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crab who?

monkey who ?

snake who?

bow down to your new SHAFT goddess.
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What is this from?
>let's take a slow-paced mystery and release it monthly with a bunch of delays
Wake me when all the parts are out.

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Why are loli allowed to get fat?
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It's cute.
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It's sexy.
It is important to have a variety of characters in your works.
>fat loli
>skinny loli
>chocolate loli
>megane loli
>sultry loli
>burn victim loli
>exhibitionist loli
>special needs loli
>prone-to-crying loli
>cyborg loli
>doll loli
>super loli
>omega kawaii loli
>lesbo loli
>NEET loli
>samba de amigo loli
Just none of that oppai shit.

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Do you agree with this /a/?
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No, that's gay.
Yes, that's gay.
Maybe, that's gay.

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Who was the first trap you ever saw in anime? And how did you feel about it?
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I thought that the brown boy in Summer Wars was a girl until someone on /a/ told me
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I think I said out loud "bullshit"
Trapfags need to be permabanned from /a/.


Hope the mods ban you for your /b/ tier /soc/ post on /a/.

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not my car.png
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that's not your car
Yeah, i drive a bmw.

But i do listen to eurobeat, while speeding.

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What kind of BMW? It better not be an automatic or a 4-cylinder

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Are inverted nipples a problem for you anon?
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I could pay for an operation for her as a kind of a deal.
Not really. I'd suck on them so much, pretty sure I'd be able to make them normal.

hey /a/ now that everyone is panicking show me your physical anime collection
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I've got none
>supporting sentai
oh, it is to laugh
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>buying anime
What happened to /a/?

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Do you need to watch the original series to understand Brotherhood?
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Not really but you should do it anyway because its a good series. It's generally agreed upon that the earlier parts were better adapted in the original anyway.
nope, they are both pretty decent
brotherhood follows the manga closer, and bc of that it's better (plot is better constructed etc etc) but the beginnings of both are basically identical.

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already NTR.jpg
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RAW: http://imgur.com/a/DanXH
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I-is that semen?
Lots of glopping going on here.
Close. It's love juices.

Why are they the only ones trying to push the industry forward?
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t. Digicuck
So now that KyoAni's doing anime with adult protagonists, what do you expect/look forward to from them in the future?
Full length animated hentai by Kyoani,not some korean cheap slideshow.

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Spinzaku best grill

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>romantic anime
>MC and love interest don't get together/fug beacuse of some bullshit reason
>every time

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I feel the same way, i read by chance, we.. And..., and i want to kill the autor, sorry for my bad english
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why does this happen so frequently?
Every romance anime in a nutshell. Bonus points if it turns into a harem.

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gundam m8.png
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Aside from Turn A, there hasn't been a single good AU Gundam show.

Why can't they make good AU Gundam shows?
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SEED, IBO, G, AGE, 00 season 2, GBF and WING all are terrible anime. Only people who like them, are the ones that started watching anime, when those shows were first airing. Those people are unable to look at their first Gundam shows, from a critical perspective.

can someone tell me what the hell did I just watch?
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Something about the rapture.
so the girl is the jesus?
or is it the dude?
It's been a while but the girls death was necessary , right? The breath she let out as she drowned gave birth to the eggs that can then be winged beings that can leave that accursed place.

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Which tank would you blow?
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I want to blow up T-34s.
I'd penetrate the armor of the one on the right.
>Which tank would you blow?
That would imply they're both men. That would imply I'm a homosexual. What are you trying to say, OP?

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