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Find me a worse character archetype than the "no fun allowed/straight man in a comedy show"
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Childhood is hating them
Adulthood is realizing they were always right
Senior-hood is realizing they're may be successful but finding out they have always felt empty

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Will she be the new member of guts traveling party?
She wants to see the outside world.
She finds the battles Guts and co. has gone through to be interesting.
She has proven she's willing to use dangerous magic.

Would she be an asset or a liability. Trustworthy or likely to get a party member killed through her over confidence? Loyal or likely to betray others once she looks on Griffiths face?

Im Curious to what Berserk has in store for her.
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She's definitely going to die an unjust cruel death, die because of folly, or her friends are going to do die because of her.
This is modern Berserk we're talking about.

Rickert's sister whose name I forgot wasn't torn apart because Miura is getting soft.
No anon, we dont need a witchslut.

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How do we fix moeshit?
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You can't it simply is stagnated
Sounds like you want just regular moe. The defining factor of moeshit is the shit part, take that away and it's something entirely different.
Just don't interrupt Kanna in that scene and show every single thing they did. That fixes it.

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My comrades, let us pay our respects to the best girl to end all best girls: The perfect bi-racial Japanese-Scandinavian princess of supreme intellect, composure and talent.
Her cousin is inferior in literally every capacity, and I welcome you to try and prove me wrong.
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Erina is the superior cook.
Jobber and useless.

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Guess who just discovered the joy and wonder of CG? This guy.


If he can learn to love it, you can too!
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When will they show him Kemono Friends?
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Is he making Eva 4.44 yet?
He'll be butthurt about it because it helped his cause more than he ever did.

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How do I get a kawaii imouto that loves me unconditionally?
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Rape your mom.
You don't
Rape your mom.

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>「劇場版 艦これ」多くの提督方が劇場に足を運んで下さいました。本当にありがとうございました、感謝申し上げます!今夏8/30(水)の「劇場版 艦これ」【Blu-ray&DVD版】のリリースに向け、現在準備を進めています。近日中に仕様詳細&特典情報等もご案内できる予定です!#艦これ

Movie BD coming out 8/30
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Too bad, it was shit. Also, wasn't the movie out like 12 months ago?

It came out in November I think

9 months is a super long wait
will sell 50K at most.

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That American soldier must have fucked her good.
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ahagon only likes little girls
Oh wow, when you report a post it auto-hides it. That's convenient.

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And he got his wish.



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WHAT SODA IS THIS? It seems so familiar but I can't make out the writing.
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pepsi 1893 drink of kings

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Anyone still have VHS tapes?
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I have three boxes of them collecting dust. I should probably throw em out tonight or somethin

At least take 5 minutes & try to give them away for free on Offerup or Craigslist. Be a shame to just throw them away.
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Why don't nips like DEEPfag seinen shows anymore?
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Cause it's trash at the end of the day
Because the 80s and 90s were over saturated with deep seinen shit, and now they just wanna have fun.
Nips have shit taste
They are losers who need to watch shit and brainless shows to forget how garbage their workaholic life are.
Anything that needs their brain to fonction a minimum is too harsh

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Let's discuss what the best version of Eva is.
There are the SD and BD versions, as well as sephirotic and 2d4u's encodes.
I promised anon that I would post a comparison of 2d4u (left) and sephirotic (right)
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sephirotic for that natural feel.
There is nothing more cancerous than changing the colours in a fucking encode.
You do realize that the BD colors are NOT correct due to film aging right?
Sephirothic only restored the original colors.

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Why is Code Geass so underrated?
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too many people have shit taste and don't understand the glory of it
>Code Geass underrated
is this your first time on /a/ or myanimelist?
Code Geass is trash get over it.It's almost worst than Elfen Lied

So is anime dying? This isn't even subtle. How can they possible need the few extra dollars snickers gave them for this?
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It's a slow manga from 2012 with only 8 volume released. Without the funding from advertisement it won't get anime in the first place.
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So is anime dying? This isn't even subtle. How can they possible need the few extra dollars pizza hut gave them for this?
Congratulations this might be the stupidest anime is dying thread I've seen.

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