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Reminder that because of this slut we haven't seen a S2 for 6 years, and won't see ever.
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You will adress Ume-sama with the respect she deserves or I will FUCKING fight you.
your're already dead faggot
Ume-sama is my queen and I will not allow you to speak like that. Watch your fucking mouth little bitch.

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Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel

So, this is an alternate route right? It isn't related to Fate/stay night?
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It's the canon route. UBW is just a bad shounen spinoff.
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So Archer never tried to kill Emiya? Rin never got control of Saber? Rider never died? Kirei never tried to become a more important person?

Nope, not buying it.
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>Be self-styled hero of justice
>Be professional mage slayer
>At no point ever consider saving cute little girl from being raped in the ass by beetles all day every day

Why is Kerry so bad at his job, guys?
If he had just let Kotomine destroy the whole thing, then Sakura would have been liberated by sweet death.

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Yandere Mutsuki a cute
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Mutsuki a shit.
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What the fuck happened here? How did Marude survive a tussle with two powerful ghouls on a goddamn boat? What killed Yoshitoki when all Marude had was a gun? Why has every single Washuu been offscreened without showing their clearly extremely potent ghoul attributes?

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Jesus Yamato and Onii-sama get into a fight.
Kira is piloting his Strike Freedom Gundam and Onii-sama is wearing his mobile suit and is armed with his standard CADs.
Scenario 1 takes place on Earth. Scenario 2 is in space.
Who wins?
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Powerman, of course.
Kira's beam fuckery and Tatsuya's spell that erases you from existence are both equal in terms of effectiveness, but I'm pretty sure Kira is still the king of plot armor so my vote goes to him.
Putting Kira near other mary sues would only ensure that he absorbs their powers

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niggerstream http://readms.net/r/tokyo_ghoulre/123/4235/1
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i prefer the YOU CUNT! more lul
I knew which on was jaimini's because of the unnecessary darkening shit
God, this manga is trash.

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Conclusion: Lesbians

You cannot dispute this.
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I need to bottle their sweat
this is gonna go on for years isn't it
Please take your /u/ glasses off.
They are just friends.

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My cousin tries to debate with me over an hour saying Gon would take this, I stick with Yusuke.

Who is right?
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>Who is right?
You were arguing with each other without even knowing who they are?
Left is Gon. Right is Yusuke.
Now fuck off.
Do you have down syndrome?
Well since Gon no longer has any nen, then this shouldve been an easy debate

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Makoto Shinkai seems depressed. How do we cheer him up?

We know he loves trains, clouds and space.
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Also older women.
I think he has a foot fetish as well. Maybe we should all send him pics of our feet?
But he IS older

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Do I have to know how to play Mahjong to get this?
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Nope, not at all. But it gets better when you do.
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Honestly, it's one of those series where if you watch the anime and actually enjoy it you are gonna probably pick up the game on your own. You don't have to understand Mahjong to have a good time, but you will have a better time if you do know Mahjong.

With that being said, Akagi has a great amount of Re-watch value and it is pretty common to just re-read chapters to try and place where in a session Akagi is playing.

I mean I can tell I'm going to like it just by the direction and dialogue, so I guess I'm off to a 3 and 1/2 hour video of a detailed runthrough of mahjong.

Thanks I guess

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I wonder if the length of his neck is an indicator of how long his dick is
Copy that
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I see a connection here

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Hey you! You're not bullying are you!?
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Dumb frogposter.

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the ultimate betrayal.png
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ITT: Perfect characters ruined by one flaw.
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But Will Smith rocks.
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Will Smith hasn't been good in years and I can only think of a handful of good black characters in anime.

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All four of these lovely girls want to go on a date with you, but you can only take one. Which will it be?
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Are these dog people or something?
Why is that even a question? The only right answer is Erika and you'd be complete faggot if you pick otherwise.
the one that gently squeezes my testicles while massaging my prostate after sex

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Fuck Marry Kill Befriend
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left to right in that order
Kill Befriend Marry Fuck
I want to have sex with red hair girl as she ignores me and plays on her phone

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ITT: Girls, who were made to be bullied
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ika sad.png
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