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Post smiles you want to protect
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Anon. It's time to let go.
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Let go of what?

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>/a/ will defend this
Ping Pong is great

>4 years later
>still nothing has topped this
Is the animation industry even trying?
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Just rewatched it recently and it's still as fun as I remembered it. Satsuki best girl.
Its good anime
Still no girls as hot as Ryuko

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Honestly, did the quality of the pain fight just drop or was is to show the ((((intensity)))) of the fight?
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Fuck off.
Even if it was the latter, it was a terrible way to represent it.
a shame that it was like that.

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Screenshot (74).png
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Better question; when will those two baras fuck?
I know, way too tragic of a backstory
What happened?

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Will Hinafags ever recover?
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There' s still the sequel, where new MC will have to deal with Dark Nagi.
Hinagiku can still win! Like Onodera!
Oh, it finally ended?
Yep, and best girl won

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Thanks, anon.
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Is handholding the peak form of lewdness.
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There are other legendary techniques far above hand-holding.
>Ai Ren
You bet

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I want Aztec dragon god milk straight from the nipple
>no Kloah doujin yet

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New chapter soon. But how soon?
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Joint release with Otome Function.
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Use the catalog
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Reminder to execute all elf shills

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I think that dirty thoughts are bad!
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Can I stick it in her pooper?
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I don't know what you're talking about

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Woop woop
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[Title is 'Surprise']

Tsuji Keisuke
Year 2 Class 4
Patricia's lover. He's perverted, but serious in nature.
Patricia Caulfield
Year 2 Class 4
Keisuke's lover. An exchange student who came overseas. What she's thinking about is a mystery.

On the final day of the school trip,
Everyone was getting restless.
"You have a minute?"

"What do you wanna buy?"
"I got some stuff to do!!"

"So why don't we go to a place..."
"Where nobody's around?"

Huh? Huh?
Oh shit.
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"Where can we go where nobody's around..."
"It can't be the cafe?"
"We gotta be alone"
"How about the parking lot over there!!"
"There's no ambiance!!"

Is this...
There's no way...
"So how about the park?"
"It's a pretty big place though"

"That's pretty romantic!!"

Is this lewd?
Is this lewd?

"Over there should be fine!!"
"Wanna go under there?"

Patricia was so stubborn
She wouldn't let me kiss her,
Is she getting excited over the school trip...?

No calm down.
If I'm wrong and she finds out about what I was thinking about,
She's sure to get ma...

"Okay Keisuke"

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Why don't we see anime this good more frequently? Do the nips really just not give a shit?
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Why don't people write good books or good music more often? Making high quality artistic works is hard, and very few people can do it regularly if at all.
Turns out they don't. Sorry.
Why there's an anime airing this very season that puts it to shame called Eromanga Sensei

Why aren't you watching Nichijou?
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because I already did
cuz nichibros is better.
this show isn't that funny. it's decent.

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Why do people even like Kanan? She's bland as fuck.
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Getting real tired of your shit EliKanan hater
Great tits.
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Wetsuit and tits

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