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Is Anime better now that it's accessible to everyone, or would standards be higher if it was more niche like it was in the 80s & 90s?
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Anime now is doing better than ever.
Post a pic of yourself that way if I ever see you I'll kill you with my bare hands.
Like hell it is, you dumb shit. Anime was at its peak during the late 90s to mid 00s. Ever since then it's been studios going bankrupt, sales tanking, outsourcing to the extreme and expectations rising on top of it all. Your stream subscription does fuck all. During the golden age of anime during the early 00s you could make whatever and it would sell.
I will testify for you in court.

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so now that g*lbooru went full retard with the ads and made sure that adblock doesn't work anymore, what's the viable alternative?

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gelbooru.com is a good alternative to sankatu
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Just use Pixiv. Pic related. Danbooru is shit and sankaku is more or less worthless too.

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Why is the current season so shit?
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no kyoanus rite?
No fat lolis.
I guess everything looks like shit when you're wearing shit covered goggles.

rate, bait, and hate
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Penguindrum was bad, don't know any of the others
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Bonus 3x3 because fuck it

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A winner is Nina.
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A cute.
Jesus, she's so fucking cute.
Having to wait a whole week for more Nina is pure torture.

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What was the point of these?
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what is the point of op?
where do we go when we die?
what did he mean by this?

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>There are people who consider this generic shit a deep masterpiece
Can someone please tell me what the fuck is wrong with white people?
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Another brilliant HxH thread.
Its this time of day again?
Nice baitu, anon. Everyone knows it's black people who can't get enough of their generic battle shonen anime.

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Are you ready for Deus Vult?

Also bamboo blade with knights.
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Urban, is it time?
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Man this shit is so wrong in so many motherfucking levels yo…I was talking to one of my white friends and he sent me 3 zip files with the name only labeled “Boku” I said to this dude, What’s this shit? He just giggled and said “Just read them and MAKE SURE NOBODY IS AROUND YOU WHEN WATCHING IT!” Then I thought it was some weird doujin or some strange shit but as I read the first tank, I was like “Yo…..what the fuck..” THEN IT CONTINUED and I was like “Yoooooooooooooooooooooooo…….” THEN THEY GOT IN THE MOTHERFUCKING ROBOT AND THEN I SAID “YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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lel this never gets old.
I know that art from somewhere and I don't think that the manga I'm thinking of is hentai.
+1 point for finding a good match
-2546541 points for beating a dead horse meme

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Reminder that Kate is best Prison School.
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Have they fininshed that stupid contest yet?
>not risa
yes it, the new arc it's on now

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New chapter when?
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Waiting for that one anon.
It's monthly so it should be soon I imagine.
Nah, I'm chill today.

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This is the single greatest episode in anime history. Once you see it, there's nowhere to go but down. You literally cannot prove me wrong.
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Why do you think it's so great?
The Rugby Episode
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Slow Start TV anime announced.
More Kirara anime coming.

I only know this artist for the HisaxMikoto doujins though.
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And shoulder a coffin Kuro anime never.
I'm still waiting for volume 3 of the manga to get scanned.
Not too surprising since they've been pushing the series for a while now, no idea why it's so popular though since it's even worse than Hinako Note.

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word around internet is saying that "Ferris was a girl all along". is this for real or not? /a/ must know
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I wish.
Subaru will make him a she when he dominates Crusch in front of this little faggot cat.
>devastates the gay furfaggots and saves the character from the cancerous fan base that surrounded it
Yes please.

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Gluttony joining subaru when?
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Every thread until Rem wakes up.
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Every thread until Crusch-sama gets her memories back.

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