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>tfw /a/ hates your favorite anime
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I hate your favorite anime on principle.
It's probably shit.

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>tfw once popular animes are now watched by fewer people in Japan than Curious George
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Did anyone really think yokai flop was going to be big?
>nips displaying decent taste at long last
Well done, Japan; yes, well done, Japan!
Animation Hitsuji no Shaun is the only 10/10 anime I've seen

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Show me how you feel when a loli appears in a show with a RI
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Now what the hell is an RI?
my first guess would be romantic interest
RoRI maybe? OP is drunk.

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We got three new bitches.…
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Their designs are refreshing
>literally who
>and that shitty dead slut that rampaged in town
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Only read up to 5, what happened during chapter 6?
Also why are their fluids as thick as honey?

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If you haven't experienced the wonders of Cross Ange, the hell are you doing? Go watch it.
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But I did, OP.
I haven't been the same since.
Literally 11/10 body.

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How do you feel about Record Of Lodoss War?
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I feel like I should start picking up the different manga, because I'm just thirsty for some classic fantasy without video game tropes.
Pirotess a shit
I want to fuck Deedlit

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Finally decided to give it a chance because everyone told me it's good and I should watch it because I liked Nanoha. 8 episodes in and it's really not good.

So far the plot could be summarized as "girl tells other girls to not do stupid shit because they'll die, but they don't listen, do stupid shit anyway and die". No real storyline to speak of, the drama isn't relatable in any way, all characterization is just "b-but I have to save my friends" and "muh nihilism", and the characters are not likeable at all . They keep dying one after another and I couldn't give less of a shit about any of them.

Why is it not good, /a/? Should I even bother with finishing it?
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People liked it because it went against expectations. Watching it knowing that it subverts expectations kinda ruins the point.
Episode 10 is the only good episode. At least make it to that since you're close.
I went into Nanoha fully aware it's an expectation subverting Maho Shoujo and still had a blast with it. What do you say to that?

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What are Izumi Sagiri(12)'s good traits?
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I'm in odi et amo with her, so damn cute and I'd want to hug her, but also spoiled af sometimes
She's a talented artist and prime breeding material?
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Her gravure photobook/DVD video pose

The anime that saved Japan
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wtf happened in 66' ?
>April 1 - Japan switches to the Metric system.
>muh birthrate
Who cares?

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Just finished Mahouka, and I don't care how OP Tatsuya was, or how bad the plot was. This was enjoyable and the pacing was great. Season 2 when?
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Just watch SAO and Re:Zero now that you discovered your superb taste.
Kirito aside SAO is a great example of a horribly paced show with a plot that goes all over the place
Are you serious?
Mahouka is completely different from them.

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Is downloading animu in 1080p still just upscaled 720p?
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Depends on the torrent.
Some 1080p torrents are upscaled from 480p.
Others are true 1080p.
Very few anime these days are in native 1080p. The recent one that I could think of was Nyaruko. Hyouka was a notable mention with native 900p.
>Hyouka was a notable mention with native 900p
I think that's getting more and more common.

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>a girl will never suddenly enter your life and solve your crippling loneliness

How can I cope with this?
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I am not lonely because I have you guys.
I hope I'll become a delusionist school wizard in a couple of years.
The other way is more possible though.

>A girl appear in your life, but you felt even lonelier than before.

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anime is the only thing that makes me cry.
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What a gayboi you are
Crying is for losers
Only women are allowed to cry fag

Why don't subs keep the Eastern Name Order?
Why must they switch it?
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To make sure you are still paying attention.
It's fucking irritating.
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Because name order is dependent on the language. Keeping it the same would make no sense gramatically. It would be implying that a characters surname is their given name, which makes no sense since the names are only flipped.

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Is this series any good?
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Yes. Watchmojo agrees.
If you like flawed goods- yes.

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