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Find a flaw in her design.
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No penis
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Her nose.
It's utterly forgettable.

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We are witnessing the biggest animated masterpiece of the last 15 years
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There might not even be a season 3 because of how retard WIT studio is.
it isn't the studio who decides to wether animate or not
It's like movie quality every episode, it's literally the only anime that's worth watching, hopefully this inspires other shit head studios to put more effort in a medium that revolves around being animated.

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As part of our restructuring efforts and to replace Yuzuko after her untimely death in a bean-related accident, we will be introducing a new girl to Yuyushiki.

Starting today, /yys/ becomes /yns/.
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You're a monster, Yuzu is irreplaceable.
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>yuzu's ghost continues to haunt this realm to this day
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Is /a/ ready to admit that all the talented staff from Gainax went to Khara and not Trigger?
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Are you special needs? Oh no I'm one of them, what has this site done to me?
Come on, Imaishi and Yoshinari are talented.
The talented staff remained and made Pleiades.

Who the fuck thought this was acceptable?
Fansubs should never, EVER, under any circumstance add memes to their translations.
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Why is this a meme?
Not a meme, that's from the original
Good thing fan subbing is dead

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It's been nearly 10 years /a/. DO NOT FORGET YOUR BOSS
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chiaki was better
Chiaki needs Kana for the bants

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Tutti watashitachi ga kokoro wo ubau!
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Fuck off, dyke.
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Watashi ga Kumiko wo ubau!

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This is a bit of an odd thread, because it verges with /tv/ in some ways, but I'm mostly looking for perspective on this matter.

Death Note was incredibly popular internationally around 2006-2008. It was a series with a low entry level and an intriguing premise. I think that despite being seen as an entry level series, it is generally accepted by the more experienced fans of manga and anime. It's an entertaining cat and mouse series where the protagonist and antagonist aren't the hero and villain, respectively, by default. The animation looks pretty good even by today's standards. Lots of detail is present in all the key animation. Mamoru Miyano's performance as Light is fondly remembered, like pic related ("KEIKAKU DOORI") being said in such a memorable way, and especially his final freakout.

All this being said, there seems to be a set of people who disdain the idea of American live-action adaptations of Japanese properties. Historically speaking, American live-action adaptations of anime tend to be panned by both critics and fans of the original series. But I feel that there have been improvements. I've known people who were radically against the live-action GitS, but it wasn't that bad. It wasn't great for that matter either, but it wasn't the burning wreckage, the next Dragon Ball Evolution like everyone was saying it would be. To me, Netflix's Death Note doesn't look bad at all going by previews, but I know there is a vocal subset of fans who are upset.

For me, it's hard to be upset about the westernization of the story because there are already four live-action Japanese movies. I'm curious as to what your perspectives are on the future of western live-action adaptations, whether the new Death Note will be good, and even what your thoughts were on the new GitS.
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- Death Note was bad to begin with
- Anime adaptions of manga are generally inferior
- Japanese live action adaptions of manga are generally inferior
- Hollywood adaptions of anything are generally inferior
I'm sure this will be great
DN is considerably better than 3/4 of the shit that are being discussed in their own threads at this moment
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ITT: Alpha males in anime and manga
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So it's confirmed she's gonna act like every young 3DPD girl in existence and try to win over the bad boy who shows no interest in her and treats her like shit only for her to fall for him and then he fuck her in front of MC?
Women sure love to get abused.

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No chapter this week due to golden week. This is more just to see if edit anon wants to do some Imouto.
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I guess nobody today. Oh well, imouto time in a few minutes I guess.

What's the latest SYD chapter? I've been otherwise occupied lately.
As of now I think it's 421.

Kyon-kun, Denwa!
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Why does she look at her brother like that?
Maybe her eyes hurt.
What the hell, I did my homework already.

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This anime has changed my life.
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How many Anons do you think became normalfags because of this show?
what show?

What does Bulma really need?
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My man salami.
Saiyan cock
A man taller than her

What shows NEED another season?

Pic related
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Let's do this, out of the three of Naruto ONe PIece and Dragon Ball Z, which of these have the best films

>inb4 all shit
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One Piece and Dragonball haven't had a movie I've hated. Even that 3D nonsense where they were chasing Luffy's hat was average at worst.

Naruto though is standard filler fare for Naruto meaning you're in for some boring shit. But the first Naruto and first Naruto Shippuden movies were actually really damn good.

I'm going to go with One Piece. 4 of those movies were amazing, most were good, and 1 was average.

>inb4 all shit

Only if you watch them when you're caught up in the series instead of watching them where they'd best fit chronologically
summarized the Naruto movies pretty well. I still love the first two movies. the rest felt boring.

One Piece's Baron's Island movie was fantastic, also liked Strong World.
strong world and z were awesome, havnt seen any of the other 2's movies

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