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Did they fug?
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I'd like to think they fuck a lot.
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What is the best age range for idols and why is it 13-14 aka borderloli?
Why would they?

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Will Doga Kobo ever top GJ-bu?
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I like New Game for merely being amusing.
Sadly no, sadly no, fuck, it sure is raining... I still love you Dogakobo hehe, yes, I still love you...
Purple=pink>the others.

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Haruhi's just a relic of the past right? Why do people still care about this series?
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I want to fuck long hair haruhi so badly.
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Underage B&
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It's pretty memorable, though newfaggots who grew up after it became popular would never understand. Also this >>157701169

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Kishimoto = Protagonist
Oda = Rival/Best Friend
Kubo = Comic Relief Butt Monkey
Togashi = Eccentric Mentor
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Toriyama = Pervert Mentor of the Eccentric Mentor
Araki = Gay Friend
Horikoshi = Nerdy Friend
>Kubo = Comic Relief Butt Monkey

He's be that guy that has a stupid amount of confidence but gets wrecked every time.
The word you are looking for is "jobber".

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Why did we hate Rebellion, /a/? I thought it was kinda cool
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Homura did nothing wrong
Anime very rarely has a closed and satisfying ending, Madoka did and they simply couldn't leave it well enough alone.

Fucking hell, at least Sunrise gave Code Geass the satisfaction of being closed for a decade.

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Code Geass is as anti-normalfag as possible

This is official art

I noticed a trend of casual, recent fans showing disdain for the series for all the ass shots and the festival episodes.

What makes Code Geass better than all the other anime that normalfags hate is that it baits them with a premise that they would love on paper, and then it destroys them with anime cliches they are uncomfortable with.

It beautifully betrays them by showing that this isn't a OH SO MATURE Cowboy Bepop esque anime, but it embraces as many cliches as possible and doesn't give a fuck about it.

R3 will bury normalfags once and for all when the lolibait, fan service and festival episodes come back at full force, and /a/ will rejoice.
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But I liked Code Geass.
You just think you did.
Your first mistake is taking the criticism you've seen on /a/ in your 2 weeks here and calling it a "new trend"
Second, by characterizing cliches and fanservice as "anti-normalfag", I think you're confusing pretentious wannabe film critic types with "normalfags". Have you ever checked what series are far and away most popular in the west? Cowboy Bebop isn't one of them.

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Somebody told me this was basically just a remake of "Our War Game" and they weren't kidding. Just watched it and it was pretty comfy, I hate using that word but I don't know how else to describe it.
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No? Nobody on /a/ likes this film?
I'm pretty new to the forum but I thought it was a pretty fun movie
It's just that it came out a while ago and your OP doesn't have any shitty memes or bait in it.

You should watch Wolf Children too; it's the same director so you might like it.
The most memorable thing from whole movie was the Combat Rabbit's user being a brown trap.

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What am I missing anon? Why is everyone circlejerking so hard over this show? It's a non-unique concept that has been done better by any Fate anime and Drifters. The characters are fucking boring as all hell and they don't even interact dynamically with each other (with the exception of the Magical Loli which is alright with her whole "omg they got hurt" gag). The plot twist has been telegraphed by episode 1 and the production quality falls off after episode 2. I want to like this show, I really do, but as of episode 5 it fucking sucks dick.
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Then drop it nigga. jesus
>Why is everyone circlejerking so hard over this show?
We don't like it, what made you think we do
By everyone I meant more than just /a/. Youtube dipshits are going crazy over it. I saw a dude saying it's a classic in the making. I just wanna hear what I am missing. this ain't no "look at my superior taste" post.

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Post best anime moms!
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11/10 MC
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instant bullet
Aka baka

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Thoughts on Ebina "BOOBS" Nana-chan?
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She belongs in prison.
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They're for feeling up
For what?

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Some new info about the new LoGH anime is finally being announced after months of silence. The official site was revamped and they started tweeting and streaming about the anime.
>Pic related is an official "opening visual" from the anime, released in May 10
>Promotional event confirmed for September 20
>Event to feature the new voice actors for Reinhard, Yang and Kircheis, and also cast and staff announcements
>Event to include a PV for the anime
>A livestream on nico featured representatives from Production IG and Shochiku and some announcements on the anime
Official site: http://http://gineiden-anime.com
Nico live channel: http://ch.nicovideo.jp/gineiden
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gineidenanime
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>September 20
you're late slowpoke
I expect nothing and I'll still be let down.

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>When a literal who nobody gets expanded upon in the anime adaptation and becomes more popular than the main girls
Why is this allowed?
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To sell merc to dumb ANIME posters.
>becomes more popular than the main girls
I don't know, maybe, just MAYBE because she has more charisma/is more likeable?
It's allowed because... she's popular. Kind of answered your own question there OP

Name one anime/manga character who could possibly lose to him.
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Don't know who that is but Kaiji should lose to him.
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if anyone can job to Kuma its this guy

Would Zero or Stay Night have played out differently at all had Kirei been a woman?
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Kirei isn't a man any more than he is a woman. "Monster," or "Sociopath," are the only labels that are relevant to him.
No, differences in gender is a social construction.
For one that Rule 34 of Kirei is plump as fuck. It's bad fan fiction tier especially when every female fate character isn't stupidly big like that. Also Illya would be a major plothole retard, you know, the key to the grail and all.

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