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Will this moment in anime ever be topped?
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Old and Busted
that moment isn't even close to the top
Only by Yamada.

Why is Komari so short?
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Komari is 189 cm tall though. She's not a womenlet.
She's smol
it was retconned, she's actually 184cm now

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i want to fuck Rin
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Get in the line for the line for the line to get in line.

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Will Hotaru grow up to be a mean person
Will she be an abusive wife or mother
Good kids grow up to be evil adults in anime a lot, like Dr. Salt in Flip Flappers or Kiritsugu
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Shes a bit yandere desu
That's really hot
She will grow up to be Komari's loving wife.

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Just watched this, so let's have a thread about it.
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Shoko is beyond god tier waifu. Im still butthurt because they didnt become a couple or even kissed.
yeah, I was expecting another confession on the bridge but Ishida and Nishimiya could barely hold their spaghetti

>this girl shows up
>every girl in the cinema room goes apeshit
>Hibike is yuribait they said
>it's still more explicit than any so called romance in Hyouka or Koe no Katachi
Hetgoggles on too tight I suppose


(still waiting for translation of Gin's Novel with raw available; YuYuYu/WaSuYu/NoWaYu Yuuki Yuuna)
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Magazine cover and link to novel raw
What a cutie, looks kinda like a miko.

Also, source?
She looks like Bunbun Trude.

who's your favorite imouto?
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best imouto.gif
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there is clearly only one choice.
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Whose kokoro would you pyon pyon?
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Aoyama Blew, Mountin'.
Sorry, but fucking kids is haram.
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Somehow Cocoa and Rize are my favorites.

ITT: OPs you never skip
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snk desu
Good ones.

Go get your recommondations on google you literal faggot

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This is it, lads.
The Japanese will soon completely go the Western route
hy the fuck doe sit have xboxhuge outlines? the 2D characters dont have that crap
When they are making it do they not see how shit it looks. I mean they must do if they know 2D that well.
As someone who did 3dvfx, the animation on the 3D is actually vomit, and turned the last scene from almost perfect to ruined.

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snack till you drop, umaru back on top
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Can never have enough TSF in your life
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TSF is fun but the nug is the one

Those who still don't have subs, here's the 2nd edition:

Tell me about Lain.
Why does she wear the bear pajammers?
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because she has big autism for you

Where monsters rampage, I'm there to take them down
Where treasure glitters, I'm there to claim it
Where an enemy rises to face me, victory will be mine!
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Where's Naga?
What's worse? Revolution or Evolution-R?

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Weekend's around, let's share our plots.
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The voice of fire
Monster girls are invading our world in massive numbers, bringing only chaos. Vigilante groups styled after Crusaders and fantasy paladins and clerics form due to lack of government response, seeking to purge the monster girls from the world in reprisal.

Our MC is a young blond man has joined his local group known as the World Guard 404. Despite his outward appearance as loyal, skilled guardsman, his secret plan is to create a harem of monster girls.

Meanwhile, a family of cute tanuki girls try crazy scams each week to make money. When they backfire, the tanuki retreat back to the forest to come up with a new scam. However, the youngest one has regrets about following her sisters' lifestyle because she has a crush on MC, though she doesn't have the courage to reveal her love due to his public persona.

However a female paladin who has been tasked with hunting down traitors has already proposed to the MC. He is also under threat from a magical ogre queen who was exiled to this new world. The pages of the ogre queen's spellbook have been scattered, leaving her weakened. She vows collect the magic pages and recruit local monsters to restore her kingdom.

>DEAS VULT girl wins
"Speed Square"

Our MC is a girl who has no interest in making friends in her new class. She is very rude, narcissistic, and also flat-chested. As a result, she often ends up breaking people's cherished possessions.

She stores damaged objects all throughout her home. These pieces of damaged furniture and other items scare her, emitting a strange aura due to their damages. She can see this aura due to the teachings of of her grandparents. They taught her that each piece of furniture and houseware should be respected. Though she desires to repair these items, she has no skills or tools.

One day, she hears a loud hammering and the whirring of power tools coming from her neighbor's backyard. When she goes to look, she sees her classmates cutting wood and building furniture. Inspired by their skills (and big boobs) she asks the other girls if they could give her guidance in the art of furniture repair.

Every day she learns the ins and outs of DIY construction and repair, and uses these skills to restore her possessions, healing the objects' auras, and as her skills grow so too does her chest.
An apprentice magical girl (male) is sent to earth to do good deeds and learn how to be a great magical girl. He hates transforming though, and tries to accomplish everything without using magic.

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Onii-chan where's Umaru thread?
Why did you archive Umaru thread?!
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>Got your S2.
>Still doing this shit.
Fuck off.
I liked the "Umaruun~" soundeffect

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