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ITT: More rosehip!

Any info about the new OVA's/Movie?

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> tfw watching a show
>"real life is not like your anime"
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>tfw watching anime
>"I only like 2D girls, 3D girls can go away"

wtf i appreciate platonic male relationships now
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nigga there's nothing platonic about that.
Did you not feel the tension?
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What was Griffith hoping to achieve with this?
Was he just being retarded and childish? Or was he actually trying to seduce Guts with his naked body?
>male relationships are defined as one trying to keep the other as property and raping their gf.

and that is why women will never understand it

After all those years, is it confirmed that Huang used Yin as a sex-toy? There were a lot of hints in anime.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Wait so did Mima kill the photographer? Did they switch bodies or something at the end? Sorry for the brainlet question but I'm completely lost here.
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I haven't watch the movie for years so someone correct me if I'm wrong but iirc her manager is the killer and the one making Mima think she is losing her mind. She didn't really want Mima to quit being an idol.

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Starscream you faggot, get off my board

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Anime based on otomeshit. Looks cool
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Voices Tsukasa from Lucky Star etc.
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Does she even get roles anymore?

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PV out

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will we see Kazikli bey this coming episode?

If you have problem, use this one.
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So when is the lap pillow happening? I thought it was in the first volume.

Post a character and others guess their IQ
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Has anyone seen the news Ghost in the Shell as well the the original?

The 2017 version is a decent Hollywood blockbuster when viewed in a vacuum but as an entry into the GitS franchise it's fucking awful.

Major is totally braindead and mumbles her way through most of the script, she even gets easily captured and beaten up several times. She acts just like her body is human and barely seems aware of what's going on around her. No philosophical questions and dialogue, she's just a generic "enhanced" human, not a cyberbrain inside a fully cybernetic body. That's my main problem with the 2017 version, they do NOTHING with the concept. What does consciousness look like inside a cybernetic body? Fuck you, here's a generic revenge story instead. Kuze is a poor replacement of the Puppet Master, he's literally just the first guy whose brain they tried implanting into a cybernetic body, and the company who did it is somehow the only company with this technology and they're also the generic bad guys. It's an insular story where nothing mattered in the end because everything just returns to normal. It's so much wasted potential and a total disregard for the IP
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Yeah we already shat on it plenty

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
morning koume <3
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Koume and la pucelle can share the bed, they will had a fun night and lovely wake up

After la pucelle been on top, Koume could cowngirl her

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Would you let Kuu sleep on your lap?

really though where are all the damn Tenshi no 3P threads
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Yuno dess
this is my favorite show this season
I watch it for the music.

God DAMN Rize's rozes.
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>Evangelion rescreens in kangaroo island
>Not screening End of Evangelion
>Not screening behind the scenes footage of Hideaki Anno talking to prostitutes and crying at the corner of the studio

Into the trash it goes
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>Rescreen of Rebuild
>4.0 still TBA
You blokes are a couple of cans short in the six-pack

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