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Soda is a fucking faggot
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You don't say
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Soda can't stop Himegimi.
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[exposition noises].webm
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Worse than Meteora at exposition, dumb, weak, pathetic.
Worst girl.

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This is a cute lesbian that fell for the cock. Also subs for last episode in a few hours
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Her hair looks better this way
>This is a cute lesbian that fell for the cock
like any normal girl that finally hits puberty
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No surprises there.

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How come there aren't any iconic villains in anime and manga in this decade?
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If you want edgy, go watch shows from 80's.
If you want some morally ambigous shit, 90's.
In the end moe won.
What do you predict the next decade or so will be about?
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more moe, hopefully

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Last ride, get in here Megumibros
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Didn't this shit finish airing already? I dropped this fairly early. Was it just me or was this season incredibly boring?
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download (2).jpg
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its the most fun to read and most satisfying genre
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why you guys not like dryad's
There's a whole load of it and most of it is just dull selfinsert wankery that doesn't bring anything new or original to the genre.

Being picked from the "Let's become a novelist" site doesn't help the quality.
some of them are kinda shit but its still a pretty badass genere

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I´m doing 100 thrustings and 100 squats everyday to be as flexible and manly as Kenny.
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Kill yourself Alfonso, you attention seeking whore.
Why is he walking like a slut?
I want Ymir to sit on my face.

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bikefairy out, baldfat next
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Excuse you it's three two.
BaldFat onsen art never.
They stayed in St. Petersburg to fornicate like rabbits.
>so the official name for the YURI Fest event is “Skate #12.1! gotta supersupersupersuper charge it! its fundoshi! Hasetsu Kunchi Special!”

I need Victor to fondle Yuuri's ass.
>Kunchi is an annual festival they hold in Karatsu every year (they even live stream it for people to watch, it’s really cool)
>so the YURI Fest live drama reading might be a wild Hasetsu festival with our favorite skaters possibly…in fundoshi lmao

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Why are anime girls always buttlets?
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Not always.
something something elevens have no ass
something something niggers ruining Western civilization
Too much fish in their diet. Not enough burgers.

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This is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak cuteness looks like.
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>ideal female body
>no tits
The fuck are you going about
How does the bunny cunny taste like ?
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I think you accidentally posted the wrong image.

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Bitch please.png
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Ramen edition
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Rindou-senpai a best
Is it weird for me to find Megishima attractive even though i'm a male?
Reminder that SnS gets 3rd season this fall.

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Finally it's out
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Rip Kirishima, and men this chapter really felt short.

It seems we are getting best boy flashback next chapter, are you hyped.
Is it just me or is niggerstream missing the last page page

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I want Megumin to get Asanagi treatment.
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Sorry the little cuck won't stop shitting out Kancolle garbage doujins until it finally dies out and stops making him tons of jewbucks
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Cute chuuni feet.
I want to punch those puffy cheeks so hard.

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New episode soon. Will you miss this show when it's over, /a/?

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Preview pics
>Will you miss this show when it's over, /a/?
No. I just want it to be over so the crippling fear of them fucking it up finally vanishes. I've already rewatched all the episodes like 30 time, some probably even more often since I just let it run on loop for like a day on a secondary monitor. There isnt anything like this, and I pray every day that it stays that way. Two more to go until this confirmed the best romance out there since it already completely destroys shows like Maison Ikkoku, touch, kodomo no omocha, clanaids.
If they had sex like their classmates this would be a 10.

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Official version of volume 1 recently went up on Nyaa.


Is Unmarked the worst arc or just the least best arc?
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My Snow White is always cute.
>a fucking bib
How many new Nyaa are there?
I seen the nyaa.si one

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Welcome to you(wa shock) Japari Park

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