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The last anime you watched is now genderswapped.

Post results.
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>Maria the Virgin Witch
>Marth the Virgin Wizard

About a 30+ man who has powers from staying chaste and using his powers to save armies completely composed of cute girls from killing each other. If he fucks obviously he loses his powers.

Eh, not bad. Ezekial is still motherfucking unbearable.
Magical Boy Lyrical Nanoha.
Nothing really changes except the main character is now a trap?
Im only 6 episodes in so i have no idea whether it would change anything later on.
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sleeping porco.gif
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I want to cuddle this now female pig

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>Fujoshit won the Autism-kun
>Austist's brother:"Nope! Lemme fix that!"
>Everything back to square one again.

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It's almost like you don't know how harems work.
>winning this early

first guy introduced wins 99.9% in shoujo. something happens to the main couple that prevents them from being together(drama, going out with other people, etc.) but in the end they always get together.
i watched the anime and thought it was alright but did they seriously do this? jesus, leave it to a BL writer to keep things contrived when the best one is so obvious. nishima is good too though,

Would you a yakuza /a/?
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I would any kind of delinquent, even Yakuza.
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Even this deliquent?
>tfw no biker gang bf


Let's ALL love Lain.
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Speak English, motherfucker.
Holy shit shut the fuck up with this ayy lmao autistic lain shit. You've been doing this for like 3 fucking weeks get a fucking life you fucking autist.
Do not lewd the Lain.

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hg guu 2.jpg
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Why the FUCK haven't you watched Hare & Guu yet, you piece of shit
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I gave it three epsiodes but I just didn't find it all that funny. The OP is great though.
That shit's so old i actually have the DVD box set.
Would you fuck Guu?

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What is your favorite product placement in anime?
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I remember seeing an anime where fanta was changed to santa, but I don't remember which one.
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Always PizzaButt
or Pizza Hut

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Wrong hole, Sanae!
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Was it rape?
Yes, because she wanted it in the other hole.

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Is this you /a/?
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Ashe is the hottest girl in the show.
File: Ashe.gif (2MB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She's also a top-tier wife

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homu madoka white.jpg
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So in rewatch the series and Rebellion, I've come to the conclusion that the love Homura has for Madoka is merely friendship

Do you think that is the case?
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>implying usurpers are capable of love
I could kind of understand the show but how exactly could you watch Rebellion and come off thinking that everything Homura did was because she thought of Homura as just a friend? She went way beyond that.
>being so obsessed with a mere friend that you take over the entire universe
Are you the type of fag who regularly sucks his bro's dick and then say 'no homo'?

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Killya the Illya!
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did she died?
She's just being a drama queen.
Leave it to that clutz Illya to spill all the strawberry jam

the fuck happened with this?
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It's just a pachinko

Anime-in-Anime you want to be real TV series.
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>pic related

I admit. I only watched Lucky Star for the Lucky Channel segments. I skipped most episodes.
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Namori should have done a Mirakurun spinoff instead Oomuro-ke.

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What were your first thoughts when you saw that there was a manga about Jimi Hendrix possessing a Christmas Cake teacher?
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i was in the very first storytime thread
i wish it would be scanned soon
New chapter came out last week.

Holy fuck this trash was so shit it made me so mad that it kept me up at night for THREE days in a row. I thought I'd give CGI shit a chance with the advent of Kemono Friends but no it turns out if they cant afford korean animators they can't afford writers either.
>Why didn't he wear the full face helmet instead of the faggot scooter half helmet when running
>Guy survives flying off a cliff on a motorcycle totally fine
>Said guy is able to shatter a motorcycle helmet visor with one punch and knock him out simultaneously
>Forced edgy sociopath whiny self-pitying MC who wonders why terrible things happen to him for being a sociopath
>Characters as deep as pieces of paper
>None of them think of taking off their ripped blood-covered shirts while running around trying to hide
>More plot holes to the max that I don't care enough to list because I'm sure this thread won't make it past 10 replies

The only redeeming parts were Satou's action scenes. Never again CGI.
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I dont understand what the studio making this is thinking. Do they think this shit is gonna sell well or people gonna watch it religiously?
Also I would've fucked the imouto I guess.
You must be an idiot to compare method used to deliver the story with the writing.Also
>not reading the manga source

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Do you think asuka likes chocolate? I can't seem to remember what she typically ate besides the typical jab dishes shinji/misato cooked for her. Do you think she ever snuck sips of Misato's beers when she wasn't looking? It's in her german blood right?
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Asuka loves hugs
If she wore Misato's shirts, she definitely stole some of Misato's beer.
Who cares what worst girl does.

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