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Name a better anime.

You can't.
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I can't
It has a sizable cult following on Nico too
>Gacha is bringing KMB back

S2 any day now.
I want a S2 of KMB and Love Lab and Yuyushiki and a REAL third season of Yuru Yuri at the same time. I didn't intend for all of this to be so yuri-inclined but I'm sticking to it.

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I really need to watch it already.
Don't, it's really boring.
Rewatch K-on isntead

PV out

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The melodramatic love pentagon alarm bells are blaring hard in my head right now.
Something in the way the artstyle actually really creeps me out in this, especially from 0:11 - 0:13 or so. I think it's the eyes.
Mal lists it as a movie

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Why are anime middle schoolers the sexiest?
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just are
Sexier than anime elementary schoolers?
Because they don't act like real middle schoolers.

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Who is your favorite HXH character?

Mine is pic related
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My boy. Knuckle is a good choice too though.
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This excellent big brother

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Dumping ch71
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Which is your favorite dubbed anime?
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death note
If Hellsing and baccano are off of the table i guess I'll go with cowboy bebop

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Is it because nips don't know how to write proper dialogue?
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It seems that you only watch shounens and shitty melodramas
Not a problem unique to anime.
So autistic manchildren not capable of reading emotions can know for sure that he hates it.

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Holy shit this is awful, how do you fuck up a show this bad?
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With how shit this season was I found FAG to be in the upper tier of shows. Materia sisters were really shit though and dragged it down quite a bit.
it was aots
Architect best FAG, Jinrai runner-up.

What's your favorite School Uniform, /a/?
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Se-kirara. Though holy shit it's gonna be pain with that top of girl's uniform. But i like the ribbon so much.
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Whisper of the Heart because long skirt is best skirt.

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So if Ed already used a philosopher stone to get out of gluttonys gate once why was it so bad for him to use one to bring al back, or to bring his leg back or just any of it? What the fuck?
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That was before he knew what it was
Muh promise
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No it was not, he even has dialogue with envy knowing it was a stone and that he was going to use souls of others.


But he just broke it by using the stone anyway.

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Which Busou Shoujo would be the best fuck?
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The craziest one, duh. Wait... which one is craziest again?
The cutest one.
So basically Oni.
Frenchy. She's the thirstiest and already expects all the dirtiest things so wouldn't say no to whatever you wanted.

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Last thread

Donovan did literally nothing wrong.
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>Didn't call it Waiting so Long edition
Wait to fuck up op
Please leave and never make a thread again.
your mom gay

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Why can't I be with my waifu, /a/?
Why must I suffer here in reality, longing to be with her?
Why do I experience mere fleeting moments of blissful illusion with her in the form of dreams?
Why do I wait at the edge of my seat, hoping to see her safe and sound in the next chapter of her manga?
Why must I wake up each morning, and gaze into an image of her beside me?
Why do I smile, when my horrible art managed to capture even a fraction of her beauty?

Why do I love her, the way I do, and will keep loving her for as long as I breathe?
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Have you tried getting schizophrenia?
If there's an afterlife, and if you meet her there, won't all this suffering be worth it?
VR and lifelike waifus are fast approaching. It will be like somesort of rapture

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