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next chapter is out.

Lets discuss who's the best girl and why is it Mary

also MC revealed as the final boss when?
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>next chapter is out.
it is?
41 or 40 ?
good chapter. pres2 is cute. yumeko is cute mary is cute.

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Anyone watch this masterpiece?
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Not anime.
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I thought it was really good, the animation and art was suprisingly good for a chink anime.

Fuck off.

Season 3 when?
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If nothing is announced this July when the OVA comes out then probably not for a while.
Probably next year, but to be honest the last few episodes of season 2 weren't that great.
That's because they ordered only 10 episodes again and they rushed the ending

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What the fuck? Illya touched Gil's dick? What the fuck bros, how is this fair? Why does the Chad always get the girls?

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/a/ has only one wish, not per person tho, discuss with others what you all should wish for,
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I wish for OP to an hero.
Let us all become immortal lolis.

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Name a better anime character.

I dare you.

Spoilers, you can't.
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>Can't even post best coat

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>Came for loyal bro-con imouto
>Stayed for pic related

Mayumi is literally pefect. I'm in love.
And Miyuki is sadly a disappointment.
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she's already destined to win via "ai ai gasa" just a matter of time.
I feel exactly what you mean OP.


Leo and Chiba WILL get married and have beautiful children.
I hate her haircut. It's just terrible.

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Now that the children and otaku are gone can we admit that despite the occasionally janky animation this deserves some respect as one of the better anime of 2013?
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no it was fucking shit, read the manga
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>occasionally janky animation
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>occasionally janky animation

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>[TeamMoe]Bakuon!! OVA 2 (DVD 480p)

I can't believe the butler's fucking dead
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Fuck this was great
I mean what the actual fuck, so he's an immortal loli? Why did Raimu-senpai blush? Wasn't the boy(?) in the picture like Hijiri's ancestor or something?
720 when?
It's about time.

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I had some BakaBT torrent files stored in my pc to download at a later date, but now they don't seem to work. Is this related to the tracker going private? I'm using ĀµTorrent 2.2.1
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the site is down temporarily
Maintenance supposedly
>using ĀµTorrent 2.2.1

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How long is too long?
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If it can touch the ground when the girl is standing then it's too long, otherwise it's fine.
Nyaa's downtime.
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good one.gif
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The perfect MC doesn't exi-
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>implying he's the MC
Okay, main boy. Still perfect.
Kuromukuro was underrated. Probably the only good mecha series of 2016.

This is a Japanese 9 (nine) years old girl.
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can she get pregnant?
This is legitimately the worst CGDCT series ever made.
It's not that bad. It's not good, but not bad either.
Also, the OP is great.

you know what....im super mad/pissed/triggered/furious right now..not towards this top 100 list..infact this is a okay list imo(i can disagree with some titles being in there)..but im mad towards these people that are raging at this post and talking about superior taste and japan's taste is shit and calling japanese people plebs etc...i know the anime community here is disjointed and have differences and/or making fun of others(yes i know the anime community is all fun,dank memes etc).BUT THIS is a new low.You guys are truly making me sick with all these rants/banter.You shouldn't take anime seriously guys geez(im okay with waifu wars tho).Japan is the home of anime.They enjoy anime too for their entertainment(ofcourse)and we do too here in the america/europe whoever u are from.We shouldn't be shitting on their ways of thinking and liking certain shows.We are human beings for crying out loud,we are not robots with the same CPU or progamming.So guys pls be respectfull of others,(im not telling you to stop im not forcing my ideas on you)keep it cool and move on

END PS. Sorry for my bad englih and wording...i had this stuck in my chest for months looking for a way to express myself,till this post came up... Thank you for reading this
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This is embarrassing.jpg
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Man, I have never seen a more inconsistent post in all my years in 4chan desu.

Not even the /adv/ normalfags I give advice are like this.
Nice bait bro.

Fuck the nips, they have horrible taste

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What went so fucking right?
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Nothing, it fucking sucks
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Likeable characters, enjoyable adventures, definitely the music, nostalgia, and the most important is botan of course. I'm glad someone decided to fix up and releas all those unreleased osts.
>no, yousuke, you are the demons

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