transformation, then why don't you fags come up with a better one?

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