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What was the point of it all? ultimately the show seemed to lack direction(all those eps about 300 year old bot) everyone who got character development seem to have betrayed all they stood for and McGillis turned out to be comical fool. Whats next for gundam?
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I'm trying hard to forget this. Fuck you.
Tell me how it made you feel. What did you think about the fact McGillis really expected a symbol to do all the work and bael had no hidden power
The point was to be a worse gundam entry than G-Saviour and it succeeded in flying colors

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>bullies Shota
>gets upset when Shota likes a gyaru

What a bitch
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She and her friend are prime rape material, though.
Is that galko-chan?
>Gyaru loli
Best girl.
Also she's tsundere for him, obviously.

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I think Athena is black and not tan because UVA rays get blocked out by the global dust storms in the sky on mars.
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I think that's brown, not black.
How much ribs and cornbread did she eat in the manga and anime?
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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
The 3rd of October can't come soon enough
morning koume <3

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Find a flaw.
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Silver hair
Complete brainlet. She probably couldn't even prove that a Riemann surface is second countable without including that in its definition.
>actually believing araragi could've saved her family situation

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He used to be the mysterious and coolheaded assassin of Konoha, but now he´s been turned into the most awkward, cucked teacher in the boruto anime. Is there any weaponized autism in this board that can change the minds of the series creators?
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he was such an OP type of guy
>He used to be the mysterious and coolheaded assassin of Konoha

what the fuck was that
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I still don't know after all these years.
I vaguely remember them fighting a giant fish in a cube
A laughable disaster.

What would have stopped her from just opening her eyes? Just because she thought she was blind does not mean she was...
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It was embedded into her that he psychologically couldn't open her eyes.
Joey probably super glued her eyes shut and that's why she needs an expensive surgery
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have we found consensus yet?
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How is right more comfy than left? It's not even a contest.
Village >>>>>> suburbs
How is this even a question?

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"Your name" is the ultimate normie movie. I'd give it a REE! out of 5.

I could tell the movie was touching, but at the same time I realized it only touches those who are familiar with the feelings of love.
So I couldn't really relate to the story at all.

What bothered me even more was the constant boob-squeezing that completely ruined the innocence of the film.
Not only that, but there was a hidden liberal agenda in the movie enforcing the idea that traditional genders do not exist anymore.
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you're just lonely neet and probably insane.
>I'd give it a REE! out of 5.

>boy talks to another boy
>they blush
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But what if one of them is cute?
people like you

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>C2 bullying
Why is this allowed?
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>not fucking CC
Why is this allowed?
Ledouche is homosexual.
Lelouch's reaction was way too cute.

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Kashira worst doll
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images (50).jpg
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Desu best doll.
Enjoyed Season 1, read and enjoyed the manga, couldn't enjoy Traumend knowing what could have been, dropped the manga because scans fucking never and shitty meme-filled "translations".

Who dares to disturb the Deliverer of Darkness, the Master of Masters, the Shogun of Sorrow!?....BAKA!
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Who dis
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It is I, the KING OF GAMES
This guy is supposed to be the final boss but act like an idiot mimicing bugs bunny.
Even Ashi who is supposed to be sexy is as meh as an loli for me.
Even Galko would not be appealing with this kind of design.

That shows how western cartoon as default tries to make people laugh by making then looking like idiot.
It's true to its roots from editorial cartoons ridiculing people in order to criticize.
But they forget people don't like to see ugly things all the day.

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what the fuck is this shit
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Which glitter would you force?
I think it's Glitter Force

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