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lori thread
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Will we ever be able to talk about her without being spammed with memes
Cutest 765
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Had Sasuke kept the curse mark, would he have been much stronger in the end?

also un ironic naruto thread
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Did you see one of those in Orochimaru? No.
No, the curse seal is literally a bunch of Orchimaru's chakra locked away. Essentially, there's a piece of Orochimaru in you.
how is that bad again?

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Kanna Kamui wants a season 2.
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>Flop Dragon
pictures don't have feelings
She looks pregnant.

Would John Lennon have become a weeaboo had he lived?

What would his favorite anime have been?
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>Yoko Ono
>May Pang
he had dat yellow fever thats for sure
Boku no Pico

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1 day after NHK rebroadcast, no news
Is this series dead?
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Yes, and honestly who gives a fuck?
Unless you're newfag with less than 400 anime watched, you should already realise that Haruhi is 5-6/10 at best i.e nothing special.

Haruhi was complete and utter garbage. There were a grand total of two good episodes, and to enjoy them you have to watch hours of boring, repetitive, ill-paced non-drama that adamantly refuses to go anywhere.

It needs to be stopped being paid attention to so better shows of the same genre are given tge spotlight they deserve.
Haruhi fags are one of the wrost nostalgia fags

If your waifu has a BMI larger than 18.5 then she is fucking fat.
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If your waifu has weight she is fucking fat.
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You're waifu is wonderful, OP!

Wtf was this supposed to teach us. When you save the whole universe everyone you love dies and you become a hobo wandering the earth alone while your other living friend becomes a nun. So dont be a hero? I'm never watching anime again. Fuck you Japan I hope you get nuked by trump
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>Wtf was this supposed to teach us

You were looking for the wrong thing in the wrong spot. Do yourself a favor, and just don't touch anything made by Imaishi ever again.

Or perhaps you're the kind of redditor who enjoys le epic lolsorandumb, in that case by all means go ahead.
What it teaches you is that despite the loss it was worth it, you pathetic faggot. Everything he said and did would have made Nia, Kamina and everyone else proud.

He stopped fighting because the period between his death and her appearance taught him he can't fight without someone specific to fight for.

He refused to wallow in his misery because he understood Nia's words of noncomfort while he was moping. Because he already knows it doesn't help. Because nobody dead or alive wants to see him like that.
>responding to trolls

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Chinese scans are out!

We got three new bitches.
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well, my dick was disappointed with this chapter.
New bitches?
well, for everyone wondering what types would come after Lumi and Lilia, I guess that's the answer.

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When will this series get the brotherhood treatment?
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I love it as much as the next guy but most people are deluded by nostalgia. While it has some really nice points about it, it's just okay and nowhere near FMA.
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It's gonna do nothing when the source material is awful.
How did something that started out so good become so shit.
>Answering to a fan's question, 44-year-old manga artist Hiroyuki Takei revealed on his official Twitter yesterday that he received an offer for an anime remake of his representative work Shaman King, but had to turn down it. The original Shaman King manga series was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump for 300 chapters from 1998 to 2004, then compiled in 32 tankobon volumes. The first TV anime adaptation produced by XEBEC was aired for 64 episodes from July 2001 to September 2002.

>"To tell the truth, there was an offer for an anime remake that reached a realistic level... But because they were not able to use the first anime's voice actors and soundtrack music, I had to turn down it. I hope there will be another chance."

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This is my favorite anime. Anyone else like it?
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Would have liked it more if the other girl got some scenes too.
I fucking loved it. Saw it late at night on some random dub stream god knows where while drinking with friends. It made the party. Honestly the sex scenes were the filler and everything else was pure gold.

We did rage a bit at the end though when we realized the main character never actually had sex with anyone. There was a dream and a sex bot, but never the MC herself.

How is mezzo DSA?
>Watching the dub
Why though?

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Thighs > ass > breasts
Prove me wrong. You can't.
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spoken like a true homo
spoken like a true patrician
Oppai uber alas

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you gon git raped.png
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Who the fuck wrote this dialog?

How could Shaft greenlight this?
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daiz will defend this.jpg
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How could Shaft greenlight this?
Most of the dialogue can't be properly translated into English
You haven't posted any dialogue.

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Here comes the best jojo
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I agree.
He had the best design and stand of them.
Yep. He had the best fights, best interactions with his crew, and his Eyes of Heaven theme is the best.
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but he isn't Jonathan

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I hurt myself

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To see

if I still feel.
Even Iruka and Kurenai were dicks to him. Lousy teachers. Shino is doing his best, having to manage so many troublemakers and a brainwashing chakra parasyte.

Iruka only had to deal with Naruto and childish pranks, he doesn't know shit.
"And now, a present! You can look all you want, but please don't touch!"

Problem solved, no party disaster. Dude is retarded.

Left or right?
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>the girl or the boy
Come on.
The one with both a cute benis and boypucci. Two for one fun.

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