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Is Anno a hack?
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Yes. Your picture shows it.
Everyone in Gainax's founding was a hack.
I hope you don't actually think Gunbuster was an original story either.

What is first anime ever /a/? Pic related
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>Pic related
Crayon Shin Chan is from the 90s.
Anime have existed for pretty much the entire 20th century, though they only really started off in the 60s.
I think he missed a "your"


>Likes furries
>Felates demons in her spare time
What a fucking slut.
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Don't talk shit about my waifu
It's so refreshing to see someone say that.
Your waifu literally sucks demon cock an tries to kiss furries. She is objectively a slut.

It was pretty good honestly. I liked the fast paced animations.
Is it normal that I got Evangelion vibes from Kill la Kill?
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>Is it normal that I got Evangelion vibes from Kill la Kill?
Not all the way, just at some parts. Maybe I'm just crazy that I see parallels.
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Well almost every attack or explosion was in the shape of a cross so yea why not?

What did she mean by this?
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She's an illuminautist.
Don't mind that, she's just a retard. A very cute retard though.

Is there 4k resolution anime?
Does 4k anime make sense?
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Most TV animation is broadcasted at 720p, then reescalated for the blurays. All restorations thus far are 1080p.

4k will start being kinda relevant 7-10 years from now.
isn;t gundam thunderbolt going to have a 4k release?

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One trick pony
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Not at all, she's just often type-casted as a tsundere or a small girl/mascot with a high-pitched voiced.
This. Try Deux Ex HR jap dub.

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Eren is a barber
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Good. He needs to think about getting a real job once the titans are dead.
As a conman?
He's cutting the hair of a guy who's already got a shaved head
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Well, he does like short hair

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Pic very related
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>pure love
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>Bro x Sis incest

What anime is this, anyway? I thought we only got ShitManga Sensei for that kind of garbage?
Their pure love may not be disgusting but their baby sure as fuck will be

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Childhood friend FINALLY has a chance to win, no one wants her to, what the actual fuck
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Lurk more.
She's way less interesting than all the other girls, including the programming cow
There was a time when childhood friends were an unstopable force no best girl could win, if the MC had a childhood friend and made a promise with her, that was pretty much game over.

All this childhood friend never wins is a relatively new thing.

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I just rewatched Haruhi S1 after literally more than 10 years and I loved it. I can barely watch 2 consecutive episodes of most current anime and yet I marathoned the entire 14 episodes in a day like it was nothing. This show really blows 99% of current shows out of the water, no wonder it became a cult classic. Can we have a Haruhi thread?
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i like haruhi very much
>cult classic
It's babby's first anime. If you haven't watched Haruhi you shouldn't be allowed to post on /a/ as you're most likely underage.
>It's babby's first anime

Yeah, circa 2007-10. Nowadays babby's first anime is Re:Zero or SnK.

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What kind of quest would you do with Sakura?
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Exploring her butthole.
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pink aoi.jpg
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The butthole quest.
She's so fucking cute.

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any new stuff?
Source please, I never read this story.

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>second OVA is not even in AB/BBT, not even the fucking raw

Fuck shit private trackers, they are dead if they don't have a site to steal stuff from

Where fuck are my subus
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ikr. this shit is getting way too retarded.
I want to kill that hamster.

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