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Mana showing off the goods.
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>thought mana had tits

clearly delusions
Deliciously flat.
Slowly making her way back to croissants, I see

Why is this so popular? Is it the German architecture? This is basically Hinako Note with less fanservice.
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Because my girlfriend Sharo-chan is so cute and she wil MARRY me soon
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>This is basically Hinako Note with less fanservice.

That is a very mean comparison. In what way can Hinako Note even compare to this?
Try write better bait.

ITT: characters that are over 18 and probably still virgins
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Felt really bad for him in the second movie.

I just got it off my backlog, let's talk about this show.
As much as it had its ups and downs likes and dislikes, it's still an amazing anime.
A wild ride right from the start to the end.
More people should watch it.
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It would've been better without the retarded pseudo-philosophy dribble, just make it an anime about Ringo and Shouma's romance. Ringo thinks she's in love with sensei, but they get together in the end, or something.
Also they find the penguin drum (it's like dragon balls in this iteration), Himari gets better, and joins her friends as an idol.
I am watching it right now (at EP10). Looks like a great show with great OST. "What the fuck?!" counter already off the charts.
>and joins her friends as an idol
She doesn't.
In the end it's Ringo and Himari talking about how great double H are and they're collecting their merchandise.
Like most people I think, I was kind of disappointed Shou didn't get his happy ending.
Leave this thread if you don't want to get spoiled right now. It's much better going in blind.

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WHY the hell do poeple in anime look white? Why don't they try to distinguish between white facial features and asain facial features?
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Lelouch wasn't Japanese to begin with, he's Britannian.
because that way they're more attractive to look at to the general population
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animegrill eyes.gif
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>look white

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what girls made you play with yourself
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Astolfo is the last one
Please respect the dead, anon.
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Can you believe Hideaki Anno animated this?

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What's so hard to believe about that?
I was expecting his porn work.
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>his porn work.
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>his porn work
Aka Gunbuster

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So, which series is ultimately better?
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Both are bad for different reasons.
As always
Pokemon game > Digimon game
Digimon anime > Pokemon anime

Although lately the digimon games have been improving considerably.

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You haven't forgotten about our savior Earth-chan yet, have you /a/?
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How did the show end? Did the magical girl end with nuke dragon?
CR was glorified trash
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Good times, good times.

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This jobber can win against Servants.
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I hope he really reevaluates his life when he drags himself out of Sargasso. Revenge just isn't his thing. He should be a potter or something.
Please. The weakest Servant would wipe the floor with him. He always punches above his weight. That's why Othinus turned him into a football.

Typesetter can't understand how speech bubbles are supposed to be numbered
Doesn't have translation
Shitty translation

WHY, finally some unique isekai but can't even read it
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So if you can't even read it, how do you know if it's any good? Aside from obvious waifu with blue hair on the right.
Nothing is this is unique by any means.
I checked out the first 4 manga chapter

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Prism Nana Ova: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhyKm6WONG8&feature=youtu.be
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Oh, I remember that was a thing
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But did she wear protection?

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Keep training hard anon-kun. You'll make it to the nationals someday.
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I like ACE
I'm sweating every day.
what chapter is this manga at?

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>sfx: pretty
How does the prettiness sounds like?
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Like you.
aww, anon's a charmer <3
Is this the correct way to feed your kidnapped loli?

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This is Pochaco
Say something nice to her!
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Sonico is better but god damn she is thicc af
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she is fat

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