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Did I miss ep 6 or something?
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There wasn't any. As a punishment for extended ep1, we got and interview with VAs or some shit.
Recap with an interview a.k.a. this show is fucked.

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You guys told me this was great.
I didn't believe you.

Why didnt I believe you?
It's great.
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megumin dynaman.jpg
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Would Megumin like this show?
When will she be useful?
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Can't fool me, Satan!

Who'd win?
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Left is stronger in ??? mode

Although I haven't read the OPM manga.
100% is probably pretty close but Mob would slaughter with ???%

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Sign here.
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I'll have the one on the right.
I want the one in the middle.
I'll take left.

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Does Rin look good with short hair?
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Yeah "she" was good reminds me of my gay homophobic aunt
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So, what do we do about /a/'s lewdness problem? I swear y'all need Jesus, this board continues to get lewder each year.
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>/a/'s lewdness problem
Barely any hand holding pictures on the 1st page.

I think things are fine.



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Reeee anime when?
Is this a
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new key visual
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If only Kircheis were there...
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Is he a high school student now?

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it's not her balloons.png
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There is only one reason to like Mami Tomoe
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The drills?
I see two reasons there though
head game strong

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So, I just finished watched the movie and finished the movie and I Only have several questions
What was the point of it all? It was a romance? It was a drama? It was a story about the inherent pain in human relationships?
I just don't get it. What was I supposed to get out of this? What was the teaching? What was the message? What I am supposed to get out of this?
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>What was the teaching?
no bully.
>What was the message?
Ueno a shit
>What was I supposed to get out of this?

also anyone knows the name of the song that plays when Ishida and the other kids are just fooling around at the beginning?
nvm found it.
The story was that kids are little shits but we shouldn't let that impact our whole lives.

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And explain why.
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Right because Yuki is cuter.
Left because is the original, right a faker.
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The white line in the middle, because its not shit

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GtA 2017.png
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It's time for another exciting round of Guess the Anime! The rules are explained in the image; all that remains is to figure out the titles of all 10 series. Last thread made it to 2/10. Can you do any better?
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I like the idea but these are too fucking hard.
how is being on the spectrum
#9's a good one to start with. It's even airing this season.

I can practically taste the rainbow, anon.

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Was their anime that bad?
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It was more of really run of the mill back then.
I don't know but if you need to ask probably yes.
Bad would be memorable in some way. It was less.

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Kino Hermes.jpg
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Just finished the show for the first time.
I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it since I expected it to be more in the vein of Aria.

My favorite episodes are 9(Land of Books) and4(Land of Adults).
What were your favorite episodes?
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No one else wants a Kino thread? Cmon.
It's been a long time, so I can't remember which episode this sequence appeared in, but the story about the men and the railroad is something that has stayed with me in an unnerving way.
the railroad one(episode 5)

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Time for SYD stuff.
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[RS] Ousai Academy Student Council OG: Furuya-san

Mind reader Suzu

"There, go get it!!"

"This guy's moody..."

"Ahaha, Boa-kun's having a good taste"
"I wonder"

"I bet he's thinking 'My master tastes really good ruff'"
"Like he's thinking thaaaat!!"
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Comic 1
Sexy OG

"The theme for Furuya-san today is to look alluring"
I chose them

"The person herself is ruining it all"

Comic 2
Second flavor

"Licking your finger and turning the page is no good"
"You serious!?"

"Boys often lick them though"

"Lick to make it slippery before you pry in..."

"Lick again to taste it after you pried into it"
"There was a continuation..."

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