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What's the verdict on this?
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Not anime, fuck off.
literally a Ghibli co-production
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I guess it's hard if you can't read French, but here's the verdict on this.

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How does it come that nobody has mentioned so far this masterpiece?
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i read it. its pretty good
I missed the translations. Fug. It seems really good from what I've seen.

>no transations in english
>completely translated up to date in russian

damn those ruskies and their obsession with manga

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Is Freeza's business model sustainable? I mean the guy genocides entire species and then sell the planets. But why trust him to not repeat the process with you once you pay him?its like buying a car from a thug with fresh blood on the seats.
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>grand total of about 30 planets in the entire goddamn universe
>sustainable business
Probably, he announced the buyer and the planet coordinate.
Well, his time management is busted.
If he tells you that your planet will be destroyed in five minutes, who knows if he actually meant five decades.

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Teacher and student is even worse than incest.
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It's almost as good if it's femdom, though
I think you mean "even better than"
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except that pic related is arguably better than the rest of the romance series where the heroine is a tsundere schoolgirl. deal with it.

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>has literally godlike powers
>doesn't rule the world

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I still don't get why this show isn't more popular in Japan.
> yfw JC Staff is never gonna make a S2, just like Raildex being left behind
>adopted a personality of a dumb kid
geee I wonder why. She only has power fantasies about destroying the facility

finally just finished Space Dandy
what a fucking ride
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Now tell us why the dub is superior.
Show me a boob man and I'll show you a no-brain knuckledragger who knows nothing of the fairer sex!
wait what the fuck is that supposed to mean

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Who was in the wrong here?
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Is this progressive?
I want to squeeze drill hair's face

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>he thinks Railgun is better than Index
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who are you quoting?
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The Sisters are the best part of either series.

Index gave the Sisters Arc 5 episodes. Railgun gave it 16.

Railgun had more time for the Sisters.

Therefore, Railgun > Index.
Fuck the Sisters and the Sisters arc.

Emotionless drones for waifufags - the chapter

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I think boys should love boys and girls should love girls.
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I think OP is a fag.
Killing the royal bloodline with Rose!
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Agreed, though I attest bitches don't even know what love is.

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>the main character punches

Why is this the case for most shonen?
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Because it's extremely satisfying watching someone get punched.
What show?
I wish that was still the case. It's always about the swords these days.

I want fists, not blades.

What do you think of Working, and Popura?
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Umm, that's a Christmas tree.
Watched it in preparation for my first job because I'm highly autistic. It was good.
Enjoyed it. The whole punch the MC a million times a day thing got old quick though.

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Koe no Katachi (6).png
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Sum up an anime with a single quote.
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Broccoli sucking that dick.
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Soeaking of minor things.

I mean, even the show know how ridiculous the quote is.
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Do you know that sad feeling after finishing a manga or anime? You became really attached to the characters and then you realize that your time with them is up. It's akin to good friends leaving you behind. It's especially bad in my opinion when there is a time skip at the end. It's like you fell into a coma, woke up to see that the people you cared about have become older and detached from you.

I think that's why many of us are so desperate for seqeuls and second seasons. It's not just that we enjoyed the story and want more of it, it's also that we miss the characters we've grown so attached to.

How do you cope with this? Sometimes I'm afraid to continue reading/watching a manga/anime I love because I know that it will come to an end and emotionally devastate me.

Picture related is the latest offender. This one hits especially hard because it's specifically about friendship and it makes it even worse that there is no conclusion of the hinted romance at the end.
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I always feel energized and pretty good after finishing something I really like. I never get sad.
No, I can't be attracted to half-assed story shoehorned in less than 2 hours based on 7 volumes of manga.
Koe no Katachi's manga is a dog shit, poorly written melodrama that spoonfeeds you every detail with a shovel. The film was a Fellini story in animated form. Unapologetically realistic and cleverly understated.

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ITT: Fights that only thinking men enjoy.

Do not post fights that your 6 year old cousin can understand.
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Sagiri's butt is charming.

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i wonder how it smells compared to oreimo butts
probably most meh harem manga I've read
Why is Sagiri so delicious?

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