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can we appreciate some nazi anime girls?
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Ship Sluts German 1.jpg
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I can dig it.
Educate yourself for once.
Don't mind me just posting superior american sluts.

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Time for some bullying!
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Bullying is bad.
Best time of the day has finally come!
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what anime comes close in terms of world building?
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>Here, there's 6 villages
>Half of them will never be developed
>Now back at sucking Uchiha cock

Naruto is fucking trash
retcons and briefly mentioning things is bad worldbuilding

One Piece

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it should be illegal for anime girls to be this beautiful
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I do not see any anime girls in that image, just an extremely dense collection of instagram filters likely layered over what was one recognizable as a photo of a cat
theres a girl on the left side of the image im sorry your chuuni badass retard eyes cant see it
Why is Reina so perfect?

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Why are middle sisters often depicted as being outgoing but unintelligent?
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Elder sisters are vice-parents by nature and snarky, intelligent younger sisters are very popular, therefore you need the middle sisters to balance it out.
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As the middle child, you get neglected. Your parents don't have high expectations since you're not the eldest, and the baby gets more attention. So middle children tend to act out.

How did this happend if the queen never ate his body?
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crazy slots
She ate the girl's body and his memories transferred to her.

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>anime only you've seen
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Nekomimi mode was a cute song. Cute!
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Every thread.
She's like the only loli vampire ever that's not yellow hair.

When will he finally confess to her?
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When she dies
He probably did in one of the realities we didn't see.
I'll just leave this here https://pastebin.com/t0S6jMTw
Nice job, anon

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Reading this manga makes me both sad and happy at the same time.
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yes, it too makes me sad that there are people who like this garbage series, but at the same time happy that I'm not one of them.
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you're trash and fake news, i bet you like erased too

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How come people consider MSG a classic and SAO garbage? It's like a shitty half-baked SAO prototype
>some guy puts on a helmet and becomes the White Swordsman, he's not very skilled but his MC-kun status more than makes up for it making him able to kill tens of enemies effortlessly without getting even scratched. He's literally piloting mobile plot armor. The animation is paper-cutouts-moving-across-the-screen tier and there aren't even any cute girls
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because it's old
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SAO is bad but not as bad as people pretend. Also it does have cute girls.
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sao is still relevant? Also guess which series has a fucking statue?

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Johnny is best JoJo

Fight me.
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He is better that jotaro atleast but joseph is best jojo
That's not Jonathan.
Also, stop the reddit spacing you nigger.
You are correct, but Gyro is the best character in the entire series

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my waifu a cute
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Not Monday yet friend....
No point for the wars on this series since megumin won already. What's the point in wanting to know more?

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Left or right?
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colors are beyond fucked in right so left
Right. Left looks cropped.
Eh either or. selective cropping can be alright, and I don't mind the colors on either.

I'm probably just used to worse "remasters" though

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A fist full of oxygen is heading towards you
What do?
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I swear on me mum
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>What do?
Hit him once, thereby knocking him down; wait for him to rise, and then get beat up.

As of the end of chapter 1192, Ippo is still fighting Guevara. That's 1192, as in, 3 chapters after this one.
>upgrade dempsey roll
>still cant end the flip given multiple chances
He gonna get rekt by the spic again right?

What's their endgame?
Will they become breeding stock to repopulate Manoyama?
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Maki, Erika, Yoshino, and Ririko will all leave and have glorious careers in JAV.
Sanae and Shiori will be the only ones to stay. Sanae will /ss/ Anji and Shiori will forever be the pure, best country girl.
>TFW your dreams die because your spirtually draining family basically emotionally black mails you into staying in your shitty nowhere burg
She really should at least wait until she starts high school to go to Tokyo like that one biyori.

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