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Octopuses are sexy. Am I right, guys?
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>The difference between those who aim for the top

>And those who doesn't
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Please fix Kaminari's autism Hori.

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>Author is a leg man
>Director has a foot fetish
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What is his problem?
Spooky ghost girl is hot.
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How can a quirk be this cute?

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Wasn't this supposed to be about Aiz?

So far it's just been about the annoying clingy/stalker elf.
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>expecting anything other than railshit 2.5

JC gonna JC
Fucking this. I just wanted Aiz PoV. Not some Elf lesbo version of whatever the kid was. And god damn is her gay off the fucking charts. Started skipping any scenes that seem too Elf heavy.
Everything that involves getting more character development towards Aiz and the others is getting rapidly skipped over. Even Elf development has been change.

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Michael is back.
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So did Michael fuck Jeanne then?
>Supporting either Charion or Azazel's shit flinging autism

It's like taking a look at The Middle East and American Foreign policy and thinking everything's just fine.
So is he really going to do it? Is he going back to his groupies to talk about a new "firepower" in a horny dragon?

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Why is Saber mad at Urobuchi?
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their mode of transport doesnt vroom
Alice-chan is so cute

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And here it is, the fourth part of the climactic fight of this arc.

Hello Abyss - 37 - "Flower of Dawn"


"What... are you saying..."


"*Doku doku*"

"But... Prushka is..."
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"When she thought about you... she cried...!"
"...My my."

"My my my my."
"Such a weird thing to say,"
"Towards me whom you wish to kill."

"Preparations have been made so that we may step into the next 2000 years. Let us witness the dawn, together."

"Who cares..."
"About the dawn...!"
rip Prushka
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"As if there's any reason..."
"To force your own beloved daughter into becoming something like that!"

"Let's go, Nanachi!!"
"Yeah!! Continue with our plan!"



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ITT best girls in their respective series
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Not this shit again.
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SayoKubo's gay agenda stronger than ever
They are club mates.
Wait, does that mean this will be the sequel or is there a s2 incoming and a movie as well?

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Kimono Friends
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dead thread dead show
Good. We need a break from these 24/7 threads. It would be nice to have a few hours of downtime between so we dont get all friended out

Precure Thread
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I want to lick Hibiki!

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I thought they were meant to be released this weekend
is there an ova or something?

I just thought that UMARU A SHIT

How the FUCK is this type of shitty art acceptable?

Just fucking retire already or drop the series. There's no reason you come back from a 6 month hiatus with this garbage.
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hurrr I look like a fucking retard
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Hey dude it's either
>Miura draws manga as he usually does and Berserk never finishes because of the amount of effort he puts into every fucking chapter
>Switch to digital and hopefully Miura can produce his work fast enough to give it a somewhat satisfying ending
Nowadays it's digital AND slow paced

Can we talk about how Frame arms girls is the best show this season?
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It's shit in a season of shit
FAGfags only here, get out.

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I'm going to dump this occasionally until you live your life correctly
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Just letting you know you've got at least one person interested.

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Predictions on who ate Annie?
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i'd eat her if you know what im sayin
Sophia's a younger sister of Annie's, right?

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