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Full-length, original movie announced.

Post speculations here:

What will the plot be about?
Will there be a kissu?
Will BaldFat get married?
Will Medo-chan make a cameo?
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Two types of couples.jpg
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They're gonna fuck.
Being gay is a sin. You go to Hell for being gay.
Can you tone it down a little? It's bad enough having to see all your blogging about crack pairings, now you have to link it with BaldFat
This is as delusional as Leaffags who think Bald married Pig because Leaf is engaged to Kubo

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We all agree that these three are the best battle shonen manga in the medium, right?
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Magi and FMA are decent, HXH is overrated, incomplete and long over due
Magi "I must get over 50 replies"?
>no ippo
>no slam dunk
>no sports anything
what are you smoking?

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I want to mount this mule.
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RIP Ymir, you were a good person.
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Reminder: Reiner is king cuck
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Endgame right herem brothers.

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Chapter is out.
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>you will never be king and have a giantess waifu
kill me now

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No weekend spoilers.
Maybe Monday.
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Hancock? More like Hancuck lmao
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Post SaNami!
Why is Sabo so based

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It's Saturday night again. Let us party all night together, post gif/webm of dancing anime grills!

Come listen to EDM tunes and anime remixes straight from Japan, mixed live by our best unt.z DJs!
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It's gonna be a good 2 weeks
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I want to blow Connie's belly

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Is Kobayashi a well-written character?
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Kinda find it interesting how they use brown lines to make the characters blend in, works really well.
She is

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Are you all fucking ready?
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At least wait till it gets to 495 you fucking attention whoring redditor
leave the universe to us

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Season 2 fucking when, Diomedea?
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/a/ doesn't even remember. Damn you failure of humans.
I need more dancing EDs.
always in my heart

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This is your fate for tonight
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can i have the evil witch instead?
But I'm not an old man
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How many gems is she worth?

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Smug 7.jpg
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No reaction pictures thread? Let's change that
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What 8.jpg
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Fuck off.
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>Why is this general still allowed?
>offer alternatives away from shitposters and normies
>get told to fuck off

You come up with something better then faggot, i'll wait
Really, why have two threads?

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There's one off the bingo sheet.
Not him but,
Spacing between lines is too much
Text should be generally centered
Honestly ugly as shit font
The falling effect on the left doesn't really work
Shape of the left text should try to match shape of bubble
Should try to have consistent padding for the edge of the bubble for the text
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You need to chill

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Why does Kamachi hate her so much?
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Why would you think that? She isn't even Himegami
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Kakine Teitoku.jpg
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You just don't understand the love she get.
>Cool codename
>Out-hacks level 5 that can manipulate machinery at a more fundamental level than any code can
>Has more screen time than most other characters
Kamachi probably has her on a dartboard in his writing room or something, Jesus

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