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What was the reason you came to watch anime?
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I like anime.
Escapism, from crippling anxiety and depression.

Now i understand why old japanese men like watching highschool girls do cute things.
'Tis good.

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Fuck, Marry, Befriend, Raise as daughter
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Fuck, befriend, and marry all four.
Why would I want one of those hoochies as my daughter?
Don't take about the demons that way.

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Clovis did nothing wrong.
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>hey man, let's not warn the totally ungarded train full of unlocked, non-password protected shiny new mecha to pass through a war zone where our troop are destroying everything.
Clovis did nothing right
He designed some nice swimwear for Cornelia.

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Haven't seen Kuzu
Is Hanabi a tomboy
She looks kind of like a tomboy skater girl here
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She is neither sporty nor athletic. There are no tomboys in the show.
No but you should watch it anyway
So what is she, if not a tomboy?

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Why are Japanese MC's such betas?
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He looks angery.
he thought it was some kind of test
All the alpha ones died in WW2

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What kind of endings do you prefer? Sad/sweet/bittersweet? I personally hate timeskip endings, but to be quite frank, I don't like any of them.
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Axed ones
pie end

>It's an ending which referencing things happening in the first episode

Bookend endings are the best

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Gentlemen, what do we do about the cow tit problem
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Look at this homosexual
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Nothing, in fact we need more of the pic in the op.
those are shots from a gif

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What makes this show so good?
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Cute girls
nothing, it's shit

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ITT: Post the subjectively best fight in its respective series.
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It was the best. Pure martial arts.

Though I did kinda like the fight with the doctor in New Waves.
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Before I turn into ashes.png
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This? I feel like almost every fight with Shioon was decent in New Waves but that may be because I was willing to accept anything after the shit pacing and so many chapters of NOTHING.

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This is the best anime I have watched in a long time, it is the true spiritual Successor to Honey and Clover I always wanted, it restored my faith in anime as a medium.

What did you think about it?
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I thought it was fucking great, as is the manga, but I'd never lost my faith in the medium because there's lots of good shit. I will now leave this thread because your post is basically an open invitation for shitposting.
I'm all caught up with the manga, but I finished the anime last night. I really enjoyed it, and felt it was faithful to the material.

Glad it's getting a second season. The bullying arc is a 10/10.

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Ok, I just restarted to read Berserk and, after few chapters, now Guts has a party equipped with magical items and lolis. I don't dislike it, but is it going to be like this from now on? Why this kind of change in tone?
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>Why this kind of change in tone?
Because Berserk is an old manga that Miura started when he was young and edgy. Now he's older and more appreciative of other things. He won't simply end Berserk, because he owes it to us to bring it to some sort of conclusion, but the tone shift is there to stay.
It's going to be a little bit like that from now on. Guts and his new party will go through some hardships, but eventually come through and grow closer and stronger.

However, Miura is Miura. No matter how long it lasts, you must never forget that it's all done for you to lower your guard. Though they're as lovable and well-written as the old group, if not more, any attachment you feel towards them is only there to hurt you even more when their hopes and dreams are all brutally shattered.

Guts is a destroyer, not a protector. None of their smiles will last. And it will all be his fault. His, and Griffith's. They're all headed for the maelstrom of tortured souls, and they will take a piece of your heart with them when they leave, and that hole opened during the Eclipse will grow even larger.

Yes, things are a lot more hopeful, and the genre has shifted a bit more towards high fantasy. But that doesn't mean you should lower your guard.

It's a trick.

You will be hurt.

Works are more or less a reflection of who is making them.

Berserk isn't really serious, mature, or even imposing as it was once before and even in the dark swordsmen days there was a bit of light here and there.

Like thirty years have gone by and the work now reflects Miura's current interest, thus it's more light-hearted, and less mature. Hell his art also dropped as I'm guessing it was either hard to keep up or he doesn't really care and is more interested in living comfortably than living stressed out working.

As for the magic, i'm guessing they needed some kind of buff to handle the battles ahead, it sucks sure, but hell i'm able to stretch my disbelief to deal with it. Hell they're going up against gods. They need something and i'm sure what they have now will not be enough.

Schierke does kinda suck though, she's basically the answer to damn near all things unknown and the answer to nearly every problem, she's WMD of the party and when dealing with high numbers it comes down to protecting her while she charges her uber-super spirit bomb on the enemies, not only that her naked loli ass also must be present with Guts during his battles intense battles. Thus both groups work around or through her.

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so what's your opinion about meidos?
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I like them only when they have huge dicks.
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Would you get good grades for big fat maid dick?

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Ive been putting off reading this for awhile, Its just a popular series that I havent read.

I'm a big fan of REAL though.

When does the main character become likeable? Because Im at chapter 34 and this guy is unbearable.
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>this guy is unbearable.
Why are you such a faggot?
If you have read REAL then you should realise that Inoue likes to create flawed to downright douchebag protagonists

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Is this the best sports manga of all time? It's not as long as Ippo or as famous as boku no pico but it's just 10/10 from beginning to end.
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It definetly is. Easily my favorite spopts anime ever. Even way better than One Punch Man in my opinion.
Aside from the game against Alexanders, yes. The art is super good too
Did anyone ever check out the writer's new Jump Serialization that launched a few months AGO? Was going to check it out but cannot imagine it being as good without Yusuke Murata's art. Since it has a different artist.

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good lolis don't exist ,I suppose.
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If they existed, they wouldn't be lolis.
Those two aren't trustworthy.
They look like they've become accustomed to the cock.

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