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After all these years, still a fucking 10/10 for me.
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Don't post sluts on /a/.
Code Geass is unironically a masterpiece. Only retards who last watched it when they were 10 years old disagree.
Winter this year along with LoGH remake.

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Why do people usually wear gas masks?

Because it has actual use aside from being an edgy piece of shit
To be qt military otaku bait


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New Mizukami serialization in Young King, Nihonmatsu Kyoudai to Mokuzou Keikoku no Bouken.

Fucking rejoice.
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Picked up
I kind of hope he stops trying to make a "Mizukamiverse" because it was the worst thing about Spirit Circle
It was hardly more than a little easter egg, I don't think he's trying to make it an actual thing. It just fit in how Spirit Circle was presented.

Is Toradora the comedy/romance anime with the best character and story development?

After 7 years i rewatched this series and it made me realise just how stagnant the genre is, this type of anime nowdays end up with the MC choosing no one and everything going back the way it was in the first episode.

If i keep watching shit like Nisekoi i feel im going to end up puking blood.
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>Is Toradora the comedy/romance anime with the best character and story development?
Newfag detected.
I think its a mixed opinion thing depending on whether you enjoy obvious character development or not. Toradora had no obvious romance dynamic or sexual tension between Taiga and Ryuuji in the first two thirds of the show, until she suddenly confesses to him in the skiing episode. Had she not confessed, the show would have continued in a standard slice of life format.

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Another new scanlated chapter.
New raw chapter in around 3 hours.
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>watch a new episode of this thing
>25 minutes in which literally nothing happens, except maybe 30 seconds worth of interesting and plot-relevant dialogue
Why is this allowed?
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>faggots complaining about plot relevant dialogues
why is this allowed?
don't worry baby they'll get back to meaningless action soon enough with pretty colours and epic music for you.
Stop watching things you don't enjoy.

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Are you expecting meme responses? Because I don't think your pic related has done anything to piss people off
He did purposefully mess with one of the crime scenes for the sake of "muh game"
He tampered with the evidence in one of the cases and didn't dick the third best girl.

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Did the author recover yet?
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God i hope not.
Remind me again what this one was about?
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The anime ended because they caught up with the source material and needed more time for manga to come up with the new stuff to adapt, right? It's been a couple of years now, so surely the new anime season should start any moment now, right?

Thoughts on this masterpiece?
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Underrated 2bh, especially compared to other Satoshi Kon films. I enjoyed it more than Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress.
Satoshi's peak.
This was my first Kon film and I absolutely loved it. Will have to check his other films out

Who is your waifu this season?
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>seasonal waifu
Don't do this. But yeah, Ao is a great girl.

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>you will never nakedly hug every single person you care about at the same time
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I already accepted that I'll never hug anyone while naked.
I would just get a boner and make it awkward for everyone.
I don't even remember the big tit girl on the right.

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What went wrong?
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Not Arabic enough
>terrorism with no casualties
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Lisa Bath.webm
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Remember when protagonists were men?

Why are current protagonists such fuckboys?
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Japanese self-insert
so people can relate
Using Kinnikuman as your example is hilarious because he's a pitiful dumbass who only succeeds by being the main character, much like those other characters

Muscles don't make a man

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I am an incomparable homo
please stick it in me
yeah though you'll notice in polls this show tends to fare better with female audiences
>OH NOE, it looks like I slipped. What an unfortunate disaster it would be if someone were to somehow rip my clothes and ravage the area.
That Kaisei reveal was the highlight of this season so far.

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Congratulations, pon!
Out of all the anons on 4chan you've been selected to become a mahou shoujo, pon.
Benefits include being able to transform into a beautiful girl, having strength and power far beyond a normal human, and access to a special magical ability, pon.

Do you accept, pon?
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Meh I'd rather not be in a shitty anime
Do I get paid? What are the working hours? Any health insurance coverage?
Your reward is magical abilities that humans don't have access to. You will be allowed to use them in your every day life and for you own benefit as long as you help others and you don't let your identity as a mahou shoujo leak out.

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