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Are you hyped my Mexibros?

This movie is coming to theaters tomorrow

We are also getting Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry in a few weeks
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Am i the only one who thinks this poster looks retarded
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>tfw americuck waiting for bd
>still bought bd

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L and Light.jpg
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Childhood is idolizing L, adulthood is realizing Light makes more sense.
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L never made sense. He's just an eccentric genius detective.

Light has fantastical elements too but he's made to be someone the audience can relate to, at least enough to understand his way of thought and follow him.
always rooted for Kira since moment 0
And he actually got rooted

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You know sadpanda is next, right?
How will you cope?
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I'll be more depressed about that dumb browser rpg disappearing. I've sunk stupid amounts of time into that over the years.
Backing up everything important and not be retarded
download and seed everything you want now while you can.

Kyoukai no Rinne thread for absolutely NO REASON

12.5 IPs.
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Are you trying to turn me into an evil spirit?
As a fan of her earlier works, how is this manga / anime? All cocktease or is there romance progression?

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To be honest, they NEVER should have forgiven Nico for the way she backstabbed them in season 2, lying about being the leader and manipulating pictures to make it seem like she is. That is a betrayal of Honoka, and if I was part of the group I would be screaming to have her kicked out.
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They should've, because they understood the weakness that she was too scared to show.
only black orcs and hook-nosed magi don't forgive
Honoka wasnt a cunt who took petty things like that seriously

Honoka was too busy controlling the weather and time to care about nico

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This one kinda reminds me of Higurashi:
From the light novel series that started the career

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Make or request /a/rt
Old >>156358084
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Advanced 33-4.jpg
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Requesting Mimi Tasogare from Duel Masters giving Mimibro-tan headpats like she were a pet cat on her lap, please!

Thanks if you pick this up!

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There's seven and aside from different heads and most wearing stockings they look exactly the same. Go nuts!

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top ten:

1 Tiger & Bunny
2 Tiger & Bunny -The Rising-
3 Puella Magi Madoka Magica
4 Love Live! (Season 1)
5 Love Live! (Season 2)
6 Tiger & Bunny –The Beginning-
7 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
8 Card Captor Sakura
9 Love Live! The School Idol Movie
10 Osomatsu-san
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>Love Live

Goddammit, Japan.

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Do you dare stand in the presence of Mugi?
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I wouldn't stand infront of that filth!
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Mugi is cute! CUTE! I love her determined face.

But she's not as cute as Ritsu.
fuck Mugi. she was only in the show so they didn't have to worry about expenses. nice eyebrows, loser.

If Oscars would be given to anime series, which would be the first to receive one and why would it be Hyouka?
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If we're talking about reality it would probably go to Hibike! Euphonium
Tiger & Bunny.

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What's the deal with Japan and Eye Powers?
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Eyes are the doorway to the soul anon.
Where else are your powers suppose to come from?
They don't like their own soulless black/dark brown eyes and fetishize anything lighter than their own, because they feel any color is better than the dull eyes they are born with and thus more powerful in social situations or some magic.

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It's time to settle it.
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Kyoanus STRONG!
Ok, fair enough
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Idolfaggs, this is the reality of your rub laibus and your idol masters

How does it make you feel?
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Turned on.
Stuck up women are more fun to break.
This over the top reaction is about as realistic as the pure idol delusion, making you as much of a fool as idolfags

>best stern is never getting animated
Give me one good reason not to end it.
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you'll never have to watch the rest of that arc.
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>best stern
no way fag
We'll get it once smell-o-vision becomes a reality and we can smell the semen while _he's on screen.

Convince me to keep watching beyond this point.
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you don't need us to tell you what to think , dick licker.
they get naked in the next episode
What font is that?

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