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File: Megumin vs Lina.png (259KB, 578x398px)Image search: [Google]
Megumin vs Lina.png
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Which one of these two would win in a fight?
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Lina. Megimeme is nowhere near lina in power
File: ur doing it wrong.jpg (228KB, 1456x2046px)Image search: [Google]
ur doing it wrong.jpg
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Lina ez, Megumin can't even read
Megumin attacked the same castle for weeks. Lina fucked multiple castles in a day with little effort.

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2MB, 1916x2612px
Why is Gunbuster so highly regarded? Did no one realise it is fanservice trash that panders to the lowest common denominator?
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Because the ending is great.
Good fansrvice.
Good mechas.
Compelling ending.
Good science.
Good girl.
Good mech.
Good poses.
Your taste is shit.

File: 1495226319091.png (216KB, 307x597px)Image search: [Google]
216KB, 307x597px
I like Riko.
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File: 60327386_p0.jpg (1MB, 1738x2783px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1738x2783px
Delicious boring Riko.
File: C1qEIJoVIAE5Jaj.jpg (85KB, 740x1414px)Image search: [Google]
85KB, 740x1414px
Riko is perfection.
File: en-800455536516833280.jpg (453KB, 509x2846px)Image search: [Google]
453KB, 509x2846px
Riko likes Kanan!

File: que.jpg (39KB, 374x374px)Image search: [Google]
39KB, 374x374px
>just plain shit
what am I supposed to watch?
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Paint dry
Nothing at all, you just come to /a/ every day and complain that all anime is shit
This. I'd guess most people here, including me, spend more time complaining and arguing about shows and manga than reading them

File: joshiraku9-1.jpg (62KB, 600x338px)Image search: [Google]
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Which one is best girl, and why it is marii.
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File: marii.jpg (327KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
327KB, 1920x1080px
Because she just is.
But Marii is a flat, stupid pure boy.
because we get to see her butt

File: 1485978045532.jpg (188KB, 860x383px)Image search: [Google]
188KB, 860x383px
Where were you when Toei BTFO'd KyoAni?
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File: uguu~~.jpg (13KB, 284x177px)Image search: [Google]
13KB, 284x177px
Where did the toei one come from?
I miss the good old 2000s chara design of Kyoani.

File: nanachi.jpg (93KB, 666x666px)Image search: [Google]
93KB, 666x666px
Where's my Nanachis at?
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Stop making a thread about this everyday
Could someone please post here chapters 30 and onward in english?


File: Kuroki.Tomoko.full.1559983.jpg (686KB, 1300x1200px)Image search: [Google]
686KB, 1300x1200px
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Am I an idiot?
Would you a Mokoko?

File: damn it.png (877KB, 970x545px)Image search: [Google]
damn it.png
877KB, 970x545px
Am I the only one shitty, pissed off, and autistically raging that FLCL is getting two ore seasons?

Obv they're doing it just for the cash; AS has posted plenty in the past that each time they air FLCL, their viewer numbers double or more.

Ofc those shilling Jews are funding two more seasons to something that doesn't need it, instead of just paying the licensing for P&Sw/GB
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There's only one season as far as I'm concerned.
I don't care. Fuck off
Quads of truth

File: Worst anime ever.png (6KB, 405x226px)Image search: [Google]
Worst anime ever.png
6KB, 405x226px
A boy falls in love with a girl.
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An underage faggot opens yet another trope thread on /a/.
a faggot makes a thread from another board without using a spongebob image in op
these are threads that also get banned on that board(s?)
the posts are just spam that have a wide range in general, not "anime related", so shitters that don't watch can populate them
>the mc stares at the time
>until a the girl with large boobs lands on the faggots face

File: q.png (609KB, 892x672px)Image search: [Google]
609KB, 892x672px
>character has been dead for several decades both in and out of fictional universe
>still makes appearances in most recent titles
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Char is a much worse offender of this than her.
Char hasn't been as dead for long and had several series and a movie dedicated to him.
i still never watched char's counterattack

File: yuuko.jpg (85KB, 1341x739px)Image search: [Google]
85KB, 1341x739px
This is Yuuko's bum. Say something nice to it.
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I can't see it?
File: buddy.png (213KB, 2000x1750px)Image search: [Google]
213KB, 2000x1750px
dat ass

Lets say, you just finished your entire backlog. And you're wondering what else is there to see.

And then you find this.

Would you watch this?
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No because the only thing keeping me from my eventual suicide is my backlog.
As if finishing one's backlog was possible. The point of a backlog is to keep adding stuff to it.
finishing my backlog would require me to actually watch anime or read manga so that's impossible

File: BPD Bitch in the making.jpg (22KB, 600x337px)Image search: [Google]
BPD Bitch in the making.jpg
22KB, 600x337px
All you guys who watch this show say she's so hot or whatever, but you realize that the childhood she's going through will end up making her develop Borderline Personality Disorder, right?
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File: 00001 (2).png (475KB, 853x482px)Image search: [Google]
00001 (2).png
475KB, 853x482px
Alice to Zouroku had the best OP of the season

Isn't this a diagnosis from that fictional book DSM?
The mosha mosha loli and her yuri friend will heal her

File: aimai.gif (3MB, 435x293px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 435x293px
Is there a anime that truly made you laugh?
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File: 1452019919836.png (164KB, 336x360px)Image search: [Google]
164KB, 336x360px
Seto no Hanayome
Full Metal Panic
Prison School
The only one to actually make me laugh consistently was Nichibros.
But there are a lot of other anime that produced mild chuckles that I like more than Nichibros though
Gintama has its moment of genius when it isn't taking itself seriously

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