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>come home
>your waifu is drunk in the sofa
What would you do in this situation?
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Get drunk with her and cuddle, but I don't see Makoto being much of a drinking type, maybe on rare occasions such as birthday.
make us dinner and cuddle
Bring a blanket, some booze and start drunk talking shit.

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This is Izumi Sagiri also known as Eromanga Sensei. Despite only being 12 years old, she is a talented artist and creates very lewd artwork that gets published.

Say something nice about Sagiri!
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lewd slut
webm of sagiri happily chanting pantsu while on her tablet where?
Her anime is very good and has great animation.

>that birth date

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gab confirmed hitler

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I've been browsing /a/ since 2011 and not once was I recommended Lupin. What the hell /a/ I thought you were supposed to be patricians, this is easily my new favorite anime.
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Lurk more.
Did you look at any of the charts?
Spotted the retard.

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you wake up and see galko's oneechan.

What would you do?
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probably have sex with her in every legal position
Ask her to sit on my face and allow me to be her slave
Get an erection

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Symphothread? Symphothread.
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tsubasa chris is justice.jpg
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I will post this every thread until they dock.
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I just hope Maria gets cucked out of the show.
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Best doll.

ITT: Censorship
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You start
more like localization
that was lewd

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Which anime girl has the best loli version?
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It doesn't seem right. Isn't it the opposite in that case?

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Today we mourn the loss of the hottest robutt in town, along with the good old siscon who will finally be with his sister again. Kuriba is on the ropes too. We'll see how that plays out.
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It's just a machine? Buy a new one.
>Mikoto killed Robutt
What a bitch
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>Hishigata is actually ded now

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do not open
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You shouldn't post things this scary.

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King of Avatar is so gooood, why is this not talking about?
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Your shilling is so baaaaaaad, why are you so obvious?
Because it's not /a/ related, you perma-shilling, retard.

My uncle is the grand commander in china, he will nuke japans ass!

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What is the proper way to react when your waifu stabs you in the heart and you're bleeding out in front of her?

Asking for a friend.
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>overpenetrating like a bitch
Berate her for shitty technique.
Jin is a faggot
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Claim that Guilty Gear has better aesthetics than BlazBlue. I think a former serial killer doctor shoving his scalpel or fingers up people's assholes for great justice is better than anything BB has to offer. Millia is pretty great too.

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>shy book idol
Who is her target audience?
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People who like shy book idols obviously.
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When did you realize Natsuki looks a million times better with her hair down?

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>Kyoko is not best girl

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Incoming heavy spoilers.

Regarding rebellion, I'm a bit confused.

First, when Homura was talking with Madoka telling her how she was starting to think that her memories of Madoka were fake because she was far away, Madoka tells her that she's not capable of leaving someone she considers precious.

Now, after Homura hears this, even though she knows the Madoka she's talking to isn't the real Madoka, she straight up says that the real Madoka would say that as well. It strikes to me as odd because it gives me the impression that Homura just convinces herself that what the fake (or brainwashed because she didn't have her goddess memories) Madoka said is what the real Madoka thinks.

Other question I have is the origin of Homura new power. She broke the law of cicles by not allowing goddess Madoka to take her and by preventing the goddess Madoka from returning to where she came from, thus forcing a new principle in the universe of continuing to have the law of cicles and Madoka at the same time. What could have given Homura so much power? Is it her wish of straight up saying she wants to be the one who protects Madoka?

The new project wants to make Mami a sort of god of war but how could she even face all of Homura power with her own? It doesn't make sense.
>Now, after Homura hears this, even though she knows the Madoka she's talking to isn't the real Madoka, she straight up says that the real Madoka would say that as well.
This is not completely true. Homura has her doubt because she figures Madoka shouldn't exist (naturally) in their world, (and in Wraith Arc she has to deal with a fake Madoka), but upon interaction she realizes the Madoka in the barrier is indeed her friend (with amnesia). Ofc later she realized that the non-amnesiac Madoka would probably make a different choice so that's why she asked her again the same question, but too bad the deed's already been done.
Rebellion was shit, just pretend it never happened.

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Gonna dump a new chapter of Bakuon Rettou.
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Summary for those who don't know this series;
>In the 80s, Kaze Takashi's parents moved to a quiet area in Tokyo to protect their son from the bad influence of his friends. In class, Takashi doesn't wait to make new friends. Passionate for motorcycle rallies, they invite Takashi to join the next event. It became a revelation for the young man and he decides to join a biker gang! Now all that's left is to find a motorbike...
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