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Do you think Ruby will get the character development she desperately needs in S2?
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Given by how the staff obviously hates her, and the most unpopular Love Live girl ever? Nah, not happening.
More time for 3rd year drama, or Yoshiko.
>best seiyuu has worst character
I feel bad for Furirin.

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akito the exiled.jpg
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How come Code Geass is one of the most popular anime ever but the Akito the Exiled spinoff is just fucking dead as shit unpopular?
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It's dreadfully lacking in Lelouch
Move to CGI Knightmare Frames, takes place during a time frame where we know nothing of note happens (this limitation is my biggest issue), lack of characters we already cared about
no Lulu, no life.

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Rank these girls from best to worst /a/.
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Kanbaru > mayoi > hanekawa > shinobu > ononoki > senjou > ougi
Bat > who cares
Why does Ghost have tits? Everyone on /a/ told me ">she."

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She was fearless, and crazier than her. She was her queen, and God help anyone who disrespected her queen.
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Why would God help those that disrespect the natural hierarchy of society? God is clearly in favor of order, and royalty is at the top as God demands it.
They frighten me.
hey stop memeing on the best anime of the decade

Hey /a/! I found this fanatic Manga. Opinions?
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I remember that doujin compilation. It's what introduced me to vaginal prolapses.
I remember I used to obsessed with that shit for quite a long while.
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I also found this one, Opinions?
That's not how eyeballs work.

This ruined Tamako Market for me
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Disgusting. Spoon and fork need to be on opposite sides of the plate.

Same. Fuck salad.
Go home /ck/ you're drunk.

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How come there is never an isekai where the MC actually misses his home world and wants to get back?

Also how come isekais never have female MCs?
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There is, for both.
>lso how come isekais never have female MCs?
Self insert
What is Inuyasha?

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Is Lotte a finn?
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>actually surströmming
Only one way to find out. Get her a case of beer and a 1990 hatchback with a tractor alternator bolted on the hood. See what her lap time on a dirt track is after drinking all of the beer.
File: sauna.png (1MB, 1181x637px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1181x637px

yep they're finns alright

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How come they don't make anime this good anymore?
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Shinsekai Yori is a better version of that

Quit being a nostalgiafag
The manga is objectively better.
When is the manga not always better?

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>"FlipFlappers sold bad so it's a bad anime hahaha"
>"Love Live sold good so it's a bad anime GRRR"
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>flipflappers is a fun anime so its a good anime in my book

>love live lacks substance so i dont particularly like it

why do you care about sales
Who are you quoting? Why are you quoting twice?
Why did you repost this?

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Best girls only
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OP unrelated i assume?
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How do we stop wormposters? Should we petition the U.N.?

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Left or right?
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What's the plot of the anime you keep in your head, Anonymous?
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A harem anime but every single girl is a yandere. The main girls in his harem are his little sister, his childhood friend, the student council president, and his cake teacher.

They all use various different ways of sabotage to get MC-kun. The show doesn't turn into a full battle royal anime or anything but they do occasionally fight each other for MC-kun.
I didn't realize how much I want that until I read this.
File: 1494092911669.png (106KB, 618x708px)Image search: [Google]
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A cake who has given up on finding love and a younger inexperienced shy girl who gives into her natural bi-curiosity.
The two hit it off as friends despite the age gap and eventually realize that they've both fallen in love with each other.
Romantic comedy full of hi jinks and emotional drama.

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Why do they call it "Bandori"?
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I dream of Arisa
>Why do they call it "Bandori"?
Bang Dream
Ba_n Do_Ri_-_m
BaNDoRi is the first 4 kana.
why do they call her fat?

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I want to fuck Nao.
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Go for a hooker and fuck her
Used goods
Get in line.

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