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Is this the greatest manga ever made?
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Went into it expecting a goofy parody and it ended up being one of the best cumming of age manga I've ever read. I've tried to get more people to read it but the premise alone makes it hard to recommend.
Great manga..but not the greatest

The one person that did end up reading it started to cry when it got good apparently. It's a damn shame too

Do you enjoy harem hijinks in your animu and mangos?
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not really
i far prefer monogamous hand holding
Yes but that probably makes me a bad person.
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couldn't have kaiji just bought a plane ticket and escaped somewhere else in s2?
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Read chapter 0 of part 2, Teiai is a global network. There is no place that isn't within their reach.
i've been considering reading kaiji. i really like the anime, but the pacing was absolute shit. do you recommend it?
The pacing is just the same, except you can speedblitz through it.

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This and NGE are literally the best animes ever made. You literally cannot refute this point
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What you guys are thinking about remakes of NGE?
Only the first season of Sailor Moon was good. First arc of R was decent but then it goes downhill the moment Chibi-cunt shows up. S has the same problem. Decent first arc then Chibi arrives and it goes to trash. Couldn't bring myself to continue watching after that.

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>get cucked
>kill the child
Promise me you wont do this /a/, if such a thing happens to you.
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what a dick
poor kid
Don't kill shotas.
It's against the law.
Fuck that dude.

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>Gon overextends himself and makes a harsh nen vow in exchange for temporary power
>wins the fight but pays the price
>nen is gone and his body is destroyed
>his best friend just happens to own a magic wish granting monster that can fix his body
>Gon can now just relearn nen
This was one big disappointment. After all I heard about how HxH was supposed to be better than the other long running Jump series it turned out to be more of the same.
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HxH is just pure nostalgia for fags. Go ahead and rewatch the first 30 episodes, they are literally worse than Naruto's.

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How do you explain this?
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trigger is a hack
That's so weird. Even the subs are similar.
Simple. There is one very, very big difference.
Ankh lives.

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ITT: characters who did nothing wrong.
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was this the most useless death of a major character of all time?
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Not even close.
Toonami threads are on /co/.
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>whoops I missed

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Unison Square Garden confirmed to be doing the song for Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond's OP, "fake town baby". CD single release 11/21.

Comments from their bassist:
> Our song last time was for the show's ED, so we created a different kind of song to reflect the different role and the image a show's OP should have. The atmosphere of the city from the last episode of the previous season was a great influence, so we tried to create this song as the type of music we'd hope the people of that city would enjoy listening to. It's one hell of a town, so let's live one hell of a life.
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If it's as classy as the ED
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BBB&B will be airing Saturdays at 27:08 (aka Sunday at 3AM) starting October 8th on MBS. Before that there will be a pre-screening of episode 1 and a talk event with the seiyuu for Klaus, Leo, Zapp, Steven, Chain, Zed and Sonic.

First episode's title is listed there as "Lights, Camera, Action!", so they're starting from chapter 1 of Back 2 Back with the president's head in a box.
>fuck yeah dude! I loved Hello Wor--hold on, that'd be Bump of Chicken. USG are the guys from the ending?

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Seto Kaiba >> Your favorite anime character

This is fact, so deal with it or kill yourself
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But what if Seto Kaiba is my favorite anime character?
Then you already dealt with it, and your taste is excellent
This is the theme of a true god


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PrismaIllya thread

Are we hype?
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>mod deleted the last thread
Can you not read?
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Hope you all are ready for more imoutos next season
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Reminder that the MC and the white hair over there are complete fucking failures at life.
Why is Kantoku such a god?
Reminder that the author is a faggot who actually hates his readers.

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