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New chapter in a few minutes.
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Volume 26 extras will out soon
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I'm expecting a Rindou fest, like every single fucking volume.
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Are there any anime you used to hate as a newcomer to the medium but have since rewatched and can appreciate more now that you're a more mature person? Pic related. It's truly an anime meant for adult people.
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I'm 25 and I watched this for the first time two days ago. I dropped it after 3 episodes.
Sailor Moon, back then, I was just in denial about my mind control fetish.
Sorry to break it to you OP, but you've regressed in terms of maturity and shit taste. Watch more anime and lurk more.

I thought it was alright
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But I agree OP, probably the best live action anime adaptation out there
shit man, that last 5 minutes in the final race was pure kino

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What makes women's ears so erotic?
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>sensitive-ish exposed part we can nibble on
Gee, I wonder, OP. Also, did not know that SBY2199 had such a qt. Picked up.
The ear smegma.

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Hottest Bulma version.
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also hottest goku
Bulma has been hot all around.

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Now I can die happily.
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The end.
That Tamahiko face! Post the whole chapter, please.
Sure, but let me buy something to eat first.
It's only 10 minutes from here.

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So many /ss/ manga have started getting translated lately. I can hardly keep up.
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This had potential to be the greatest series in anime history, if it weren't for

* the unnecessary and honestly cringeworthy sexual/misogynistic attitude of Daru
* the very weak last episode, especially the sudden switch in tone (back to the lightheartedness of the first episodes)

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Is the show any good? I've only played the VN
>time resets

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Why is fujoshit so patrician?
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Less retarded fanservice
It's manime.
This is only for men. Women don't understand anime to begin with.

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>Sora no Woto was 7 years ago
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That sounds about right at this point.
>ghost in the shell was 25 years ago

Seriously, its garbage to anyone who isn't an edgy weeb teenager
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First half is fun
>waah why do they make anime
go back to /v/
I feel sorry for you OP. You can't enjoy a show of you think a certain group of people would also like it. I'm guessing you have a damaged psyche, and could benefit from therapy

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Post the girl who has the most delicious DFC.
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>delicious delicious flat chest
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You don't qualify as a girl if you have a flat chest

As you guys feel that in Tsukihime 2 will have Saber, Caren, Bazett and Luvia, Aleysbury Ritual, the end of the world, fate extra's origin and a reversal to the age the gods.
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Just kill yourself
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"My apologies. I'll move on to the topic of the holy lance now. Its purpose is not to strike down foreign invaders; it exists to ensure the world's stability. Put simply, it's the planet's anchor. You brought up the land of fairies earlier, and I should tell you that it is not an entirely different realm. Right beneath your feet, only a thin layer separates us from the other side of the world."

"Beneath my feet...? Do you perhaps mean the planet's surface?"

"It's fine if you want to think of it that way. With 'Your world' at the bedrock of your thinking, the land of fairies is but a gap in it. Yet, to them, your world is likewise nothing more than a blanket, it's but a texture over the world. However, both are mere facades that cling to the planet's surface."

"Are you...... saying that Britain is a texture?"

"Not just Britain, the entire world that you humans inhabit. Rather, Britain is actually quite special. Artoria, what you can see does not constitute all that is. When humans took the mantle of superior beings, the state of the world underwent a change, and the fairies, having realized that, accepted that change. The surface changes its physical laws to suit that of the lifeforms living atop it. The age that brimmed with mysteries and prana welcomed its passing when humans completely came into power, gradually declining since. Nature, though once possessing its own ego, became but a phenomenon, and the ether that filled the air began to dissipate. When Solomon, the very king of magecraft, passed on, the decline hastened until finally, 500 years ago, the age of gods came to an end. The planet became independent from nature. But while having broken out of nature's cycle and being capable of living on their own, there were creatures that came to take nature as their own possession, and just to be clear, I am talking about you humans here. A special trait of human intelligence is that you tend to desire a light to shine on the darkness that is the 'uncertain laws' of spiritual phenomenon. The result of that was the planet's rules changing to being 'optimized for human life.' Dragons and fairies, their existence violates the rules of humanity, so those beings left to the other side of the world and relinquished this surface world to you humans."

Those that remained on the surface were those who did not have the strength required to leave and those unable to accept their end had come. The former are of no threat, but the latter are very much so. Even if they were to lose the prana in the atmosphere, they could continue to exist for hundreds of years out of the sheer will to live and possibly endanger mankind.

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nuru nuru~
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if you don't get off my floor i'm going to bap you
What is this? Should I call an ambulance?

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