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Why do Anniefags exist years after she killed herself?
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And very sexy I mite add.
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Endgame right here, brothers.

New episode out tomorrow
Veil won't come back
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I'll be honest here, I think the suffering they made Meguru go through is a bit too harsh and unnecessary for a series like this.
I don't really like Meguru too much. How come Sumire & the Hamster couldn't just be Twin Angels together?
>I don't really like Meguru too much
I don't really like your taste too much.

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One Piece is far superior to HxH. There are no "O' MY RUBBER NEN"'s in One Piece
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>Will of D
>Muh nakama
>Going Merry
>Devil fruits
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>There are no "O' MY RUBBER NEN"'s in One Piece
What about Eneru

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I think Goku is Pan's father. After all, Gohan was never able to accomplish anything on his own. This is what probably happened: Gohan had sex with Videl and was about to cum. Then Gohan got cocky and says "pfff this is easy. I can cum inside you whenever I want." Subsequently, his erection goes away and he is totally helpless. Videl throws a box of viagra to Gohan, but Gohan fails to catch it. While Gohan searches for the box of viagra, Goku stalls for time as a Super Saiyan 3. When he finally finds the box, Goku already came inside Videl.
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will BLACK ever return?
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I unironically miss Black he was so much fun.
What did the nips think of /r9k/ & /pol/ the villains?
which one is /r9k/ and which one is /pol/?

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This is a good OP. I like this OP.
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Elizabeth confirmed for S2 antagonist.
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Looks like theres no PV trailer for the last episode

Will Bakugou be able to deal with not being able to keep up with Deku when they become pros?
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>5 percent power can match most pro heroes he fought so far
>Still theorized to potentially unlocking Telekinetic Fire via parents quirk

Not to mention there's also the possibility this series might go full Naruto/Bleach in the next 200 chapters and Deku might learn another overpowered quirk/ability.
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literally why would Deku have telekinetic fire
it would have manifested by the age of four
even if afo stole it as some have said, why would he steal a generic fire quirk
deku's development of new abilities (eg full cowl) will be because of his hard work or even from support team equipment (like the discs kaminari shoots). He won't manifest a new quirk dummy
>Deku might learn another overpowered quirk/ability.
I really hope that doesn't happen.
Even though it's very overused, punching others really hard is still be best super power there is.

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Best boys when?
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More like best girls when
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Best girl
Fuck off.

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One Page Thread
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One Post Thread.

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New chapter out. Garoufags, take it easy.

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Today was a good day for manga.
Fuckin saved
WDMfag here living it up after today's ass kicking.

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The break is over.
Did you miss me?
pic related
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It's time.
crazy big forehead
My body is ready

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>no more rational-yet-revenge-obsessed cyberpunk detective to solve mysteries with
I miss this guy and Psycho Pass S1 so much
He went full Big Boss and is now training child-soldiers.
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Predict the order of ring-outs.
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
Reminder that Yamcha is beautiful.

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Why are blind girls so good?
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>inferior genes
I want Inaba-chan to become my teacher and correct me!
I want become her pupil and her friend while she threatens me with a sword as she says: "Oh, you don't want to make me mad"

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