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Is Inazuma Eleven worth watching for anything other than cute shotas? Semi-serious question. I'm actually considering watching it.
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As someone who unironically enjoys it, probably not, it's a show that at times feels more like a children superhero show (What with all of the over--the-top special moves and such) than an actual sports Anime, the writing makes it clear that the series is geared towards small children, being extremelly simplistic and average, and the series' obssession with soccer is borderline ridiculous (If you think Yu-Gi-Oh!'s obssession with making every problem in the world somehow involve card games, don't watch Inazuma Eleven). If all of that sounds appealing, sure, go watch it, if not (Which is likely the case), then don't.
I was considering it because I love me some over the top sports anime. Hajime no Ippo and Kuroko no Basket are my favourites, and they aren't masterpieces of storytelling either. Would you say the writing is even simpler than that in Inazuma?
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I don't actually watch Inazuma Eleven, but have one of my many webms of them playing "soccer".

Time for best girl.
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Haha bears.

Bears are cute, did anyone notice all the bears in that Ainu manga? Something Golden canoe or something

Lot of bears
Bears are cute
episode where
Finally, drills arc almost made me lose interest in the show.

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What went wrong?
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It wasn't that bad, solid 6/10 at best.
Plot went to shit after the penis cutter was introduced.
Series was good. Movies were shit.

Is it overrated?
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Shit anime with shit fanbase, Code Geass is better
It isn't discussed enough to be called overrated, no.
I enjoyed it, though.
I'm with you. It is one of my favorite anime of all time. I think that it deserves its praise.

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Bad News! NTR is incoming from both sides.
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First in Parchment and Wolf.
Plot twist from first novel visibly goes deeper.
And synopsis for Volume 19 of Spice and Wolf promises following:
>This time, there's a labor shortage leading into the hot spring's busy season, prompting Lawrence to hire a newcomer. But when she turns out to be another wolf god incarnation, the relationship becomes trying for Holo.
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Now rest of images from second volume of Wolf and Parchment.

Quick, tell me your AOTS since 2015 or I kill your waifu
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there's been a lot of seasons since 2015, spike
I don't even remember what I watched last season.
Kill her please, I want to move on.

God tier VA
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>inb4 pic related is from the same series
Fuck that shit,this guy is a magnificent troll,and VA compliments it well
Simon's voice actor is Goldly
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Can someone explain to me why the anime industry can't delegate larger budgets to triple A shows? Everyone's been talking about how much of a mess everything is since SNK got a 12 episode season and while the reason is obvious I don't get why it exists.

Western shows like GoT get massive budgets because they're massive shows. SNK was the biggest anime phenomenon of the 2010's yet WIT studio was still given shit all for season 2. Is it just because the big wigs are getting rich either way and don't care about the material they push out? Is there really no way for them to reform the budgets so that animators get paid at least as much as I do for working in a supermarket?
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where is all this money supposed to come from
GoT is a world wide phenomenon, only japan supports anime enough for it to impact the work.

Also don't be an idiot, 20 seconds of cgi out the entire season of high quality detailed animation. This is the pinnacle of tv anime quality with such a shit budget, so don't be an idiot.
Yeah I'm getting really fucking tired of going to my favorite torrent site, downloading an anime, only to find that it's low quality shit because the nips are too cheap to put any money into production.
Really pisses me off.

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Does this actually work?
and how tight can you make it?
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It works, but knowing how gaijin dicks are it's trial and error
apparently it works because I remember homemade 4chan onaholes guides posting a similar recipe

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westernsuperheroinspiredseinen-core is the best manga genre, prove me wrong
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What the fuck is Katsura doing? The last chapter was like 2 years ago.
Too bad Zetman is pretty bad.
If only Katsura could write as well as he draws.
That's just an example. Akumetsu falls under this category too

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We still don't know Takao's first name huh? Will she win the Kazamabowl?
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Probably by now.

But too bad Seven Seas won't translate the 8.5 volume, the nips might have done some tricky contract to them so they won't translate that.
I bought it new though, looks exactly like what it looks like in the scans I posted the previous thread.
And here I thought I had all the volumes. Fuck. I guess I'll check the previous thread out. Didn't know it existed.

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Just in case you needed more Kirara anime in your life
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Any mango translations?
Oh nice. It's got some hilarious Lucky Star-style random conversations, a nice dose of feels, and some yuri to go with. Should be good.
Is this yuri?

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logos war.jpg
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When was last time anime took you on an adventure /a/?
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How the fuck did people think this was cute back in the day?
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Illuminaty brainwashing.
KEY had some godtier girls regardless of the art. Waifufags are always around.
It still is

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Is this an accurate depiction of ping pong?
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Tell me why you like the other girls and I'll tell you why you should like ACE instead.
Captain is for glory too. I don't know about Hanabi though, might be 50/50?
Captain is for munemune.

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