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Sup /trv/ me and a friend are planning on going to South-Korea.

What are the best cities for sightseeing and night-life, the best peroid to go in terms of weather, the best way of transportation, should we do it by train or just rent a car and i terms of places to sleep, got any recommendation for hostels/ hotels/ w/e ?

Gibe tips, share stories/experiences. Thanks in advance.
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Depends on what you like, really. It's capitalist paradise, also the number of restaurants per capita is quite high, so prepare your stomach and wallet. Mostly your stomach, be ready to eat non-stop.
There's accommodation from guesthouses with ondol, templestays, hostels, hotels, airbnb, couchsurfing, whatever you like. Oh, and love motels are actually a pretty good value for the price, just ignore the condoms and stuff.

March-April is supposed to be the nicest, but I really enjoyed the winter time I've spent there, too. Just avoid summer.

Seoul you couldn't avoid even if you wanted to... Daejeon you want to avoid. If you just spend a few days, Seoul and Busan should be enough. Near Seoul my fave was Suwon with the fortress and the Public Toilet Tour. The toilet with the best view goes to the one in the fortress obviously, but the rest are also fun.
Okay, back to nightlife, Hongdae, Itaewon, Gangnam, these are probably the best within Seoul for that.
KR pass was relatively cheap a few years back, and you probably only want to visit the part of Korea that is covered well by trains... T Money is another keyword to remember for public transport and taxis.

If you want to stalk Yoona, Gangnam is the place again.

Be more specific to get a better response.
We were planning on moving from south to north so Busan to Seoul and we are going for 2 weeks so i think we'll have plenty of time to do lots of stuffs. From what i've gathered so far in both Busan and Seoul are ok if you only speak english but the people dont seem to be keen on spontaneous conversation and the way i feel about travel is the people you meet and the conversations you have with them are what makes the journey a success. So how do you deal with it ? Do you just keep trying until you find some people who are more open about the "western way" of socializing ? and yee, sorry for the shoddy OP, first time posting on /trv/ so.. Thanks for the reply tho im looking forward to the public toilet tour, sounds like fun!
They don't? I don't know, it might be just me, but I had people come up and talk to me everywhere (outside of Seoul). Their English wouldn't be great, but then again, mine is also far from perfect, so I just kept on talking even when we didn't get each other. Conversations started 2 ways mostly:
Where are you from?

God, you really don't know how to eat that dish, do you. Let me help you. How do you like it? Which Korean dish is your favorite so far?

...and then I took the conversations as far as I wanted, really. I still have some of those people on messenger.

The Busan fish market is a must. I'm not really into fish, but I kinda had to forget about that, it's that much of an event. They sell fish soups next to a lot of stands in the outside area, that is probably the more foreign stomach friendly option. You see the fish being packed at the back of the stands. And then in the indoors areas you can go and pick and let them prepare you whichever fish you want.

The shopping mall next to it has some chain coffee shop on the roof terrace, with a great view. In case you don't want to go to the tower everyone's supposed to go to in Busan.

If I were you, other then regular itinerary, I'd prepare a list of foods I want to try in Korea. It may be just my addiction, but... Eating in Korea always seemed like an event. When it was just a toast stand on the side of the road, or a Gangnam restaurant... In both cases it seemed like a ritual.
Just thinking about it makes me want to go back.

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Sup /trv/,

Last year, after I went to the Russian and Georgian Caucasus, I made a travel report thread on here, as some people had expressed interest in it before I left. As it was, /trv/ did like the thread - some of you may even remember it. And, truth be told, the travel report threads here are personal favourites of mine as well. Or, TL;DR travel report! I went back to the Georgian Caucasus, and made my first trip to Romania right before it.

First things first, Romania. Went with three friends, to hike and attend a festival. A festival we had gotten to know on a trip to Finland in January, where two of the four of us went to see a band and hike. Music's a good reason to travel and hike, as far as I'm concerned. For Romania, we - well, I - had picked the Făgăraș Mountains as our designated hiking location. Quite close to the festival, supposedly very nice, and it'd give us a shot a climbing Romania's highest peak, Moldoveanu.

We left early in the morning, and flew to Bucharest. Tickets to Cluj were absurdly expensive when we booked the trip a few months in advance - but, as a local later told me, it's far better to ignore Bucharest, buy your tickets to Cluj rather last minute, and save ~€100 because prices drop dramatically shortly before departure. Checked it later, and found it to be true, you may want to keep that in mind.

Pic is the Făgăraș, which indeed turned out the worth a visit.
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Anyway, we arrived in Bucharest and found it to be quite hot, the temparature being well over 30°C. Only took one pic to be honest, as we were mostly busy figuring out public transport, buying food and finding an outdoor store to buy gas or fuel (which we ended up finding in a small store called Montrek). For those interested, bus 780 and 783 will get you from the airport to the city centre, to Piaţa Unirii and Gara de Nord respectively. The first one is where you'll want to be to buy whatever it is you fancy, as well as eat and drink, the second one is the main train station. If I recall correctly, bus 138 connects the two. So after we had all the shopping, eating and drinking done, we headed for Gara de Nord and got train tickets for the overnight train to Sibiu. I was, however, told there's no sleeping carriages on the train. Crap, and immediate regrets as we entered the train. While it was clean (and cheap) enough, and the seats weren't uncomfortable to sit in, the train was very noisy, extremely hot, and the seats weren't exactly suitable to sleep - over 7 hours of discomfort it was.

That said, the train did arrive in Sibiu on the exact fucking minute it was supposed to arrive there, at 7:22 am. Somehow, I managed to sleep quite well - as the only one of our group. We had a few hours to kill in Sibiu as our train to Ucea de Jos and Victoria, our entry point into the mountains, wouldn't depart before 11 something am.
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Sibiu - also known as Hermannstadt in German - is one of the so-called Siebenbürgen, cities founded by Saxon Germans during the middle ages. The city centre consist almost entirely of Renaissance style buildings painted in pastel colours and, as a result, is a quite enjoyable place to stroll around. Would recommend, and what I've seen of the other Siebenbürgen, Sighișoara and Brașov, makes me thing all of them are worth a visit if you enjoy historical towns.

Amusingly, we encountered a (former) celebrity from our home country there.
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Also, Ask Me Anything obviously, will answer to the best of my ability.

Anyway, after a hearty breakfast and playing the tourist for a while, we headed back to the train station and took the train to Ucea de Jos, from where there is a minibus to Victoria. The two connect fairly well, so we were told by local Daniel. As far as people and language goes, by the way, Romanians tend to be a rather friendly lot on the whole, and the younger generations usually speaks English fairly well. That said, I must say the Romanian I learned did come in handy when trying to communicate with older people, or in more rural areas. Romanian isn't all that hard if you've learned other Romance languages before - or if one of them is your native tongue.

Having arrived in Victoria, we set out for either Podragu or Turnuri cabana. Romania, having been isolated behind the Iron Curtain for decades, has developed an extensive system of internal tourism, which is still intact and functional. As a consequence, there's more waymarked hiking trails over the country than you can imagine, and the waymarking standard beats any I've seen, including more famous hiking destinations like New Zealand, Finland, Ireland and so on. There's also many mountain huts where one can buy food and accomodation for a very reasonable price (cabanas in Romanian) as well as unmanned huts.

Also, minutes after having started walking, our friend M got caught in a small tornado right after he'd applied sunscreen. Despite being caught in it as well - not nearly as bad as him, however - I did have a good laugh.

Pic's the view to the Făgăraș.

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I'm in the US on vacation right now and I want to be American and shoot some guns, play base ball, and play USA football.

How do I do this?
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where in the Us are you?
> Gun Range, they will loan some out.
> Baseball, busy park or college campus.
> Football, see #2



But do I need paperwork or ID and stuff?

And yeah I guess you're right about college for sports. I'll find one around me.

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dragonaire BIG.png
1MB, 1070x890px
I clicked here on accident. I hope you guys are having a good day.

Safe travels.
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I used to have that exact pokemon card, then it went through the wash. My 8 year old self was heartbroken.

I want to travel up north and see the borealis sometime too. Boreal forests and taiga in general just seem really neat.
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These are the only two cards I still own.
What a coincidence

Lets talk about islands. I guess 'red pill me' is the phrase I want to use.

If you look up so-called 'island paradises', all you see are perfect paradise images which obviously are not representative of the real places. Like I often hear Bali is overpopulated but you only find praise and pictures like this on google.

What 'island paradises' across the pacific and indian oceans are actually as-advertised, and which are overrun or overrated? Is it necessary to pay out the ass for these tiki hut resort things to find these nice parts?

Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Fiji, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Vanuatu, Samoa, Aitutaki,(Malaysia) Tioman, Langkawi
(Thailand) Phuket, Ko Samui, Ko Tao, Ko Phi Phi
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I lived on Oahu for three years and the North Shore is as advertised bruh. Every page has two sides, that is certain, but the side we are shown is definitely not inaccurate. It actually looks like that. e.g. Waikiki beach is a shitty fat fuck homeless fest but the beaches everywhere else are 100% glorious
Many of the Thai islands are shit holes. Especially Phi Phi. Stick to the less densely populated islands that invariably harbour less tourists.

Don't forget some of the Greek and Italian islands. They are absolutely stunning and the smaller ones aren't commonly visited by tourists.
I shouldve figured thai wouls be like that.

Yeah i definitely have a list of greek islands im going to visit, and theres obviously a ton in the caribbean but im focusing a bit on remote-ish places in the pacific and indians oceans

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So most of the threads here are about hostels, but what about /comfy/ hotels?

Maybe it's just me being British and being used to being totally ripped off, but holy fuck. Some countries have some incredible deals on hotels.

For example, I'm going to Brazil next week. Rio, the Green Coast, Iguazu falls. Every hotel I'm staying at is basically 5 star luxury. Rooftop pools. Spa. Gym. Multiple internal restaurants/bars. One of them has 6 different outdoor pools.... and the cost for all of this? For 2 weeks? £700 (about $1000). For the same standard in London. It would probably cost about £20k+

Where are the best places to go for getting this sort of good value?

I know Vegas can be very expensive, but I've also heard a number of stories where people have gotten good deals in great hotels. Or that they've been upgraded or offered additional nights for free at some of the casinos.
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If you're going to Vegas with another person (or a few people), and I assume you are, there's a nice, clean reasonable hotel with suites that include a full kitchen, washer and dryer, etc.

I stayed there myself earlier this year. It's just off the strip, but they have a free shuttle you can use. Also free breakfast, and a laundry room (coin-op).

King suite will run you about USD $140/night.

Staybridge Suites: http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g45963-d1197075-Reviews-Staybridge_Suites_Las_Vegas-Las_Vegas_Nevada.html
I was traveling a bunch earlier this year. I tried to stick to $50-100 a night, and mainly did that. I stayed in one hostel and while it was OK, it helped remind me why I prefer a /comfy/ hotel. Mainly cuz I have a hard time sleeping, and I like sticking to a kinda boring schedule.

Anyway, it seemed like my money went furthest in Bangkok and Italy. I stayed at this really nice place in Bologna with good breakfast, heated floors in the bathroom and shit for maybe $60/nt. A place in Rome with coffee brought to my room fro around the same. The BKK place was enormous and had a nice ass breakfast buffet.

Japan has some pretty reasonable and comfy business hotels. They're tiny, but they work. The place I stayed at in Sapporo was pretty nice, a Best Western north of the station. Though that could also just be the exchange rate talking.

London is definitely the worst. I stuck to my budget and was in a total shithole. The people who ran the joint were Russian or something so even the "English" breakfast sucked.
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I once had a "hotel room" in London that I could--literally, and I mean literally--touch both walls with my outstretched arms.

I've started university this October, but I'm completely unmotivated to continue. I'm not certain if I want to study what I'm studying and I have constant thoughts of just going abroad (currently thinking about the UK) and living there and working for some time and then traveling for a bit with the money I saved up. I've worked in Scotland this year for a month in a restaurant just for the summer and met a lot of young people my age in their 20's who aren't in university and are sort of in the same position in life as me, not really sure what they to do and just trying to find themselves, enjoying the present moment.

Has anyone done something like this? Would this be a bad idea and should I just stay in university?

On one hand I feel like this force inside me urging me to do it, to experience something extraordinary. Seeing the world, experiencing other cultures, meeting people from various countries, etc. is something absolutely amazing for me. I've had a lot of surreal experiences such as hitchhiking through a few countries to visit people that I met out drinking that were in my city for a few days and invited me to visit them. I feel like if I don't do this now it will just get harder later on as right now I don't have any obligations.

However I'm worried that this is just a stupid dream that I have that will lead to nowhere other than some cool experiences and leave me struggling when I need to settle down and find a career.
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I was once in the same position as you. I chose to remain in university. I should have traveled when I had the chance.
you can do it after school, or else, after job, u save some money and have like 1 year own holidays
hey man, here's my advice to you, don't drop out of school, that's pretty dumb.
stay in school get a good paying job and use that to travel to your hearts content instead of having to scrape pennies at a minimum wage job just to make traveling feasible.

you can actually make a lot of money travelling, and ive had a blast doing it.

im 23 now, and my best travel experience was the year I did studying abroad in Australia, it was fucking unreal. seriously, it was magic.

use school to your advantage

Just tell me your requirements ( what kinda place you like)slums, crowdy, calm, meditative, isolated, undiscovered, deserts, hills, tropicals, islands, whatever and whats your budget and i will try to plan your perfect holiday
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How about beaches
>Sri Lanka
Mountains and scenery.
>Order indian food at a restaurant.
And done.
That is also good,
I wanna go early next year, I'm think of going late January/early February for 3 months. Looking to spend less than $1000 a month. Was going to fly into Chennai and travel north. I'm definitely interested in Kerala/Tamil Nadu and I want to see some northern sites as well, I love hiking/mountains/nature etc.

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3MB, 1380x2100px
You ever come across a particularly nice bridge?
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Charles Bridge in Prague.
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images (51).jpg
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Dont get better than this. I get to go over it twice a day for work
Stari Most, Mostar

Just got back from traveling Germany in a rental car, but received a parking ticket (10 euro) along the way. Think it was for not using some kind of window-displayed clock(?) while parked (no signs or notifications about this anywhere, so can't figure out why I got the ticket). However, i also have no idea how to pay it. They gave me a bank account where the money can be transferred, but I obviously don't have a Euro bank account. The rental company is useless because they want to me to have pay their "administrative fee" ($50 to pay the ticket for me) rather than giving me any info on how to pay the ticket myself. Online research doesn't reveal much more than posts saying things along the line of "I couldn't figure this out and nobody would help me, so I just didn't pay it and cancelled my credit card or paid a huge fine from the rental company". What the fuck do I do? I've already left Germany and am back in the US.
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here You can learn about it.

Seems like a really strange way to do parking. There literally wasn't a single sign anywhere in the town about it. Regardless, how would I pay it? I don't have a bank account in Euros and an international wire transfer would cost many times what the actual fee is.
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Hey, I'm an 18 year old Israeli and want to travel around Europe. Where do you suggest first?
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North Korea where you asshole kind belong
>Where in Europe?
>North Korea

nice one m8

Just got back from the DPRK. I'll be happy to answer any questions

Went on the rason tour.
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Did you get ding dong bannu?
How much did you spend with everything?
Tour package was like 950$ or something. it was 4 days 5 nights. Had to get in via Tumen in northeast China, so I booked a flight from USA to Yanji that was about 900$ or so. You can get there cheaper, but I'm on holiday from work so I can't be flexible with the days, therefore flight was the easiest and quickest option. There are a few souvenir shops, but I spent no more than about 60-80$. There is not much to buy. I tried to get a Korean at the art gallery to sell me a propaganda painting, but she said they weren't for sell. Disappointing because those paintings are sick

ITT: we convince people to travel to metro areas that most would be reluctant to visit.


Family-friendly places:
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village: largest indoor-outdoor museum complex in the USA (emphasis on US industrial history in late 1800s-early 1900s). From there, you can also get tours of the nearby Ford Motor Company River Rouge Plant, where you can see cars being made on an assembly line.
Detroit Institute of Arts: one of the top six art collections in the USA.
Ford Piquette Avenue Plant: oldest former car factory building open to the public (built 1904). It's where the Ford Model T was born and several examples of it are on display.
Detroit Zoo: first zoo in the USA to use barless exhibits extensively. It also has the largest polar bear exhibit in North America.

Adult-friendly places:
Three words: casinos, casinos, casinos. Detroit is one of the biggest metro areas in the country with large Vegas-style casino-hotel resorts. They are listed below:
Caesars Windsor (Roman Empire theme): located directly across the Detroit River from Downtown Detroit in Windsor, Canada.
MGM Grand (art deco theme): located in the northwest corner of Downtown Detroit.
MotorCity (future retro theme): located just northwest across the Interstate from the MGM Grand.
Greektown (modern theme): located in the Greektown Historic District in the east side of Downtown Detroit.

North American International Auto Show (in January): one of the largest auto shows in North America.
Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix (in late May or early June): IndyCar Series race (similar to Formula 1).
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But where the underground at
Detroit is nicknamed the Motor City. You need a car to get everywhere, just like most places in the USA. There are millions of places where you can easily rent cars, including at Detroit International Airport.

They do have an elevated people mover in downtown, though, and they will be opening a light rail route up the length of Woodward Avenue, the city's main street, in a few years.
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Aleppo View.jpg
2MB, 3600x1200px
>tfw lost the chance to visit Aleppo
>Never gonna be able to do this now

Has anyone been a foreign exchange student before? I'm going to Germany for my senior year (Amerifag) and would like to know what to expect.
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where in germany? go berlin!
You'll be fine OP, German has big Exchange communities in all the university cities. You should've come to the Netherlands tho.
Bumping, I am going to singapore in an engineering exchange. NTU. I hope I get to eat some great food.

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Who like Dubai,You travel to Dubai,You see cara Gold?
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Car gold
Yes i see car gold
>going to shitty terrorist countries

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