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I haven't been keeping up with /a/ so sorry if it this is like the 10000000th thread, but this show is incredibly refreshing from the usual romance stuff that gets put out. The problems the characters face are realistic problems that children would have at this age, nothing outlandish, nobody suddenly moving to america, the parents are actually present in their kids lives and look and act their age, the couple establish that they like each other early on in episodes 3 and 4, with kissu attempt in episode 7 the MC isn't retarded, and actually has the guts to ask Mizuno out instead of 11 episodes of retardation
Why aren't you watching AOTS, /a/?
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It's a decent 7/10 but Virgin Soul is AOTS
>I haven't been keeping up with /a/ so sorry if it this is like the 10000000th thread
lurk more instead
The show's great. Curly-kun is my hero.

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Find a flaw
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No S3

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Why did he stop making music for the Jojo anime? The music of Part 3 and 4 is garbage compared to his soundtracks
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He got pissed at the sound director and ragequit on Twitter.
>He got pissed at the sound director

What happened?
He got pissed

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Would you watch a Shinka spin off series?
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Tired of seeing these dumb Shinka threads every fucking day. Time for me to filter that shit.
Only if it features Mai and Sento.

There are people in this board didn't knew 404 girl
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is 404 girl from sword art online? or what classic anime is it from?
I think it's from that anime all the nice anons here keep recommending me in my rec threads. Boko no haram or something.
>404 girl
The character is actually called Yotsuba, my friend. She is the main protagonist of the slice of life manga series Yotsuba&! created by Kiyohiko Azuma.

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Fuck this show's ending and fuck all of you too.
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>show makes a point that it's okay to show middle finger to shippers
>shows middle finger to all the audience wishing for a kiss

Literally the best thing KyoAni ever made.
don't worry, they'll kiss in the movie
Don't forget to watch the ova.

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Left or right?
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right looks sexy
Right hands down.
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Claire a best. A BEST.

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When did you realize that glasses was best girl all along?
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I have never met a fan of hers that was a good person.
>I would have gotten away with it too
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g man.gif
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Right at the last episode.

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Time to separate the men from the children.

Left or right?

Choose wisely.
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Left. I prefer the people who aren't flaunting their strength for everyone to see.
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Ara girl over shitty tsundere, ANY DAY.

Tatra it is.
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Right. I prefer bitches, to my detriment.

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is yamada a bitch or a slut?
or just baka?
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Bitch would mean that she's a bad person but I don't remember her being malicious at any point.
Just an idiot who for some reason thinks being a slut is the way forward in relationships.
bitch and slut are the same thing

Why do elven women love human men so such?
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>elf women
>loving human men
>not loving orcs

one job
There's something charming about a race that has a much shorter life span in comparison and lives rather dangerously

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Isn't it horribly broken to give a lvl 1 character an epic quality sentient sword that can teach it all sorts of skills and can even repair itself?
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That's the point of self insert wish fulfillment.
She's not the protagonist
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The isekai protag is the sword though, not the girl. True enough, it is quite the wish fulfillment fantasy, but for a change the story is not about the MC having his dick sucked by everybody, but rather helping the nameless slave after hearing her tragic past.

The great debate.
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Left, however Texhnolyze is better
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Horace approves.jpg
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What is to debate? Explain.

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Which anime character is most deserving of eternal suffering?
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Does anyone like umaru?
Your waifu.

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Does /a/ like Squid Girl?
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More than hamsters....
I geso
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I geso.jpg
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