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Name a single show that is more calming and atmospherically consistent than Aria.
K-On and other moeshit need not apply
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Non Non Biyori is close, but Aria will always reign supreme.
Fuck you, you're not getting recommendations that easily.
There is none.
NNB is great, I think it nails the humor by not being too "EHHHHHH" for every reaction

Foiled again

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5cm was better.
I knew it was worth buying it.

anime in 4K bluray.

damn, gonna have to upgrade my toaster and get a 4K TV too!

Why aren't there more dogs in anime? There are cats everywhere, but you almost never see dogs even though they are the best pet. Is this proof that the Japanese are inherently evil?
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I remember those two getting along pretty well together.
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Dogs aren't really Japanese (besides shiba inu).
Eh? Aren't you looking?

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How do you keep your anime images organized, /a/? Just dump them all in a folder? Multiple folders? Locally hosted booru or hydrus? Or maybe you don't save anything. What's your poison?
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I keep everything on the same level in the Downloads folder.
I believe I need a better system.
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I have a folder and then I organize pictures by series most of the time. If I have like one or two pictures I just throw them into an unorganized folder

separate them via reaction/reference folder

and inside those folders are other folders specific to the said reaction/reference. It works for me. I currently have ~50gb in images alone and it's been going swell

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What do you think?
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I think your premise warrants interest but you'll have to explain further
more like the Dream Theater of anime
just some comparisons off the top of my head

>random, some times spontaneous
>commentary or observation on everyday events
>commentary or observation on special moments
>brings light to small things we take for granted
>makes some callbacks to previous clips in the single episode
>changes direction fairly quickly
>can act as a pallet cleanser

Geroge Carlin
>Random, his earlier stuff was a lot more "play-on-words"/jokes
>Exaggerates the small things!!
>Commentary or observation on everyday events
>commentary or observation on "those specials moments we all share"
>goes in depth on things that traditionally we don't think about
>makes callbacks to either the general topic of the bit or a related topic in the entire show, but never from previous shows
>quick changes, rarely segways his work
>can act as a pallet cleanser after a long bit or tangent

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What is your preferred body type?

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Before After.png
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Apple but Anon would bully me if I admit that so Pear.
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You know the answer.

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Is he the best supporting character in the history of anime ?
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is that rapist #163 from berserk

I love tgat guy
He's the OG rapist newfag
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why did gambino sell guts's ass? Like you dont need very much love for someone to not do that ya know? Why train him to use a sword and look after him then sell his ass what the fuck?

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*materializes behind you*
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The wind is... crying.
Ringo chan

How do we save Shoujo?
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Make the target audience exclusively 18+
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Adapt good shit
Go back in time and prevent Hana Yori Dango from being published

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Everything was perfect until that annoying voice started singing ching chong nip nong.

What were they thinking?
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The results are in: You're absolutely retarded
Looks like they sent you your own results, faggot.
>ching chong nip
How stupid can you get?

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I feel that the will I have for my waifu is weak these days, specially everytime I see a busty girl like Mio... how do you strengthen your will when temptation is around?
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It literally never happens. My wife is so perfect for me and I love her so so much that I simply feel no physical or emotional attraction towards any other girl but her.
if you fap quietly she won't notice, OP.
I just look at my waifu again and realize that she's the best

Am I the only one still watching this?
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Is it gay if im a straight male watching this for the laughs and gaffS?
You two are
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Yep, just you.

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Can we have some kind of celebration for Lucky Star?
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>Lucky Star is 10 years old
kill me
>inb4 spookposting

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Where can I get a variety of Photoshop-ready faces like this? Feel free to post what you have, I'll post the few I have.
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File: face.png (3MB, 900x1008px)Image search: [Google]
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So god decides to reincarnate a edgelord salaryman as a orphan girl to teach him humility. But also makes him the most magically powerful person in the world because...?
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To keep him in life or death situations. The premise doesn't make a lot of sense so it's best to just interpret it as god got bored and decided to toy with this guy for as long as he can last.
Because you don't use the search function
It's fun.

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