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Don't forget to do your workout today anon!
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So far, my life is working out just fine without any workouts.

Maybe I should sign up for Crossfit.
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Has there ever been a better character in JoJo?
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One thing I do hate about the anime-only fags is that they all say that Joseph is objectively the best, bar none, and refuse to consider that there might possibly be other characters they haven't seen. I mean, SBR is probably Araki's best work.

>First JoJo manga with actual character development beyond "Yeah they're different now"
>Far more interesting powers and interactions
>Valentine, the best villain
>Gyro and Johnny
>The race itself

It's actually a brilliant work as a standalone.

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Was she, dare I say it, too flat?
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She wasn't thirsty enough. I like my flat-chan osananajimis to be thirsty.
>too flat
I think you messed up your word order.
These two words never appear in this order in the English language.

Anymore flat and her chest might concave.

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Green tea?

>You will never give her a coffee enema

Why even live?
cuh hee?

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Miura or Mori?
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Miura likes drawing cocks.
Mori likes drawing sexy maids.
Mori because she doesn't go on ass long hiatuses
Mori because history

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>animated just fine in the 90s with all his spots when they were hand drawn
>even with all the advancements in technology, its supposedly too much effort to animate the spots now

Explain this
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They weren't working on a negative budget in the 90s.
Laziness is the new black.
cel animation was prettier than digital animation

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Just finished watching this. Ending was disappointing as fuck. What did /a/ thing when it aired?
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I dropped it because it was just so awful.
Nothing but nonsensical conversation and I found it completely ridiculous that they call those swords as something legendary but are incapable of doing anything worth a damn.
My waifu died so i literally killed myself. So did the rest of /a/. Many of us are ghost posting because of that ending.
that said second best girl did win
best girl was pic related
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Best girl won so I liked it

Contrast/Gamma in anime: if you have a perfectly calibrated monitor, do you think when watching anime, the contrast/gamma needs to be adjusted? I say this because, most lines around anime characters that should be solid black, are usually a dark gray when inspected closely on a properly calibrated monitor. Is this the artistic intent, or an production error for lines that are supposed to be solid black? What are your thoughts?

Pic related. Specifically, look at the eyes, but zoom in on any black lines here too and you'll see they're just dark gray. If you used the "average grayness of anime characters outlines" as a reference point, you could adjust your contrast/gamma so that these lines are (on average) solid black.

Keep in mind, the artist sketches the art---and then a producer/FX guy---some fuckwit who has no understanding of black/white levels, contrast, gamma, and color balance in general---changes the contrast/hue of the artist's work "to cater to the audience" that they are trying to sell the anime too. They have to be able to walk into a company meeting and say, "these are the color adjustments I made. This will generate more sales." That's literally part of the guy's job. It's his job to fuck with the contrast, just to try to get company stakeholders to stay interested.
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>if you have a perfectly calibrated monitor,
Then you don't need any adjustments, because otherwise it wouldn't be perfect.
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If the "gray" in OP pic looks black to you, check this pic for reference. Every square in this picture should be distinguished from the black background. The background here has a value of "0" or pure black. Every other square has a value higher than 0, leading up to the 255 value for white.

You are literally missing colors and shades of black/gray/white if you don't calibrate your monitor/TV properly.

80% of people don't calibrate their monitor and use out of the box settings....are you one of them? Also, color contrast here:

You didn't read the rest of the post. There are people called PRODUCERS who fuck shit up. In many animes, you will never, ever see "Level 0" black, the darkest black. This has to be an error of some producer fucking with the contrast of the artist's art.

What a coder could do, is analyze a video, check what the lowest grayscale color detected is (for example, the lowest grayscale is "value 20" on this chart):


Then it could give you the offset you would need to adjust, so you could adjust your contrast just for that anime, or even convert that anime file itself to lower the contrast.

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What would you do if you had the properties of both rubber and gum?
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Revive myself
Texture surprise your face

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So good you can always re-watch it
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Tsugumomo episode 7

I can't get enough of rabbit vs cow. Im so sad that sword otoria anime came out as shit as it is.

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EVA attempted to have characters who would the best self-insertion characters for otakus and losers that went further back than dating sims, and more retard than a person obsessed with 2D fictional characters or retarded passion between retarded otakus and 2D fictional characters. coupled with themes that went shallower than "X violent tsundere heroine is going to physically and pisologically abuse the Y Beta harem MC with offenses, punches and kicks''. -all under the ruse of actually being the shallow versions of those elements which it was attempting to subvert. This is not to say that shows didn't have childlike themes, stupid kids, or generic robot designs before EVA, but EVA was trying to do it all differently; using cancer and generic tropes present in other genres as ground-work to be built upon and/or subverted (depending on who we're talking about), and building a world that goes stupid and generic, which is never actually shown in the show, but alluded to senseless and repetitive violence from a generic violent tsundere heroine against a generic beta harem MC. Carcinogenic factors and stupid phenomena occasioned by EVA ended up restricting the development of the mecha genre in 1990s. But whether or not you think it's overrated (what forever it was) or godlike (which it forever was), it's influence is unmistakable: every anime studio everywhere trying to be generic and stupid using generic stereotyped characters, high school students, Drama high school, academy, waifushits, tsunderes, kuuderes, beta harem MC, waifufag pandering, and other cancer to get the public evafag late, which generally worked enough to spread cancer and destruction destruction more than 20 years because people only Dumber than production executives is the general public.
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Why dont newfags ever realize their opinions are shit
Why are evafags so autistic?

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literal trash
trigger is best studio

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We seen a lot of Pizza Hut in anime but how come no Pocari Sweat?

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>semi translucent white fluid branded with the name 'sweat'
How did this drink ever take off? The marketing must've been a fucking uphill struggle.
I could swear my brain was tricking me into thinking it tasted a bit salty even when it wasn't. It doesn't even taste better than your regular sports drink either.
My standard drink in summer.
>It doesn't even taste better than your regular sports drink either.
Looks like you got some shit taste

Its mildly sweet and not overly sweet like a lot of sports drink.

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How do you describe the ending of The Big O?
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Complete and utter shit that was severely lacking in best OTP content. 14 years later and I'm still mad.

Kinda hard to make the whole android / human thing work
Tried to be deep. Ended up with ketchup.

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ITT: Anime characters you could beat in a fight.
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and stay down bitch
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This useless girl. What's her power anyway?
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This little bitch

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