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So he really can't do 100 situps/pushups/squats and a 10km run a day?
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>didn't limit to a banana a day for breakfast
>didn't seal air conditioner and heater during summer and winter
>didn't regularly brush his teeth

Everyone always forget these.
Indeed. OP doesn't fucking know how any of this works.
he's weak as shit, I mean look at his hair

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Put those lolis you want to fuck in the ass ITT
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There better be some nice dilfxUeno doujins in the making.
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startled doli.gif
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are dolis ok?

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motion is irrelevant to animation
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dot eyebrows are ugly
The whole point of animation is to animate(move) things though?
Anime thick lines doesn't plays well with high framerates.
Fluid scenes just make it more obvious and very distracting, the smoothness does looks better though but the lines ruin it.

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Battle is but the dance of lovers! And Cui - she loves very much.

Stream today so don't forget. Von Baka would be sad.
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These threads suck
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I wrote a poem for Miki-san

Harbinger of peacefulness
Feline bell echoing in my darkest dream
Divide the world in two,
With your bullet flying between realms
Sever this world that clashes with another
Dissociate monsters and humans
And give us love
Bisecting this fear that entwines with hope

I hope she likes it
What's your problem?

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Whats the best Guitar Song in Anime?
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if you reply with angel beats you are a gaylord
if you reply with k-on you are a idiot
shut up you idiot you are an idiot

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What is her endgame?
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To ride a bicycle backwards, apparently
like every other girl, they are running for the koyomi cup

even if she is koyomi
Araragi isolated with nothing to distract him from reflecting on every mistake he's ever made, like he knows he deserves.

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How are you helping the Japanese animation/manga industry, /a/?
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I buy manga whenever I can

I have a Crunchyroll account

I buy the occasional gunpla or figure

Fuck BDs tho
I unironically watch/read manga/anime.
do you buy it though?

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I just finished this. Is the anime any good?
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It's shit.
none of the anime are good
just move on to the 2nd and forget the DR3

Danganronpa: The Animation is alright if you don't mind seeing only the main bulletpoints of the story animated.
I can't tell what your talking about, maybe you should try asking some ants.

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When will this cunt just die ?
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I'm tired of retard Casca I want to see her returned to her former self so bad.
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Bite your tongue.

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Just finished this, do I even bother with the Ova and second season /a/?
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Suou was cute.
There's a 2nd season of DtB?
No. And if people tell you otherwise they are lying

Can't wait for it to be mid may
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Senpai is so cute when he break. >///<
Why the fuck is the hiatus so long?
Wasnt there a hiatus like a week before the current one?
>Senpai is so cute when he break. >///<
What the fuck? I thought the "we're all little girls here" thing was a meme

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this is fucking garbage
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it's ok kiddo, you don't have to like everything you watch.
get the fuck out
your taste is fucking garbage

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I'm picky af. But this anime knows it's ridiculous and plays on itself that I feel isn't insulting.
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If it "knew it's ridiculous" it wouldn't push some shitty "muh feelings" drama/romance every episode and just stayed over-the-top comedy
That happens a lot in these type of shows.

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I've never seen this talked about. What is /a/'s opinion of Ghost Stories, or more specifically, what is /a/'s opinion on dubbing terrible anime as a complete shitpost?
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Are you new?
>I've never seen this talked about.
Lurk for 2 years before posting.
The humor is fucking /b/-tier terrible. You'd have to be a freshman in high school to find this funny.
>haha, because he's black! XD

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Post some animation.
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Forced animation
Forced shitposting.
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Just going to dump a few

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