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Does he really die?
What the fuck, now I'm really sad I google'd what happened in the ending.
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Nah, you got memed.
No. Just some idiots forcing their meme.
And the last episode is anime original.
I know, the real last episode adapted from the manga was so weird I decided to check online what it meant, especially the Hayabusa scene.
Looking at the manga, the last chapter cover really has him stuffed in a locker in a dead in coffin position with the words farewell Sakamoto-kun.
I really hates this kind of "theorys" but this one really holds up when gong back to past chapters.

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Season 1 of this was the last anime I enjoyed. I've heard it being called pseudo-profound but, it was pretty simple show.
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simple shows for simple minds.
It's a shame season 2 was so fucking bad.
you enjoy shit anime?

ive only watched two episodes but I'm ready to say this is AOTY
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Why does anyone give a shit about this. Its fiction. Ni characters are blood related. A girl could give birth and the child still wouldnt be vlood related.

Its all in your head no matter what the author says. Use your fucking imagination you autist
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This is why it's AOTY

Ranma has nice tiddies.
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Nice tiddies. Needs more doujins.
>Ryouga didn't suck on these titts
What a faggot
I want to be Ranma.

New season fucking when?

What was your favorite fight? Favorite opening?


I cant decide between Kamogawa vs. Anderson and Takamura vs. Hawk.
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ippo vs sawamura
volg returning was nice
The fight vs vorg was great because of the final knockout combo. But I love the Hayami fight because Ippo was so nervous going in but then knocks him out in 1 round.
All I want to see is Ippo vs monkey boy animated

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um I think he's hurt
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"How could they fuck up the colossal and armored titan reveal scene, IT'S BEEN FOUR YEARS"

How was it fucked up? It was done extremely well considering the source material.
The only thing wrong was censoring the arm thing, the horrible CGI, Eren's lack of anger, the Armored Titan jumping off being a still image being shaken, and the weird out-of-place vocals at the start of the transformation

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Drama CD 0 Track 3 Everyone! What Are You Choosing?

(AZU) Sawa Azusa
(AYU) Yamagou Ayumi
(SAK) Maruyama Saki
(KAR) Sakaguchi Karina
(YUU) Utsugi Yuuki
(AYA) Oono Aya

(AZU) Hey everyone! What elective are you choosing? I think Kadō is it for me!
Kadō - Flower Arrangement
(YUU) You’re choosing Kadō? That really fits you! I’m thinking about doing Kōdō. What about you, Saki?
Kōdō – Incense
(SAK) ~Scribble Scribble Scribble~
(AYU) Ah! It looks like she’s choosing Sadō.
Sadō - Way of the Tea Ceremony
(YUU) Saki love her tea after all. Ayumi, what about you?
(AYU) Aikidō looks fun! I like to move my body and everything.
Aikidō – Japanese Martial Arts
(AYA) If you like exercise and stuff like that isn’t Nindō something like that? They probably throw Shurikens and everything! Throwing a gleaming blade that flies through the air…! Seems fun! Ah, maybe I can turn one into a keychain and hang it from my bag!
Nindō - Art of the Ninja/Way of the Ninja
(AZU) You could ruin your bag by doing that, plus it might hurt someone when the bus is crowded.
(AYA) Oh, right, bummer.
(YUU) Oh Aya, always a little silly!
(AYA) N-No I’m not! Anyways, why did you choose Kadō?
(YUU) I like the smell of flowers!
(AYA) Yep, seems like something you’d do. What about you Karina?
(KAR) I’m choosing Senshado!
(ALL) Eeeh!?
(AYA) Why?
(KAR) Tanks play a major and elegant role in Tokusatsu! They even appear in Anime!
Tokusatsu – Live-Action superhero movie or TV show that makes use of a very large number of special effects.
(AYU) You really like your movies, don’t you Karina…
(KAR) Do you want to watch some with me Ayumi? I’ve got plenty of them recorded!
(AYU) Um, yeah, maybe next time.
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Where's the rest of the translations?
4chan is being a little fuck and I'm getting connection errors. I'm phone posting now but until this shit goes away I won't be able to post the translation.
Piss on you chan

Here's the pastebin.

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I hope he is fine now
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After winning this much money from the bog it's unlikely he will ever need to gamble again.
But he is just a broke guy with zero debt after the bog.
I don't know how to break this to you.

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What does /a/ think of Shinchan? Specifically the Funimation dub.
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2005 is the best, followed by 1997.
Mostly funny. Some of the jokes get stale after a while. Gf likes it too.
I have no opinion on the dub, but the show is great and the first dozen or so films are brilliant. First 3 recently got 1080p releases.

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Translated chapter 6 is out!
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Nothing is ever going to happen in this series.
I am waiting till it starts getting into the plot of the world. Right now he is just hooking people in with ass and tities.
What if this will be just erotic comedy like Kimi wa Midara?

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Are you ready to see anime in 4K?
just kidding. there's no way Shinkai drew this shit in 4K.
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>they drew it in 1080p
>double waifu2x
>terrible sales

>they drew it in 4k
>some sales
>fame as the first true 4k anime

Which one is the better business decision?
Okay let's be honest here who wouldn't watch berserk 2016 with 4k

Fuck off.

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Can we agree that she is best girl right?
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Yeah, July 26th was leaked a while ago, but just now officially made official. And Amazon.jp says English and Chinese subs on the discs as well as (for some reason) both Japanese and English dubs.
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Hell yes

Guess I'm importing it rather than buying from lolfuni.

Though on the bad side, all the conus content will likely be untranslated, and the subs may be fixed later on by, amazingly enough, Funi. Yes they fucked up before but they could fix that stuff, plus not all the songs had subs, which they could add.

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When is fucking season 2 coming out?
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you mean season 3. season 2 already came out years ago.
Anyone know what the new chapters will be about?
Never ever, sadly.

Also, Kazehana is best Sekirei!

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